Mike from Switzerland inquired as to whether we could exhort him on where he ought to have his vintage, 1981, Rolex ‘Rootbeer’ GMT Master 16753 overhauled. At Rolex or one of their authority administration focuses, or would a nearby watchmaker be a superior idea?

Where should I have my Rolex GMT Master 16753 serviced?

From: Mike

Subject: You asked us


I might want to contribute an inquiry to ‘You posed us.’ I as of late bought a 1981 Rolex GMT ‘Root Beer’ reference 16753.

The watch reads a clock yet needs administration as the crown isn’t secure. My question is in regards to the hands and dial. I don’t accept they should be supplanted and I’m apprehensive in the event that I send the watch to Rolex for administration, that is by and large what they’ll do. What are your musings on this watch, should I go for full manufacturing plant administration and update the hands and dial alongside a good redesign, or locate a nearby watchmaker who can take a fragile approach?

I’m glad to send pictures if this inquiry is chosen. Much thanks to you for your thought. Love the website.

Best respects, Mike

We comprehend the worry. These days, while some vintage watches turned out to be amazingly significant, creativity is regularly more adulated than the specialized state of a watch.

Mike’s Root Beer GMT-Master with dial and hands into decay

What’s significant for the decision?

How would it be conceivable to choose what to do in the present circumstance, what are the important points to consider? A couple of inquiries are vital to answer first.

  • First of all, I would figure out what the reason for the watch is or would be. Is the watch intended to wind up in an assortment box, and won’t it be worn regularly? Or then again is it a watch which will be utilized as a day by day wearer?
  • Then, what’s the current state of the watch? Is it still completely unique at the moment?
  • And most likely, what is the estimation of the watch in unique condition, compared to the estimation of the watch in an expertly redesignd condition.
  • As well, is a nearby watchmaker ready to do practically everything expected to get the watch back in actually usable and unique condition?

There may be even extra inquiries to reply. For example on the expenses for an overall update, at both Rolex and at a nearby watchmaker, and the span. Be that as it may, let’s first attempt to find solutions to the above.

Safe sovereign or a day by day beater?

Important for the choice where and how to support the watch is the reason for it. From the photos, Mike sent us it’s clear that the watch can’t be utilized like it is right now. Too, Mike revealed to us that the watch needs administration in any case, it can’t be utilized in its current condition.

A GMT-Master with unique dial and hands in great condition

Is it in unique condition?

Well.. the parts may be unique yet seeing the condition that isn’t of much significance any longer. It’s clear that the general state of at any rate the dial and hands is horrendous. There’s consumption on all hands, and stain is rankling off the dial. As I would see it, the hands and dial have passed their point of no return.

And seeing the state of the hands and dial, I’m truly apprehensive for the state of the development. Particularly in light of the fact that Mark revealed to us that the crown doesn’t screw in any longer, I’m apprehensive that dampness has entered the watch and likely hurt the development as well.

A GMT-Master with unique Rolex administration dial and hands

A distinction in incentive with current, and with administration parts

It’s clear that a Rolex GMT-Master with unique dial and hands has a higher incentive than one outfitted with (even unique) administration parts. I’m apprehensive anyway that that doesn’t mean this watch any longer. The state of the dial and hands is to such an extent that as I would see it, it will get a higher incentive with unique assistance Rolex trade parts.

Original Rolex Root Beer areola dial

Availability of parts

So much is evident that this watch needs a few sections to get it back in worthy condition. It’s realized that Rolex doesn’t supply unique assistance parts effectively, and positively not to any nearby watchmaker. I’m apprehensive that a nearby watchmaker would have issues to obtain all unique trade parts expected to fix the watch. Also, I don’t mean just new hands and dial, nonetheless, I expect that development parts will be expected to support the watch too. Additionally obviously another crown and cylinder, which supposedly doesn’t twist in anymore.


So our decision, I examined this with the other Fratello Watches individuals too, is that it is savvy to have this watch overhauled by Rolex. Indeed, even while Mark demonstrates ‘I don’t accept that the hands and dial must be replaced’ we figure they ought to. As we would like to think, they look practically perished.

This forestalls inquiries concerning costs and term too. I’m sure it won’t be modest and it will require a very long time before Rolex will have the watch repaired.

Take it to Rolex, while they actually have unique help parts for this model accessible. It’s like taking great consideration of a vehicle. Parts which are exhausted must be supplanted. The state of the dial and the hands are not comparable to how a Rolex ought to look.


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