Wrist Game or Crying Shame gets tasteful with the Rolex Submariner 16803.

After our presentation article of Wrist Game or Crying two or three weeks back, where a bright Omega Speedmaster got destroyed, it appears you weren’t sure on the off chance that you needed to shake off those “Runner’s Blues” to give a week ago’s candidate, the Ebel 1911 Chronograph , a Wrist Game win.  In what I’d call a strange situation, the democratic finished neck and neck at the hour of publishing.  Really, it’s 50/50.  Apparently, the chance to claim a genuine 1980’s style symbol that houses a similarly incredible El Primero development for under $2K didn’t end up being enticing enough for over half to swing your (Jan) Hammer down on the purchasing side of things.  Amazing…  Let’s check whether you’re prepared to move upmarket today with a determinedly more standard, yet still fairly specialty, watch: the Rolex Submariner 16803.

In the present day and age, there’s very little forgot about there to uncover similarly as neo-vintage Rolex models.  Yes, the style-meisters, those thin jeans wearers who apparently consistently neglect to wear socks, have made pretty much every Rolex with a harmed dial and jangly arm band desirable.  Want a 34mm Date with a beat-to-all-damnation dial that nobody thought often about only a year ago?  You’ll be compelled to endure lifeless promotions telling how uncommon and, more awful yet, how huge they wear for a watch of this size.  Trust me, they say, you’ll never see the distinction somewhere in the range of 34mm and 36mm!  Well, the present watch comes in at an unshakable 40mm and still flies to some degree under the radar, yet flaunts a devoted after that doesn’t exactly yet verge on a definitive trendy person Rolex that is the “Root Beer” GMT Master.  Let’s investigate the Rolex Submariner 16803.

The Rolex Submariner 16803 was presented in 1984.  After long stretches of seeing its mainstream jumper manage with just steel or 18K gold variations, Rolex at last allowed us the chance to blend a little razzle in with some dazzle.  Yes, a bi-shading, or two-tone as we ‘Muricans like to say, Rolex Submariner hit the marketplace.  And what’s more, you could pick one with either a reflexive dark or intense blue dial.  Today’s Wrist Game or Crying Shame centers around the last in light of the fact that, around here, we do buy in to pulling out all the stops or going home.  Let’s see where you choose to spend your time.

Now, out of the blue, I can envision that the blue Rolex Submariner 16803 was designed for a specific arrangement of individuals – the individuals who live the drifting life.  But oddly enough, notwithstanding being similarly as able a jumper as the more utilitarian all-impeccable form, the blended choice brings out pictures of a mid-50’s individual who possesses a somewhat costly fishing boat.  Sure, this individual could have a little get-together of individuals on his boat, however he’s bound to be out looking for huge Marlin or Sailfish while really pulling them in himself with his buddies.  While aground, this individual frequently appreciates a sandwich at a dry, yet characterful plunge some place close to the water.  And work?  The Sub 16803 proprietor I picture is secretly utilized and when he needs to take a gathering, he regularly peers down at that sea blue dial to advise himself that he’d much preferably be pounding the waves over tuning in to whatever garbage is being tossed his way.  In my psyche, the Submariner 16803 is the watch for the fairly wealthy athlete who likes to treat himself, yet who isn’t anxious about a calloused palm.

But I can feel you, you’re revealing to me that the Rolex Submariner 16803 has little motivation to live.  If it’s an apparatus watch with blended metal, we have the GMT. And afterward you’ll say that if it’s the water vessel natives we’re after, we have the Yacht Master.  Well, the GMT is for pilots and travelers.  Boat Man, in my view, hangs up close and personal. What’s more, in regards to the Yacht Master, at the danger of distancing a gathering of individuals I’ll feel free to say it; the Yacht Master is a feeble watch.  It’s essentially for the group that pops its neckline on a polo shirt and wears white pants.  I mean truly, did you realize that there are brands that weave poo on the undersides of a neckline so you can peruse these things when the neckline is in the up position?  Meh… .

With all that I’ve said in the previous sections (sorry in case you’re vexed), there’s motivation to like the Rolex Submariner 16803.  It’s the first of its sort and when you consider the current costs of such pieces, it’s as yet semi affordable.  It likewise contains some genuine attributes that Rolex toadies love to wax endlessly about, for example, a tritium dial, penetrated drag openings and the potential for dial aging.  For the situation of the blue form, some turn purple and that makes Rolex individuals frail in the knees.  With spotless 16800’s of a similar time – this was a temporary model that denoted the introduction of sapphire and quickset date – getting close to $10K, a fine 16803 appears to be fascinating at 1,000 or two underneath that.

Now, before we get to the highlighted piece in the present Wrist Game or Crying Shame, you should realize that this watch conveys a couple nicknames.  The first for the Rolex Submariner 16803 and its replacements is the “Soul-filled” in light of the fact that, indeed, it’s blue.  Honestly, I discover that to be an awful epithet, however I don’t will creator these things.  The other one is more negative and that is the “Clown”.  With the last one, it appears to be that this moniker is common in the Netherlands.  For reasons unknown, the Dutch don’t appear to like this watch.  Maybe if the dial had been orange, made of split pea soup, or had a picture of Andre Hazes things would’ve been exceptional received.  Then once more, it’s 2019 and there are individuals in this country who energetically wear shoes that were once tree trunks so you sort of need to stop and reflect.

The Rolex Submariner 16803 was produced using 1984 until 1988, yet from what I can tell, a blue two-tone Sub has been in the arrangement ever since.  The is from 1985 and in the event that I may say so myself, I believe it’s gorgeous.  The Miami-based vendor asserts that the watch is unpolished and a glance at the carry openings at any rate reveals to me that quite possibly’s this is true.  All the administrative work turns out to be here as well.  The arm band looks great and the dial has the sort of maturing that could actually motivation a unit of Brooklyn-based Land Cruiser proprietors to “overland” down I-95 to get to this piece.

At $8,700, this Rolex Submariner 16803 isn’t actually modest, though.   There are a lot of different models for well in excess of 1,000 less, however I battled to discover any as decent as this one.  My involvement in oldish Rolex is that paying for an extraordinary piece as a rule pays off over the long haul, yet is that the situation here with this specialty Submariner?  You, dear peruser should choose…

Rolex Submariner 16803