Ok, you outlanders, it’s time for the latest installment of Wrist Game or Crying Shame and we investigate a watch made for genuine toughies, the Yema Bipole Duopoly.

Are you an extreme son of a gun?  If so, you’ll need to stick around to investigate the Yema Bipole Duopoly.  But first, let’s discuss last week’s participant, the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy .  Like a song that’s still suffering from having been played an excessive lot on the radio – I still discover Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do” intense to suffer through – it seems you folks still haven’t bounced back onto the mid 2000’s Panerai train.  And while I’d call you parcel a crying shame, incidentally, a Fiddy for just under a stack and a portion of high society was the genuine crying shame as it was vanquished in a 56% to 44% loss.  Well, folks, as I would see it, I think that’s your loss, however I’m just one vote – and yes I do vote!

If you follow me at all here on Fratello, at that point you realize that I like to throw the odd shot at hipsters and their ways.  That’s sort of amusing, my better half says, because she thinks I sometimes cross the hipster line myself.  The horror!  Well, I trust I won’t irritate any of you unshaven bundle today as I stroll through today’s watch, the Yema Bipole Duopoly.  This one is for the outdoorsmen.

Now, today’s Yema Bipole Duopoly should speak to a particular sort of person that at present inhabits either the greater cities or expensive mountainous areas of my reasonable country, the United States.  That person is one who prefers all manners of eager for gas SUV from the 80’s and 90’s. Names such as the Montero, Trooper, 4Runner, Grand Wagoneer, and numerous others come to mind, however let’s talk specifically about late 80’s and mid 90’s Range Rovers.  While early Land Rovers and their Range Rover counterparts are enchanting in a “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” sort of way, the last part of the 80’s and right on time to mid-90’s Range models were a not so subtle endeavor by the British to get vengeance on the United States for its thrashing route back in 1776.  Case in point: to balance the rough terrain prowess of these vehicles, these powerful beasts also possessed the opposite capacity to strand their owners with jumbling electronics.  Esthetically, these trucks looked extraordinary, yet did your neighbor truly require brush guards while fording the freshly cleared streets of Naperville?  But somehow, despite their foibles, these vehicles survived and trying too hard is back in focus again.  Yes, these neo-vintage tough rides have staked their case as the rudder of the day for the expanding horde of 30 and 40-somethings who expect to get back in contact with nature via glamping trips.

So, on the topic of neo-vintage ruggedness, we thought we’d attempt and discover a watch to coordinate the lifestyle that so many pine for today.  While we struggled to discover a watch with outside cred from the place where there is the Union Flag, we figured out how to discover a piece from another country that makes rather esoteric electronic and mechanical items: France.  What’s more, we felt that the sort of person who desires to possess such a neo-vintage vehicle needing constant love and consideration should desire to claim a similarly penniless watch, shouldn’t they?  And shouldn’t said watch stay aware of the topic of adventuring?  Well, stow your Pappy Van Winkles and Heady Toppers back in those rotomolded Yeti coolers, set aside your latest Damascus envelope and pay attention!  The Yema Bipole Duopoly just may be your watch!

If I disclosed to you that a watch was made specifically for the first , you’d likely think it was some sort of above world James Cameron type issue from the consecrated halls of Rolex.  Well, au contraire mon frère, the Yema Bipole Duopoly was the watch that was made in 1990 for what might become a successful multi day, 3,741 mile venture by a gathering of six and a group of dogs.  Just sit back a second in your 90’s SUV, ideally in the mid of winter at the parking area of the Mall of Americas (that’s Minnesota = cold), when your warmer is no uncertainty dead and consider existing in that polar climate for 2/3 of a year!  Brrr, that’s enough to make a person purchase both a Moncler puffy coat and a Canada Goose parka!  ON the other hand, your bespoke watch would shrug with clear indifference.

Per a pleasant , French voyager Jean-Louis Étienne went gladly enthusiastic and chose to work with a brand from his own nation to help make the Yema Bipole Duopoly.  What resulted was, if not lovely, absolutely a mechanical tour de force.  étienne understood that a conventional compass would not work at the poles of the earth because of attractive fields.  Therefore, he needed the watch to tell , a technique for telling the time using celestial bodies.  You’re very welcome to pull out your “Field Notes” journal and scribble down some data on the most proficient method to compute such a thing – hit us up when you’ve figured it out!  The watch also features a clever 48mm titanium case that has a French quartz development suspended between two sapphire displays (it’s essentially indispensable should it fizzle per a ).  This allows the wearer to wear the watch on one or the other side as one side contains a compass bezel for the North Pole and the other for the South Pole.  And in what I must also say is a first – and likely a last – the case is inscribed to reveal to us that the noisy red strap is made of kevlar.  That strap, coincidentally, has some crude Velcro to keep the watch attached to your wrist.  And because everybody likes restricted editions, Yema created just 1500 of these uproarious and pleased pieces and endeavored to sell them at an at that point eye-watering cost of $1,500 almost 30 years ago.  For comparison’s sake and to make you whine, a pristine Submariner that year retailed for $1,650.

Now, for those who like to pay others to torque on their snorkel-infused outlanders, you’ll be pleased to take note of that the Yema Bipole Duopoly also requires ordinary upkeep by someone else.  Just about each report I read states that these marvels require a battery change each year because, similar to your old V8-fueled canal boat, they’re thirsty!  But it gets better.  Opening the case of the Yema is a lesson in semi-special tooling used working together with plastic shims so as not to harm the case.  But rather who doesn’t like a constant work of love?  After all, we as a whole wax our Barbour coats religiously and apply copious amounts of neatsfoot oil on our Red Wings, so this just adds one more errand to the repertoire!  An incongruity on the Yema is that the brand – preceding disappearing before its new restart – and its captivating merchant at that point, Longines, when offered lifetime free battery changes on these machines.  That offer is presently invalid and void.  See, you can never be excessively cautious with warranties!

The Yema Bipole Duopoly we’ve found for you today comes by means of and it’s one of a modest bunch that’s been on sale for awhile.  This one seems to have its principle gasket incompletely caught inside the case, so I’d avoid investigating much else overwhelming than the refrigerated hummus bar at your neighborhood Whole Foods until the battery has been changed and seal re-seated.  And as we said, that battery change won’t be long from now.  The watch seems to be in dazzling condition, yet has some patina on its kevlar strap.  It is shockingly missing its unique box, second calfskin strap and included tools.  That is a genuine naysayer, however the US-based proprietor is available to offers beneath his get it-now cost of $569.

With all my kidding about neo-vintage SUV’s and their owners, I should disclose to you that I find both those vehicles, individuals and the Yema Bipole Duopoly to be pretty cool.  On the watch front, the Yema has true blue history behind it and is unquestionably something you won’t see each day if at any time again.  Yes, it’s a fussy piece to claim and stay on top of (you don’t need a battery to spill in one of these), yet that’s just piece of the fun.  The question is whether you have the stuff to experience across continents to get to this Yema for $569?

Yema Bipole Duopoly