Welcome back to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, a one of a kind UI permitting possible wearers of wrist-related items to communicate their assessments in an unknown, tranquil environment.  Today, we’ll present you with the TAG Heuer Super Professional.  But first…

Well, all of you have a genuine affinity for watches named “Submariner” and that sounded valid with last week’s Tudor of the equivalent name.  The reference 79090 – the last acrylic precious stone monster delivered by Genevan-based Rolex – traveled to a simple 65% Wrist Game win.  Clearly, plastic is fabulous with this crew.  Well, a sparse 10 years or so later, another Swiss-based company gave it a shot and attempted to compete with some hotshot competition on the jumper front.  Let’s see your opinion on the TAG Heuer Super Professional.

The vintage – or semi-vintage – watch world can be a strange place.  Sure, there are certain fire pieces that are exceptionally collectible, however there additionally exist anomalies that seem like they ought to be more mainstream than they are.  Yes, people, I am portending here on the grounds that I really like today’s make and model, the TAG Heuer Super Professional.  To me, it’s one of the more out of control, reason constructed watches from the 1980’s and into the 2000’s.  It was obviously costly, fabricated like a block sh*t-house, and I think pretty freakin’ cool.  If you’re a fanatic of specialized, yet tasteful jumpers from the time frame like the IWC Aquatimer 3536 GST , at that point this TAG could very well engage you.

Waaaaay back in 1984 – the year Mary Lou Retton destroyed the Olympics in L.A. – Heuer was as yet a thing and they thudded a jump watch into its inventory called the Super Professional.  From a brand that had been making some scarcely warmed-over quartz poop jumpers and different things taking on the appearance of Rolex Sub knockoffs, the Super Pro was a genuine departure.  Armed with a front-stacking case, a bezel that seems as though it could, and joyfully would, kick the ass out of Jaws, this jumper was acceptable down to 1000 meters.  Whether in impeccable, spotless with 80’s (otherwise known as, hot) gold bezel, or super uncommon PVD, the Super Professional was prepared to take on whatever came its way.  A brief year later, in ’85, the watch turned into the TAG Heuer Super Professional and it soldiered on until the thousand years as the 840.006.   After Y2K, it developed marginally to 43mm in distance across and turned into the WS2110.  Eschewing battery power, the Super Professional wore an ETA 2892.

So, expressly speaking, I purchased a TAG Heuer Super Professional around 5-6 years back when I went on vacation with my significant other to Greece.  I really detected the watch that I eventually purchased in the window of a vintage shop and paid about $800 for it.  I never wear it, however hell I ought to and will since I’ve chose to compose this article!  To me, the Super Professional helps me to remember a TAG period when the Formula 1 watch was colossally famous and furthermore when the brand had this overly cool “European” vibe that in some way or another reverberated in America.  Yes, Europeans, we thought you were all so stylish with your Benetton sweatshirts and synthesizer music!

At the time, I’d surmise that proprietors of watches from brands like Rolex, and so forth peered down on this less expensive brand that was basically making a la mode watches, yet one needed to appreciate their pluck.  And while I didn’t find the Super Pro until a whole lot later (honestly, I never saw one in the store) it felt and still feels like the zenith of 80’s-90’s-mid 00’s over-engineering.  I referenced the specs and for a brand that was some time ago known (and still is) for timing race vehicles driven by divas, this watch was such a departure.  I love that sort of stuff.

But time hasn’t been excessively kind to the TAG Heuer Super Professional.   When I discovered mine, there were not many available to be purchased at any one time on the web.  I looked for a little while, yet it seemed like an uncommon watch.  Sometimes, pieces would emerge with their unique – and amazing, however discretionary – pack that included two elastic ties and a lash changing tool.  I ought to have gotten one of those.  But once more, while these huge jumpers were are still generally uncommon, they’ve stayed in the underneath $2,000 category.  If you ask me, that’s really nice incentive for a cool, tritium-dialed jumper that can do its business without a senseless helium valve.  Let’s see your opinion about today’s piece.

Today’s TAG Heuer Super Professional comes to us from the place where there is Hockey Night in Canada, umm – that’s Canada.  In my unassuming assessment, it appears to be fit as a fiddle with its principle shortfalls being the deficiency of lume on the outer bezel 12:00 triangle (a common illness regularly fixed through DIY) and the absence of box papers.  Still, similar as a case of new Tim Bits, this watch doesn’t appear to be something to handily pass up.  The reveals to us that the watch is evaluated at 1,110 Euros or best offer – unfortunately that cost isn’t in Canadian Dollars or I’d accept two!  As referenced previously, I think that’s a ton of significant worth for a watch with this measure of capacity, eh.

But, hello, it’s not up to me!  It’s up to you to choose whether this TAG Heuer Super Professional is both Super and Professional for 1,110 Euros.

TAG Heuer Super Professional

    TAg Heuer Super Professional for 1,110 Euros?