Welcome to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, where you can cast a ballot regardless of whether you’re not permitted to travel! This week, we’ll investigate the Rolex Precision 6694, a general peculiarity inside the brand’s semi-present day collection. Above all…

Last week, I enticed you with the ’90s Eberhard Aviograf , a watch that couple of you had at any point seen. All things considered, seeing it the first run through brought sensations of amore as you favored this watch with a 86% Wrist Game vote. That Eberhard was a manual breeze watch and, with the Rolex Precision 6694, we have one more for your thought. This one just so ends up sitting inside an Oyster case while donning a screw-down crown — better flex those fingers!

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The Rolex Precision 6694 has a Manual Wind Movement

I composed an article about the Rolex Precision 6694 quite a while prior. I basically became worn out on taking a gander at the unblemished late ’80s model that constantly and easily graced the wrist of one of my generally excellent companions. With its minute, however some way or another impressive 34mm Oyster case and natural Rolex qualities, I was interested by the watch. That is to say, how the damnation did my companion pick the one damn Oyster that didn’t contain “Unending”? The prospect of unscrewing the crown every day just to wind the watch sounded fabulous! All things considered, it appears to be my companion had more accidental good karma than all else. The watch introduced itself for a tune back in 1989. In any case, random good karma is, eventually, still karma. What’s more, damn it I was pulled in to that 6694 for the explanation above. Yet, honestly, it was its seldomness that really got me going.

34mm But Formidable

Yes, truth be told, the Rolex Precision 6694 utilizations a manual breeze development. Type 1225 is a development that was fitted during the 1960s, soldiering on until the last part of the 80s. It’s a 17 gem sprinter that trudges along at a comfortable 21,600vph. The Oysterdate Precision was offered all over yet appeared to be more mainstream in Europe and Asia than in the Americas. Maybe Europeans and Asians preferred their watches a smidgen more prudent than my own countryfolk. Additionally, with that more modest breadth, it probably passed as a medium-sized watch in a spot like Japan. I don’t think about unique estimating, yet I accept these Precisions were among the most affordable models offered by the Coronet. That most likely made for good deals in the less pompous business sectors where somebody actually needed to leave with a Rolex quality timepiece.

Again, It’s 34mm — Stop Whining

Let’s head back to the way that the Rolex Precision 6694 is on the more modest side. With most beefcakes feeling that 40mm is the base size for a watch, 34mm appears to be ridiculous. All things considered, dimwits, I’d educate you to take a stab at one regarding these 6694s. They’re in reality much more like the commonly adequate 36mm Datejust. With its Cyclops and tall acrylic precious stone, the Oysterdate Precision could qualify as the Napoleon of watches. On the off chance that you’re an enthusiast of kid’s shows and comics, maybe it’s the Mighty Mouse. At that point, when combined with a stunning strong connection Oyster wristband, it even looks better. Gracious, and this makes for a no second thoughts day by day wearer with its helpful 100-meter water resistance.

A Tough Used Market to Navigate

I regularly compare a given marque’s passage level pieces to the Porsche 944. However pleasant as that vehicle seemed to be, it’s lower beginning estimating, lower auxiliary costs, and high help costs regularly converted into destroyed utilized examples. Companions, flipping through taking a gander at Rolex Precision 6694 models is an exercise in evident assortment. Trepidation pigs with terrible dials, over-cleaned cases, and secondary selling dials are in abundance. I’d likewise add that a portion of the shading combos Rolex made just haven’t matured so well. For my cash, I’d take silver, dark or blue in a late version with a thick case and those strong links.

Today’s Pick

Because I’m a by and large pleasant individual, I’ve found what I believe is an of a Rolex Precision 6694. It comes by means of Chrono24 from in London town, England. The merchant is answerable for these dazzling photographs and they’ve gave a piece thick hauls, a perfect silver dial, and what appears to be the first box. Presently, at €3,511 this isn’t modest, yet it looks pleasant. Ok, I recall the days when these were selling for simply over £1,000 GBP. However, presently it’s time to choose. Is this Precision valued correctly for your pleasure? Cast your vote!

Rolex Precision 6694

    Rolex Precision 6694 for €3,511?