Since 2001, Xēzo has been producing limited-run watches that offer a ton of value for the money. I as of late had an opportunity to spend some time with two of their pieces, the Xēzo Air Commando D-45R and the Air Commando D-45S chronograph. In spite of the fact that made with a similar spine, each watch offered a remarkable encounter for those looking for a hearty, affordably priced Swiss watch that could without much of a stretch become an everyday wear.

I’ll start with the Xēzo Air Commando D-45R, which is definitely the sleeker of the two. The case is crafted from careful grade 316L tempered steel and is sized at an unmistakable 45mm. The case weighs 213g, so you’ll feel it from the outset, yet for the duration of the day the D-45R really disappeared into my schedules. Truly, it’s a forceful, manly mechanical watch with an attitude and style that coordinates its size. The style, size, and design are all in a state of harmony and proportional.

This piece highlights two turning bezels, with one being used for the compulsory estimation of time section should you decide to test its 300m water-opposition while diving, and the internal bezel goes about as an incomplete third time-region. The red hand offers a GMT work, obviously. The internal bezel is rotated utilizing the crown located at 10 o’clock. The watch is further guarded against oceanic devastation with a screw-down crown for additional security. As I noted, there is a ton of value for the money here, and a lot of little details like this are some of the time skimmed over with brands in this cost range.


The dial is a fresh dark underneath an enemy of intelligent treated sapphire precious stone with a magnified date window. Aside from the red accents, the dial is an industrious two-tone with white numerals and under Xēzo’s branding you can see that this is a limited edition of 500 pieces. Both the hands and the numerals have been treated with Swiss Luminova, and I for one had no difficulty seeing this one in the dark. Xēzo set out to build an intense watch, and from an absolutely tasteful standpoint, its design conveys that intention.


I think they delivered on that front. I did wonder why a watch called Air Commando would have such extraordinary water-opposition however I’ve never been one to complain about a watch being too highly rated for something like this. All things considered, it’s the opposite way around. Something else I truly liked about this watch is the arm band, which makes an intense visual difference between the smooth, serrated links.


For the development, Xēzo used a tried-and-genuine ETA 2893-2 programmed that puts out a 42-hour power save and highlights an Incabloc safeguard for added durability. In different words, for the gem that underpins the equilibrium wheel, it capacities as a spring-loaded emotionally supportive network to help secure against drops or other extraordinary tumbles. A take a gander at the back and you can see that the screw-down case-back is outfitted with another sapphire precious stone for a perspective on the development and the branded rotor as well.

Moving onto the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S, you see a ton of a similar design language, yet additionally some distinct varieties. Created to pay tribute to the 70th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force Air Commando Flight Group, the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S likewise gauges in at a weighty 45mm and is somewhat heavier at 224g, yet this could be pardoned as it is a chronograph. The dial includes an intriguing exhibit of shading with dark panda subdials juxtaposed with light blue hour markers that are positioned above Swiss Luminova-painted indexes, and the hands have received the equivalent treatment.

In daylight, the lume makes for an intriguing pallet because you see the yellowish/green color of the indexes against the blue markers. There is additionally an inward rotatable bezel accessed by means of the crown at 10 o’clock and the external bezel is topped with blued-steel numerals. The dial will be really occupied for many individuals, particularly with the piles of text under the 12 o’clock marker with a day window beneath that. The dial could have used some editing since all the content, subdials, day and date windows, hour markers, and indices can be nearly overwhelming.

Naturally, the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S houses an AR-treated sapphire gem and the white dial is very minimal more complex than the D-45R, including some decent guilloche work. Xēzo has explanation behind the noticeable lettering beneath their name at the focal point of the dial. You will see the stating “Unite4Good,” and this is on the grounds that a bit of the proceeds from deals of this piece go towards the cause founded by Anthony Melikhov that serves to, in addition to other things, make a plenty of sources that motivate social good, with an association list loaded with VIP endorsements. Unite4Good is a significant umbrella of roads and there is a lot of data up on their site for those that are interested about the foundation.

Furthermore, there is a calendar window just as a date window on 6 o’clock. The chronograph highlights both add and split capacities just as a 10-hour counter, 30-minute counter, and 60-second counter. The press fastens and crown are all screw-down and the water-obstruction for this model is a little lower at 200m.

With the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S you get a Swiss-made, stun confirmation quartz development that shouldn’t need a battery however every 4.5 years or somewhere in the vicinity. Exactness is a standard – 10/+20 every month, and it highlights 17 gems. The consideration of a quartz development keeps the value point down a bit, and that might be something good considering they are needing this piece to work basically as a foundation driver. Regardless, you get a solid watch with incredible utility.

Speaking of utility, it appears to be like this is the section into which these pieces fall. They are made for those that need something Swiss-made yet don’t need to need to worry over hitting it into a divider or some accident on a periodic maverick diving days. These are watches you can wear and disregard until you need them, so, all in all you can have confidence they’re as yet ticking, ready for the following beating. They truly are what I surmise you would call “pilot-divers,” intended to instill some flight subjects with the capacity to withstand the afflictions of easygoing diving.

If I had to pick the one I enjoyed more, I would likely stay with the Xēzo Air Commando D-45R. I loved the sleeker dark dial and the cleaner experience for the duration of the day. As I mentioned, the two watches have a fairly large impression, and I do feel like the Xēzo Air Commando D-45R could pair with a suit somewhat more effectively than the D-45S, yet whatever floats their boat. I did find myself wondering in the event that I would end up putting a NATO lash on, however that’s generally the case with any dive watch I end up with.

Xēzo is an incredible alternative if you’re on a tight spending plan, actually need something Swiss-made, and you don’t want to go with a Tissot or a Hamilton. Not thumping those by any stretch of the imagination, I simply understand some prefer to wander out into more uncharted waters with their “beater watch” purchases. The Xēzo Air Commando D-45R is priced at $1,045 and the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S is priced at $605 xē

As an exceptional whoop to ABTW readers, Xēzo is offering a discount on their site on these two models. Temporarily, the valuing for the Xēzo Air Commando D-45R is $719 with promotion code ablogtowatch20 while the Xēzo Air Commando D-45S is accessible for $459 with code ablogtowatch21. Additionally, the brand guarantees the codes will beat Amazon costs by $10.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Xēzo

>Model: Air Commando D-45R

>Price: $1,045

>Size: 45mm

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to: Someone searching for an affordable “pilot diver” that can withstand daily wear.

>Best normal for the watch: The value point. A great deal of highlights at this cost range that make it worth considering.

>Worst normal for the watch: The arm band, while intriguing to me, may not be to everyone’s taste. I can see it on a NATO in the future.

>Model: Air Commando D-45S

>Price: $605

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Those with an affinity for giving a shot fresher brands with an inspiration for a buy that benefits an altruistic cause.

>Best normal for the watch: Definitely the durability. An incredible in and out piece.

>Worst normal for the watch: The dial is pretty busy.