Recent years have seen the awe inspiring ascent of various outside the box watch brands based the world over. Relative reasonableness, more prominent flexibility in item plan, and an improved concordance with what watch aficionados need as a component of the most recent patterns have regularly guided newcomer autonomous brands to progress. The Zelos Hammerhead, a 1,000-meter diver that comes with an assortment of case, dial, and bezel alternatives and has some astoundingly moderate models is the best in class verification of why outside the box brands are so successful.

On the horological map since 2014, Zelos is among the best in class outside the box brands of the most recent couple of years with effectively five model lines in its portfolio (the Helmsman and Abyss divers, the Chroma and Cosmos “contemporary” watches, and the Eagle pilot watch). Zelos presented the Hammerhead back in July in a supported post on aBlogtoWatch here , and you parents gave it a very (might I venture to state, “unusually”) warm welcome in the comments area. Since I have the bronze case + shooting star dial combo form close by, alongside a model with a steel case, steel arm band, and Damascus steel bezel combination, we can at last go involved with the Zelos Hammerhead and check whether it figures out how to satisfy its guarantees. (Note that while July appears to be quite a while past, that was all the while during the pre-request mission, and conveyances of the main completed watches have recently started as of late – thus the “delay” in presenting to you this review.)

A 1,000-meter-water-safe bronze case with a shooting star dial for under $750 in a watch that really gets made in volume and conveyed – advise me if that wasn’t a glaring specialty on the lookout. I’ve worn bronze-cased watches for more limited timeframes and have taken care of some more, yet this is the first occasion when that I really will put in half a month with a watch produced using this material prior to posting this full review.

Unless you have been living under a stone for as far back as couple of years, you’ll realize that bronze has ventured up as probably the most recent fever in watch plan. The explanation is very straightforward: bronze cases have an extremely uncommon, warm shading that for a very long time wasn’t accessible and that additionally ends up being an incredible match with the overall massive, rough stylish of dive watches (which is the thing that it’s been basically utilized for). Add to this the way that bronze – at any rate the CuSn8 Marine Bronze example utilized for most of bronze-cased watches – vows to create “a exceptional patina” that the two sounds and looks cool and furthermore permits one to conceivably be captivated by his/her watch for a more expanded timeframe as its tone and surface kind of change gradually.

We have seen Tudor (active here) , Bell & Ross (involved here) , Panerai (ongoing active here) , and even IWC (active here) debut bronze cased versions of a portion of their most notorious watches – and keeping in mind that they have been truly cool, I for one have been careful about how both an extravagance watch’s real and stylish qualities would change as it transforms into God understands what shade of green or earthy colored. The idea of a bronze cased dive watch has since quite a while ago captivated me, however I’d very much want to begin my experiences with it with totally zero regret about its (let’s face it: almost certain) deterioration down the road.

The Zelos Hammerhead may very well be what I, and a large number of you, have been hanging tight for, as it combines a Marine Bronze case with relative moderateness and a plan sufficiently intriguing to really need to wear and tinker with. Finally, with the “bronze concept” presently far removed, let’s take a gander at the better subtleties of this particular watch.

The Zelos Hammerhead’s pad formed case estimates 44mm wide and an entirely wearable 49mm from drag to-haul, keeping it in accordance with the last couple of years’ patterns with regards to dive watches. The decision of material, however the general plan is additionally not of your normal off-the-rack assortment. Everything feels and looks exceptionally manly, as the rakish plan and profound shade of the bronze render it an ocean and experience commendable piece.


All this toughness neglects to compromise better subtleties, however, with my most loved being the case profile’s more unordinary even split accomplished by a profoundly cleaned upper portion and what has all the earmarks of being a delicately brushed, or to a greater extent a glossy silk completed, lower half. This little stunt does ponders sequestered from everything the gigantic 17mm thickness of the case which is as thick as stout 44mm divers can get… regardless of whether the vigorously domed precious stone takes up 2.5mm of this stocky figure. The Zelos Hammerhead is short from carry to drag and stands tall from the wrist, making for a tough, thick appearance that some way or another actually figures out how to look adequately proportionate.


It’s here where we ought to again take note of the commendable 1,000m water resistance… and notice that the Zelos Hammerhead might have been as striking as it is currently had it come with, state, 200m or 300m of water-obstruction alongside a case that is 3-4 millimeters more slender. Zelos state they have plans for a 300m diver so we may see something more slender in the future.


The cases have been machined with noteworthy enough itemizing (at the cost fragment) with even the more complex territories, similar to the underside of the case around the crown and drag in one corner demonstrating sharp execution. In contrast to numerous different watches in this fragment, the case itself needs annoyingly sharp edges – which is a consolation – however it must be said that the scores of the bronze bezel and crown ought to in a perfect world feel a spot smoother to the touch. The edges of the case’s cleaned and brushed lines show up sharp to the unaided eye while the lumed components of the bezel and crown (more on lume somewhat later on) additionally show an adequate nature of execution.

The bronze-cased rendition of the Zelos Hammerhead you can have in four unique variations, either with a dark, blue, or shooting star dial (each of the three with a full bronze, lumed bezel), or with a dark dial accompanied by a dark earthenware bezel embed (likewise lumed). The piece we are taking a gander at comes with the 120-click, full bronze bezel that additionally ends up having a dodecagonal embed in the center, embracing the intensely domed sapphire gem in its middle. It is a little detail that will in general mix into the more noteworthy picture yet that quite adds a great deal to the by and large design.

The front sapphire precious stone, much the same as the base pad state of the case, is a gesture towards vintage, 1970s divers that ambiguously roused the plan of the Zelos Hammerhead; and keeping in mind that sapphire gem as a material isn’t as generally precise as an acrylic front component, its much predominant scratch opposition is a most welcome element. In spite of the fact that the counter intelligent covering is scarcely alright – such vigorously domed precious stones will consistently mirror much more than all the more level slice ones – on account of the plan of the hands and lists, there has never been one occurrence when I couldn’t tell the time with ease.

Speaking of hands and lists, they take action accordingly and sport an exceptionally strange plan: while the previous do help me to remember the handset of certain Royal Oak models, their skeletonized, very slim external edges help add visual interest as well as improve the hands’ contrast against the dull dial drastically. A rich decision of plan for the hands, something many significant brands could gain from – praise to Zelos for these.

I here and there can’t help thinking about why the plan wore by the lists isn’t more famous. Simply take a gander at the dial from a precarious point (stress not, the two sides of the precious stone are domed, supporting clarity from steep review points) and you’ll perceive how the vigorously lumed records are not level yet rather seem to have a three-sided profile, adding a great deal to the profundity and three-dimensional look of the watch’s face.

Cutting to the pursuit finally, let’s talk about that shooting star dial now. Created from bits of the Muonionalusta shooting star which was found in Sweden and arrived over 1,000,000 years back, this dull dim, regularly polished dark looking dial highlights what is a consistently novel example of more slender and thicker, practically only straight lines that decorate its surface. On the off chance that the profound, regularly glowing tone of the bronze case and the bizarre plan of the hands and records wasn’t enough, this dial does what needs to be done and delivers the Zelos Hammerhead a watch that will remain outwardly intriguing for an extensive stretch of time.

The Zelos Hammerhead stays on its own track with regards to the utilization of iridescent materials as well, as the hands, lists and furthermore the lumed bezel and crown include green-ish looking C3 type lume, while the moment track around the fringe of the dial is lit up in virus blue by BGW9. Being an all out sucker for good lume (the more the better), this vivid design is generally valued. Something to note, however, is a surprising irregularity between the splendor of the green lume seen on the lists and somewhere else: the bezel’s, hands’, and crown’s markings are as splendid as any C3 Super-LumiNova (I compared to a substantially more costly watch’s C3 and the two of them faired the equivalent), while the lume of the files is of discernibly lower quality – both the brilliance and the consistency of the shading/paint is second rate when compared to the bezel. It’s still intelligible, okay, yet the irregularity is effectively observable and henceforth something we ought to mention.

Wearability stays extraordinary gratitude to the sub-50mm haul to-carry size, the screw-down crown at four (a huge crown one could hope to delve into the side of the wrist in the event that it were put at 3), and the fairly hardened elastic tie that handles the significant heave of the bronze case very well. The 22mm drag width should make it simple to fit post-retail lashes – as I have, by adding this dull cowhide “zuludiver” that works splendidly with the bronze case. I might have even traded the clasp and lash holders had I truly needed to, yet the steel equipment turns out great with a portion of the dial components, so they could remain. It is here where we’ll add that the Zelos Hammerhead comes in an extraordinary little watch travel pocket stuffed with three ties – a slick option to the all around solid offer. There is a dim and an earthy colored cowhide tie just as a punctured elastic tie. You do get only one bit of bronze clasp, so you should trade that with each tie change – however there is a tie changing instrument likewise included. Approval for these extras.

Should you locate the bronze case somewhat ludicrous for your taste, Zelos has created four variants of the Hammerhead in steel and has compassionately sent us one of them to remember for this survey. Each of the four steel Zelos Hammerhead watches come on a – I dare say, “weapons grade” – steel wristband with one or the other dark, dim, or blue dials with an artistic bezel embed, or a dim dial with a Damascus steel bezel embed. It was this last one that we got, with one of the more abnormal pivoting bezels I have seen. Obviously, the uni-directional pivoting capacity of the bezel is acceptable just for changing the vibes of the watch (slightly…) by turning the example of the bezel. Damascus steel is a cool metal-layering measure that we have clarified over and over, so I urge you to find out about more watches made with Damascus steel here .

What you need to think about the Zelos Hammerhead in steel is that it gauges a ton and looks awesome on its wristband; a three-connect arm band that is certainly among the absolute best in this value fragment. The connections are largely strong with excellent cleaning exchanging with brushed components, and the closures of the arm band are held together by a steel catch that stays moderately slim while likewise fusing a flexible and rather long diver’s expansion. Helpful stuff for when your wrist extends because of warmth or high humidity.

All Zelos Hammerhead watches are furnished with a similar programmed development, the Seiko NH35. It offers hacking and hand-twisting so it is, obviously, more very good quality than what you find in non mainstream watches evaluated a spot underneath the Zelos Hammerhead. It obviously isn’t going to be too precise – get ready for around 8-10 seconds out of every day to be a reasonable presentation figure when the watch is worn – with around 40 or so long periods of intensity hold (so you’ll either wear the Zelos Hammerhead day by day, need to wind it routinely, or potentially keep it on a watch winder). Taken cover behind a strong steel case-back on every one of the eight Zelos Hammerhead models, it’s a fine workhorse development that is a strong find in this cost segment.

Clearly, a great deal of commendable exertion and consideration has been devoted to making the Zelos Hammerhead, from the slick dial subtleties of the lumed components and strangely completed sections of the bronze or steel cases right to the huge steel arm band and different bezel and dial options.

All on the whole, the Zelos Hammerhead is a spectacular work area diver (that you ought to have the option to take 1,000 meters underneath the surface, in the event that you demand), and with the shooting star dial and bronze case Zelos has truly hit it out of the recreation center by filling the specialty of reasonable bronze divers. In the event that you approve of wearing weighty ass watches, you’ll love the amazing way both the bronze and the steel variants feel on the wrist, while the enormous bronze case and bezel will make you need to wear it much more to deal with that patina.

The Zelos Hammerhead in bronze with the shooting star dial costs $749, however remember that the bronze cased adaptation with either the dark dial and clay bezel, or the blue or dim dial variants with bronze bezels run for just $529. The all steel Zelos Hammerhead watches on the weapons-grade steel arm band start at $429, the Damascus steel bezel form costs $599, while the steel watch with shooting star dial and earthenware bezel will cost you $629. On the off chance that you see a form sold out on the site, Zelos being a little brand with restricted labor, you may even now need to contact them to check whether they have some left in stock.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Zelos

>Model: Hammerhead Bronze

>Price: $749 as seen here, $529 in bronze with ordinary dial

>Size: 44mm wide, 49mm carry to lug

>Would commentator by and by wear it: Sometimes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Dive watch enthusiast.

>Best normal for watch: Well made and remarkable value.

>Worst normal for watch: Antireflective covering ought to in a perfect world be better; wish the extraordinary lume discovered somewhere else was likewise applied to the indices.