1. Wrist Game or Crying Shame gets back with a glance at a genuine legend: the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy.  Do you have the stuff to wrist-carry one of these giants?

Last week, on Wrist Game or Crying Shame, we requested that you imagine taking a time machine back to the 80’s or 90’s, buckling down, yet then playing similarly as hard on the sea blue.  Along with this voyaging and decision of relaxation exercises, we likewise bade you to consider wearing the Rolex Submariner 16803 “Soul-filled” .  And while the watch we showed you immediately vanished from web history (recollect, it was recorded in Miami), generally 64% of you were glad to channel your inward Robert Redford or later profession Kevin Costner and seat up with this bright Rolex.  Yes, one keen peruser got down on Paul Newman’s dependable companion as the encapsulation of the persona I attempted to depict as such a Bluesy wearer and I say bravo to you, great sir!  The 36% who felt this Sub was a Crying Shame were likely coming from the noteworthy home of Fratello, the Netherlands.  As I referenced, the watch has acquired the moniker “Comedian” in place where there is part pea soup and tall individuals and I surmise they saw it fit to downvote the watch.  obviously, the way that this piece probably contained a later wristband and bezel supplement may have had something to do with it as well.  Details… . Onwards and upwards as we say, however, in light of the fact that today we’re changing course with a glance at the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy.

I’ve made reference to my tragically missing adoration for Panerai in any multiple times before inside the blessed corridors of Fratello, yet permit me to expand in any event once more.  Aside from the current irrationality that encompasses steel sports Rolex models, I can recollect no such watch-related wonders very like the fever that was Panerai in the early “aughts”.  If you figured out how to locate an approved vendor – there weren’t numerous at that point – you were regularly let somewhere around an almost unfilled feature populated exclusively with excessively fastidious models bearing complications.  It was something otherworldly to see these altogether different watches in the metal since they were so not the same as whatever else at the time.  Here’s a terrible similarity, however in the event that “grit” prevailing with regards to leaving “hair band” music from the standard, Panerai did likewise to the greater part of what was selling at the time.  And what was selling?  36mm watches that could scarcely convey the athlete of a gigantic 44mm in addition to Panerai.  You may hold interminable disdain for Panerai and its introducing of beast estimated watches, yet you can’t reject that they exploited a market space that had gone unaddressed since, indeed, the hour of pocket watches.  But in the event that there’s one watch that in the back index that characterizes the tallness of the brand’s prominence, I’d unequivocally say that it’s the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy.

Now, in case you’re not a Panerai fan or an expert of the self-evident, you may be pondering about the “Fiddy” moniker and its origin.  Was the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy given its epithet out of appreciation for the hip-jump star “50 Cent”?  I mean, it was back in 2003 that the star delivered the fundamental tune, “In Da Club”.  Well, notwithstanding the way that rappers frequently sport not exactly unobtrusive watches, this watch was truth be told not named after Curtis James Jackson III and he was not probably wearing a particularly basic piece while popping containers of bub.  I likewise wish I could say the name was some way or another identified with the brand’s most renowned big name wearer, Sylvester “Tricky” Stallone, yet there’s no connection there as Rocky L was not in auditoriums at the time.  That was a joke, coincidentally, as the Rocky establishment has since moved onto Creed.  No, the “Fiddy” name is basically gotten from… 1950.  We’ll have more on that mid-century importance shortly.

In 2002, Panerai was as yet in the early pains of delivering yearly restricted editions.  And when I reveal to you that expectation for these pieces got like “new iPhone day”, I’m not overestimating things – at any rate for “Paneristi”.  New pieces would be appeared and the asking would start at the closest AD to be honored with the chance to purchase the freshest “PAM”.  And so it was in that second year of the thousand years that “PAM 127”, or the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy was delivered and the watch hit like a neutron bomb.  With 1,950 pieces delivered at a value some place in the $7K territory, the watches were hugely popular.  The “Fiddy” got another for-Richemont case plan that acquired its motivation from a Luminor model initially delivered in, hang tight for it, 1950.  And at 47mm in hardened steel, it was a major chunk of metal on the wrist.  With its seriously domed sapphire gem, matured Luminova sandwich-dial, and manual breeze ETA/Unitas development, the piece looked the vintage part.  That development, was pleasantly completed and perceptible by means of a presentation case back.  With old school text style on the dial, little seconds at 9:00 and basic “1950” enhancement above 6:00, it overflowed the effortlessness that Panerai fans craved.

Before we get to the meat inside the bun, I’ll sing you a little tune in regards to the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy in the event that you’ll for the brief aberration.  A companion and associate at that point (alright, he’s as yet a companion and peruses Fratello every now and then) was adequately lucky to be on an expat task in Paris.  He had purchased a Panerai a year or so previously and was continually taking a gander at watches.  Via this, he turned out to be cordial with a nearby dim market dealer who had additionally become known to Parisian AD’s.  Therefore, he wasn’t permitted to purchase a Fiddy new upon release.  He did, notwithstanding, persuade my companion to proffer one with the expectation of getting it from him promptly thereafter.  And that is the way it went.  My companion purchased a Fiddy and strolled into a chic inn, ideally had a noisette, and sold said watch for a cool 50% profit.  Not terrible for full time work, is it?

Now, not at all like some mid 2000’s “Panny’s” that have come down in an incentive after the entire promotion period finished, the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy has stayed an exorbitant proposal.  Ok, at one at once, over the $20K edge, yet those days are since a long time ago past.  One thing that may have assisted this with displaying was the way that while Panerai presented the 1950 defense a standard piece of its arrangement, they never delivered precisely the same watch as the PAM127 you see here.  I wish I could say that the brand clutched that idea with its other restricted models, however they lamentably annoyed a many individuals (counting me) when they later put restricted models into sequential creation (ahem, my Cali Dial Radiomir).

The Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy you see comes in at $14,622 in the present cash and it is the most economical posting that comes with all the goods.  Intriguingly, the less expensive PAM127’S on Chrono24 come up short on their containers and papers and that saves one a couple of thousand.  Perhaps those helpless spirits likewise lost their full units in a flood like I did.  Still, this one appears to be fit as a fiddle and, fittingly, comes from Italy.  The lash resembles a substitution or potentially the other tie that delivered with the Fiddy’s, however all else appears ok.

I will not mess with you, I’ve generally cherished the Panerai Luminor 1950 Fiddy, yet it’s constantly been a ton of denaro for a watch that is elaborately like a great deal of other Panerai and holds a somewhat common movement.  Plus, it’s damn huge and would probably serve more as an object of interest for me than a usable wristwatch.  But… in case you’re into the Panerai stylish and additionally keen on possessing what is frequently considered as the most collectible delivery from the brand since it joined Richemont, at that point this could very well be for you.  Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to cast a ballot… what’s it going to be?

Panerai PAM127 Fiddy for $14,622?