Wrist Game or Crying Shame is here to check whether you esteem history with a glance at a Rolex GMT-Master 16700.

Before we get into the Rolex GMT-Master 16700, let’s spend a second on last week’s subject, the Yema Bipole Duopoly .  For $569, or not exactly a large portion of you spend on a couple of city-bound retro mining boots, you altogether denied this French peculiarity with a devastating annihilation to the tune of 60% considering it a Crying Shame.  Ah yet wait!  While the 40-percenters obviously lost the fight, one such Wrist Game elector ascended the most noteworthy mountain since he decided to cast a ballot with his wallet!  And that individual was as a matter of fact Jason Heaton of The Gray NATOHodinkee, and other fame.  Now Jason calls the interminably frozen territory of Minnesota home and drives an old Land Rover, yet I should say that he’d better up his facial hair game on the off chance that he wants to brandish this Yema with regularity.  I can, then again, identify with and uphold his wrist facial hair, though.  Godspeed, Jason, and wear that Yema well.  Just make sure to have those seals registered before you jump with a Juicy Lucy.

Hey, you know what’s dumb?  Paying $18,000 or more for the freshest Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLRO “Pepsi” .  At what is basically twofold rundown value, it shouts of the “gotta have it now” type world we apparently live in today.  And what’s more, the explanation individuals follow through on these kinds of costs – beside the way that Rolex can’t or doesn’t make enough of them – is on the grounds that they don’t want to kiss the ring of their “friendly” neighborhood Coronet huckster.  Well, fortunately, there are a lot of neo-vintage models to browse that, at the same time, scratch the tingle of the individuals who like an advanced watch while as yet acquiring a portion of that attractive patina.  One such model is today’s Rolex GMT-Master 16700.

What do you consider commercial aircraft pilots?  Well, stay nearby and I’ll give you my thoughts.  They’re fine people with genuine abilities who have quite a ton of responsibility.  I mean, beside real load, they’re accountable for shipping genuinely valuable payload like you and me.  But most amazing aspect everything, they can pull off wearing short-sleeved dress shirts and, truly, nobody else can pull off such a look.  And second, all pilots are by one way or another worked with a facial design that allows them to wear pilot shades: that is something I’ve always been unable to do!  Commercial carrier pilots additionally talk with an undefinable drone (indeed, really, Tom Wolfe characterized it in “The Right Stuff” as something that ace Chuck Yeager created for any remaining pilots to follow) that in some way or another causes you to feel simply a smidgen more calm when sh*t gets uneven at 30,000 feet.  But most amazing aspect all, and particularly pre-US carrier chapter 11 days, commercial pilots brandished extravagant watches, for example, the Rolex GMT-Master.  Whether in steel, bi-shading, or strong gold, these skippers of the sky very delighted in these old GMT’s.  And dissimilar to the present glittery extravagant jeans GMT-Master II’s, these old GMT’s were genuinely straightforward apparatuses where proprietors needed to really turn their bezels to show a second time zone.  Today’s Rolex GMT-Master 16700 incidentally turns out to be the remainder of these watches where clients needed to perform a particularly grave task.

Interestingly, when a great many people think about the last present day GMT-Master, the GMT-Master II reference 16710 is the thing that comes to mind.  You can see an image of mine above and, here’s some genuine news, I have more hair on my wrist than Jason.  underway from 1989-2007, this was the GMT that the majority of us remember.  The GMT-Master II got a fast change hour hand that permitted the watch to show three time zones.  But would you be able to envision this?  Rolex really made one more GMT at the SAME TIME as the 16710 and that watch was the Rolex GMT-Master 16700 ( click here for our GMT-Master history overview ).  Offered as a cheaper other option, the 16700 was similar to the Porsche 924 was to the 944 (hello, that reference is even damn close to period correct!).  It even looked almost indistinguishable from the 16710.  But in my brain, the 16700 is really the GMT that most takes after the brand’s unique thought of a pilot watch.  Today’s GMT-Master II?  Well, Rolex has given it the witticism of the “Cosmopolitan Watch”.  I truly don’t realize what to say about that…

Operationally, the Rolex GMT-Master 16700 kept the hour hand and the 24-hour hand in a state of harmony simply like the first GMT’s that had been in presence since the 1950’s.  So indeed, beginners, you really need to utilize the bezel to show the second time zone.  But the 16700 added some innovation to the game during its long 1988-1999 creation run, for example, the 28,800 bph cal.3175, hacking, and a quickset date function.  Options were likewise there with the decision of either a dark or red and blue Pepsi bezel like you see here.  regarding wristbands, both the Oyster and Jublilee were on offer and Tritium was the lume up until the several years of production.  That implies that the vast majority of these 16700’s can take on a cycle of that vintage engage if they’ve carried on a life.

There are different things I should specify about the Rolex GMT-Master 16700.  It accompanied bored through lugs.  And while those are better than sweets, for what reason would you eliminate that arm band when you have wonderful stepped end connections like 501B’s?

Seriously, even strong arm bands, for example, the 78360 when combined with these rattly stepped end joins make for the sort of wear that cutting edge Rolex essentially can’t offer today.

Let’s accumulate around on the grounds that it’s individual story time.  Back in 2012, I had a genuine craving for some type of GMT.  I had a shot at an exquisite Rolex GMT-Master 16700 around then for about 5K and that was enormous cash at the time.  I wound up turning it down to purchase a truly bad 1675 that unquestionably positions as the most noticeably terrible dumpster discharge I’ve ever procured.  That was stupid, yet I calculated that these 16700’s would stay as the generally moderate GMT option.   Well, indeed, well – how circumstances are different on the grounds that they are costly now!  in all actuality, the 16700’s scarcely slacked in the valuing office versus 16710’s 7 years back and that hasn’t changed.

I did a great deal of searching for a Rolex GMT-Master 16700 that was deserving of showing you and I think I found a out of Munich, Germany.  Yes, as should be obvious, it’s very much worn, however it’s a strong watch for $9,932.  I’d never venture to such an extreme as to pronounce that a watch as unpolished, yet this looks very great with legit wear and scratches.

The watch appears to date to 1992 and the “P” wristband code dates to a well-inside reach 1991.  So, indeed, it appears to be pretty good.  The bezel has the sort of blurring that causes bed-wetting among Rolex devotees and I’d surmise that the 78360 Oyster has the perfect measure of looseness.  Mmm…comfy.

So, the inquiry is, do you settle on a wrecked in 90’s Rolex GMT-Master 16700 at what is basically list cost for a fresh out of the plastic new spotless GMT-Master II or do you get a perpetual holding up rundown together with the wide range of various hopelessful lemmings?

Rolex GMT-Master 16700


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