Welcome to another portion of Wrist Game or Crying Shame.  This week, we investigate a watch that some consider as perhaps the best an incentive in watchdom, the Seiko Marinemaster 300.

Last week on WG or CS, we investigated somewhat of an unusual bird of a Rolex.  Up for your picking was the Rolex GMT-Master 16700 , a watch that was made simultaneously with the undeniably more mainstream GMT-Master II 16710.  The 16700 may have been offered as the “Aldi-extraordinary” econo GMT, yet that didn’t stop a full 76% of you from concluding that you’d prefer to take to the open skies – or permit another person to direct you to some other time region – with the neo-vintage GMT.  Yes, it was a legitimate Wrist Game walloping!

But better than that, I got an incredible email after the article from an ebb and flow Delta Pilot, Captain Dean Baker, who shared  photos of his flawless 1995 bi-shading GMT-Master II that he purchased new.  Captain Baker served in the US Navy (thank you for your administration!) and has had the joy of working with the riff-raff (my words, not the captain’s) we call “people in general” for a very long time as a commercial pilot!  Congratulations on a fabulous vocation and all the best!  Folks, when Captain Baker is at the stick, maintain good manners and truly… keep those safety belts affixed until the safety belt sign is turned off!

And one final comment for you, Captain…you referenced that your two-tone Rolex isn’t “cool” any longer.  We deferentially disagree!  First off, two-tone is back amazingly and second, simply take a gander at how it functions with that uniform!  I’m not exactly sure how to segue from our peruser mail to a glance at our next subject as it would come off as a disappointment, yet let’s get into the Seiko Marinemaster 300!

Do you have any of those companions who, in spite of amusing them with your encounters, have by one way or another figured out how to accomplished something comparative, however waaaay better?  Maybe you wouldn’t call them “companions”, yet you’re likely acquainted with the reference.  You know the sort since when you talk about having accomplished something that was either extremely difficult to do or set aside a long effort to put something aside for, that smirky a-opening on the opposite side of the table makes your deeds look like straightforward “been there done that”.  That’s quite irritating and I, for one, don’t care to spend time with those kind of people.  I can advise you, it makes occasions like watch social gatherings and Baselworld desolate encounters indeed.  But there’s a nearby comparative with the “I’ve shown improvement over you” individual and that is the “I’ve done it less expensive than you” kind of individual.  Now, ordinarily, I discover this kind of individual considerably more loathsome on the grounds that they don’t quiet the damnation down, yet they, generally, as to affront what it is that you’ve spent your hard cash on and that truly pisses me off.

You probably know this kind of person.  They book occasions a minute ago and get a “incredible arrangement” which frequently compares to dozing in an austere or awful room at a resort.  Or, they can’t help thinking about why their headaches are more awful while remaining at that comprehensive hotel with center rack booze.  But still, they paid short of what you and they will disclose to YOU about it and why it was a superior by and large deal.  Well, we should take it back to watches and, explicitly, the Seiko Marinemaster 300 on the grounds that this is likely the watch that is, or was, regularly referenced as the best “pound for pound” esteem for cash jumper on the planet.  Yes, people, on the off chance that you read sufficient discussion postings, the “MM300” would strike you as Roy Jones Jr. on the off chance that he were a mechanical watch.  (Editor Note: I truly trust individuals actually recollect Roy Jones Jr.)

It was the mid 2000’s and the Seiko Marinemaster 300 was conceived as reference SBDX001 .  At this time, Seiko had proficient jumpers, however they were definitely not mainstream.  Seiko offered an advanced proficient watch that one could just depict as “Gerard-esque” and they sold a large group of fish formed pieces with differing profundity ratings.  Considering the current, practically boundless, smorgasbord of plunge watches inside the Seiko and Grand Seiko arrangement, it’s astounding to imagine that there was not much wearable 15-18 years ago.  But once more, the entirety of this changed with the Seiko Marinemaster 300.

With the Seiko Marinemaster 300, the brand accomplished something that it does with routineness today and that is venturing once more into its history.  The MM300 may not be a definite copy of an earlier Seiko, however it looks a ton like the 300 meter jumpers from 1967-1969 which incorporated the 6215 and 6159.  Cues, for example, the generally speaking 44mm case shape, the outer bezel styling and a huge screw-down crown at 4:00 are only a portion of the similarities.  Technically, the MM300 utilized a monobloc case and that is additionally steady with those vintage late-60’s gems.  On the dial front, Seiko utilized an intelligible face and handset that at the same time honors the more established pieces, while throwing a shot at the undisputed and undeniably more costly lord of the class: the Rolex Submariner.

With the Seiko Marinemaster 300, the brand accomplished something that it hadn’t done in quite a while if at any time; it made a moment exemplary that attracted a wide range of supporters.  truth be told, the adoration for the underlying SBDX001 was profound to such an extent that it acquired fans who might never have considered spending the generally $2,000 sticker price for, yowser, a Seiko.  Despite the utilization of Hardlex mineral glass, fans were attracted to the watch’s heavy form, significant degree of completing and 300 meters of water resistance.  I’d likewise say that even as of now, watch purchasers and gatherers began their undying and overhyped interest with the possibility of “in house”.  Well, on that front, the Seiko possesses a great deal of it on the grounds that the brand makes everything including the 8L35 programmed inside its confines.  One thing that causes the Seiko steadfast and other worth customers to snicker with happiness identifies with the movement.  This 8L35 is a cousin of the Grand Seiko 9S55 and because of this, has an impenetrable standing and precision that regularly meets or surpasses chronometer certifications.  You’ll frequently discover articles comparing it to the vaunted Rolex 3135.  such a juxtaposition, incidentally, has brought about different wounds from proprietors of these watches because of unreasonable dance moving in festival of getting something for nothing!

Yes, the Seiko Marinemaster 300 has heaps of fans who feel that the conduct of the individuals who burn through 3-4x on a Sub is likened to tossing said additional money into a jump boat’s prop wash or potentially making it immediately combust.  To recap, they guarantee that this very much completed 300-meter in-house jumper with insane lume which incorporates both a wristband and elastic waffle tie is comparable to the legend from Switzerland.  And to make the statement, those MM300 adherents like to insubordinately brandish their watches, show them on the web and announce that they’ve brought their humble Seiko to a high-temple event.  One such incendiary is our own Robert-Jan who likes to wear his MM300 to hoity toity dos like SIHH and, trust me, he delights in the incongruity while giving his best James Dean sneer.

So what’s my assessment of the MM300?  It’s quite a watch and an esteem yet permit me to list a couple detractors.  First off, the watch is 15mm tall and for a thin wristed individual like myself, that resembles having a little individual sitting on my wrist at all times.  I’d likewise reveal to you that the arm band is a genuine illustration of the juice not being worth the press; it’s not incredible looking, has a bad stepped fasten, and is somewhat of a general setback when compared to the watch head.  The waffle lash additionally dates to when Seiko was evidently doing collabs with canine bite toy companies.  But in the event that you can pull off a watch of this stature, ties and wristbands are effectively replaceable.

The Seiko Marinemaster 300 that we have today is a unique SBDX001 and comes by means of and a vendor from The Netherlands.  The vender reveals to us that it is worn, yet it seems to come with the entirety of its unique kit.  This SBDX001 is recorded for 2,200 Euros or $2,443 at the present rates and that presumably puts it generally near retail back in the day.  On the other hand, when I was making a beeline for Japan with relative routineness, these were accessible for about $1,200 – 1,400, so apparently they have expanded in an incentive since their suspension in 2016 or so.

And currently, group, it is the ideal opportunity for you to decide on this first gen Seiko Marinemaster 300 for $2,443 (or 2,200 Euros) – do you feel that this jumper is worth more than the amount of its parts or is this a lot talk and insufficient action?

Seiko Marinemaster 300 for $2,443?