A exemplary watch question nearly; the Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster. In the event that we got an Euro for each time we were posed this inquiry, we would have both in the in the interim. A week ago we got it once more, for this You Asked Us include here on Fratello. We figured it would be no time like the present to respond to this inquiry out in the open, as it is presumably fascinating to numerous other watch devotees also (as per our mailboxes).

The question we got was moderately short. Nguyen asked us: “Please assist me with choosing purchasing a Rolex Submariner and an Omega Seamaster. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these watches and which one do you prefer?“.

You Asked Us: Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster

The Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster are symbols and have been around for quite a while. The Submariner was presented in 1953 and was accessible a year later. The Seamaster is somewhat more established, presented in 1948, however it took till 1957 preceding Omega truly made it a jumpers watch (Seamaster 300). Where Rolex has been consistent with making fundamentally a similar Submariner model, with simply minor contrasts in decision of material and with or without date, the Seamaster has showed up in numerous executions. Today, the Seamaster family that comprises of the Aqua Terra, Diver 300M, Planet Ocean, PloProf and the ‘300’. Things being what they are, which one do we put against the Submariner? Nguyen wasn’t exceptionally clear on that, so we chose to pick a model that can be viewed as the immediate competitor of the Submariner. Where the Aqua Terra is a greater amount of an off-road watch, the PloProf as an expert jumping instrument and the ‘300’ as a re-release of the 1957 Seamaster 300, the new Diver 300M and Planet Ocean 600M would be our pick against the Rolex Submariner.

Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M.

The References

The Seamaster Diver 300M that was presented for the current year, includes the new Master Chronometer development just as an earthenware bezel however it has not been conveyed at this point. The Planet Ocean 600M has been available for a long time and comes a smidgen more in the areas of the Submariner when it comes down to cost. Thus, we chose the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M reference versus the Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN.

Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster Prices

Let’s start with the retail costs of these watches. The Rolex Submariner Date has a rundown cost of €7850 where the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has a retail cost of €5800. That’s a lofty contrast, however there are 110(!) distinctive Planet Ocean 600M references and we picked the ‘standard’ one. One that has the silicon nitride ceramic bezel with orange elastic and a titanium case will slow down you €7900, yet we need to compare two watches with comparative particulars. Steel case, clay bezel, dark dial, steel arm band and an in-house movement.

An elective in titanium

The Rolex Submariner 114060 (no date) is somewhat less expensive (€6900), however we will adhere to the date. On the off chance that you need to go down somewhat on cost on the Submariner and don’t care for a date, the 114060 is an extraordinary alternative. A few group are detesting the cyclops on the date, for them, this Rolex Submariner 114060 is an alternative. On the off chance that you need a Rolex with a date however without the cyclops, you can look for the ended Sea-Dweller for example.

Discontinued Rolex Sea-Dweller. A Date, yet no cyclops

In-House Movements

Both watches in this Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster comparison have in-house created and produced developments. The Rolex Submariner Date utilizes the type 3135 development. It has been in production for a long time, albeit little updates have been finished with respect to the hairspring (Paramagnetic blue Parachrom) and the managing after the packaging of the chronometer confirmed development. Since a couple of years, Rolex tests and confirms the developments when they have been cased, and ensure a precision of – 2/+2 seconds per day overall. This presentation is justified for a very long time. Because of the utilization of exceptional combinations for the hairspring, for instance, the watch is additionally hostile to attractive (not explicit to what extent).

When Omega presented the Seamaster Planet Ocean in 2005, they were all the while utilizing the ETA altered type 2500 developments (Co-Axial). Be that as it may, since 2007, Omega utilizes their in-house types for the Seamaster Planet Ocean watches (and different models). In this Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M we discover their type 8900 development. This development with Co-Axial escapement has a precision of 0/+5 seconds per day by and large and is hostile to attractive to 15,000 gauss.

Usually, the chronometer confirmation is accomplished for the development as it were. Developments are conveyed to the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) with just a dial and hands connected to it just as a plastic winding and setting crown. When tried (and confirmed), they are being sent back to the provider (watch brand) and are being cased. For most brands out there who use chronometer developments, this is the method. Notwithstanding, Rolex and Omega love their mission for the (industrialized) assembling of the most ideal development. Where ‘best’ represents great execution with regards to exactness, and developments that can withstand (a few) attraction and different types of abuse.

Rolex Caliber 3135

Rolex shows that, subsequent to packaging the development, they ensure the watch against their own guidelines. Omega likewise has characterized their own principles yet has their developments guaranteed (subsequent to packaging them) by an official outsider called METAS, bringing about the Master Chronometer certificate. The issue with confirming yourself is that it is highly unlikely to control or check this cycle. It is somewhat similar to having your books reviewed by your own clerk from the money office, rather than having this done by an outside bookkeeper who needs to give an autonomous judgement.

Omega Caliber 8900

That said, both the Rolex type 3135 and the Omega type 8900 are extraordinary developments. The Omega type 8900 development is noticeable by the transparent case back and as you can see above, it has some decent completing also. The force save of the Omega type 8900 is 60 hours, the Rolex type 3135 has 48 hours. In the event that this watch will be your day by day piece, we wouldn’t stress an excessive amount of whether it is 48 hours or 60 hours. Just when you trade looks after the end of the week or each other few days, for instance, it can become irritating that you need to set your watch once more. Utilizing a winder can help here however. What’s a pleasant ‘plus’ on the Omega is that you can sign in onto the Omega site and see the test aftereffects of your own personal watch by utilizing the qualifications on the Master Chronometer guarantee card.

Case and Bezel 

The Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN estimates 40mm in breadth. The steel that Rolex utilizes is grade 904L, that they really use for the entirety of their steel models nowadays. Compared to the 316L steel that most different brands use, it has a higher protection from oxidation. Utilizing 904L evaluation steel doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged or gouged, keep that in mind. Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M case estimates 43.5mm in distance across, which is unquestionably looking and feeling bigger than Rolex’s Submariner. The Planet Ocean 600M depends on the first Seamaster 300 (CK2913). Notwithstanding, that’s simply because of the shape, obviously. The fired bezel, enormous dial and manual helium discharge valve have no relationship with the first CK2913 Seamaster 300. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M case is altogether thicker than the Rolex Submariner Date, so ensure you check both out. A few group favor a thicker case, others don’t.

Both the Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches have a screw-down crown to guarantee water opposition. A large portion of the genuine jumping watches do, obviously. The Seamaster has a straightforward back where the Submariner’s caseback is strong steel. The way that the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has a sapphire case back, has no impact for use underwater.  The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is additionally furnished with a helium valve. The Submariner has not, just the (DeepSea) Sea-Dweller models have an (programmed) helium valve. This is just needed for immersion plunging however, during the decompression period.

The Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean both have an artistic bezel, wherein the past the two watches utilized aluminum decorates. These would will in general blur a piece when opens to daylight for a significant stretch and were not difficult to scratch or harm. The utilization of earthenware production dealt with that. Rolex utilizes platinum for the numerals and graduations. They allude to this as Cerachrom. Omega alludes to their mixing interaction of earthenware production and (valuable) metal (for the numerals) as LiquidMetal. It brings about an exceptionally smooth surface, which is essentially difficult to scratch. For their most recent varieties, Omega is even ready to blend earthenware production in with elastic (we referenced this at the start).

Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean – The Dials

For the two watches, an assortment of dials (and shadings) are accessible, however we chose to go with the dark dials. Both the Rolex and Omega have dials with huge hour markers and enormous hands. Applied with brilliant material. The Omega utilizes Super-LumiNova where the Rolex utilizes its own protected Chromalight. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has 12 brilliant hour markers, the Rolex has 11. Omega utilizes the renowned expansive bolt molded hands where Rolex depends on wide ‘Mercedes’ hands. A matter of inclination in style. The two watches likewise have a date highlight, where Rolex has the best coherence because of the cyclops that improves it 2.5 occasions, yet not every person is gotten ready for the cyclops as it sits on top of the precious stone. On the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M, you will discover a date circle in dark with a white printed date. The dial of the Rolex demonstrates that this watch is a ‘Standout Officially Certified Chronometer’ where the Omega shows it is a ‘Co-Axial Master Chronometer’. We clarified this while talking about the developments of these watches, above.

Regarding materials; the dial of the Omega is made of fired, where the Rolex dial is (presumably) made of metal and utilizing dark veneer. Both look extremely perfect and cleaned up, despite the fact that there’s a touch of text on there they are entirely lucid. In low light conditions, both the Super-LumiNova (Omega) and Chromalight (Rolex) guarantee extraordinary clarity of the dial and hands. The Planet Ocean’s minute hand and triangle on the bezel are lumed with a green tone, the hour markers and hour hand are in blue. This is to make it shockingly better discernible in obscurity (and water). With the Submariner, there is only one tone (blue) for the lumed parts.

The Bracelet

Where the Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean comparison is frequently about determinations and style, it ought to likewise be about comfort. There’s, obviously, the inclination of certain individuals for a fairly bigger or more modest watch, thicker or more slender, lighter or heavier, however one significant angle is the arm band with regards to comfort. The Oyster arm band from Rolex is difficult to beat ( as we portrayed in our Top 10 wristband outline ), particularly since they overhauled the fasten with their Glidelock expansion framework. This will permit you to perform miniature acclimations to the catch without the toothpick. Thusly, in the event that you jump, you can likewise stretch out the arm band enough to wear it over your neoprene plunging suit. Obviously, Rolex actually utilizes the flip-lock on their clasps.

Omega’s arm band for the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is less blunt than Rolex’s Oyster wristband, however it is certainly a comfortable arm band also. The Planet Ocean has a strong looking and feeling arm band which comes with a licensed extendable crease over catch. So once more, on the off chance that you are a jumper, you can wear this watch over the neoprene plunging suit. With the fasten change, you can broaden the arm band in 5 steps. In the end, it involves taste and comfort, so it is ideal to attempt the two adaptations before you decide.

Two Powerhouses

Omega and Rolex are the greatest extravagance watch marks without a doubt. Albeit nothing is being communicated formally, acknowledged appraisals as far as production numbers are 945.000 for Rolex and 650.000 looks for Omega. There are brands with a higher production, yet Omega and Rolex additionally have a high monetary turnover without a doubt. This ought not influence your choice on any of the two obviously, yet it shows that these two brands have been there for quite a while and will be here for quite a while. You will actually want to depend on a decent help system, so when your watch needs administration or fix, you won’t face issues. These two brands likewise continued enhancing throughout the long term, and particularly Omega has made tremendous strides since 1999 (Co-Axial presentation) with regards to their developments. Rolex will in general do little developments at that point, yet this outcomes in entirely dependable watches eventually too. Omega has a smidgen more creative watches with regards to developments, materials and executions, which is frequently seen as intriguing by the watch aficionados who are not truly defenseless for status. Individuals who need a high exchange worth can depend on any hardened steel Rolex, and unquestionably a Submariner. This high exchange esteem likewise has to do with the view of the brand when all is said in done. Rolex actually stimulates the individuals who are searching for status, so a Rolex watch is an exceptionally needed ‘object’. We feel that you are old and savvy enough to settle on a good choice on the things that are really significant. Kindly do never purchase a watch to dazzle others or any sort of item, and you will carry on with a more joyful life. All things considered, the Rolex – just as the Omega – are acceptable quality items and the distinctions are peripheral, particularly when you compare them to numerous different jumpers watches on the market.

Buy What Moves You

Now, we could say purchase the Rolex Submariner Date or purchase the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M, or accomplish something strange and recommend you to purchase an IWC Aquatimer. Be that as it may, we don’t know Nguyen other than his email with this Rolex Submariner versus Omega Seamaster question. Purchasing a watch is close to home and it vigorously relies upon the things that are critical to you. For instance, I don’t care about lume, however I realize that numerous individuals do and are taking their fixation on glowing dials and hands far. I care more about a decent development, for instance. And afterward there’s the enthusiastic angle with regards to watches. As you probably are aware, I have a family illicit relationship with Omega as I as of late wrote in a protracted exposition. In any case, this isn’t legitimate for our editors Bert or Michael for instance, they feel weak at the knees over Rolex on the grounds that that’s the brand that attracted them to this energy for watches. It has nothing to do with the nature of the watches (however there’s nothing amiss with any of the two), yet about what your identity is and what’s essential to you. Attempt to discover which brand or watch moves you, this can be something tasteful yet additionally something specialized obviously. At the point when you found the watch that moves you or gives you the chills in a positive manner, you know what to do.

More about the Rolex Submariner can be found on the . More data on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M can be found on the .