Welcome, companions, to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, where we request that you vote on whether a watch is deserving at least moderate respect or essentially worth what salt is worth.  This week, we’ll go (O)mega with the Omega Ploprof, however first…

Somewhere over the Rainbow, far up high…  Well, you parents were obviously high on a little Zenith Rainbow on the grounds that this offspring of the 90’s took off to a beautiful 61% Wrist Match dominate at season of publishing.  We got a ton of vivid reactions from people who deplored the 60’s British/French/Italian vehicle dependability of these watches, yet a greater part of you felt unequivocally enough about this brilliant character to give it la victoire.  Ah, and we got some irritable reactions about my ridiculing of the fundamental high contrast version.  Yes, it is a decent looking watch also, yet it’s about as Rainbow as the image on my grandmother’s old high contrast Sears TV.  So, get over it and air out a virus Bud Ice.  And now…the Omega Ploprof.

Before I hazard irritating any fanatics out there, I should reveal to you that I am a genuine aficionado of the Omega Ploprof.  Now, I’ll continue ahead with some troublemaking.  The Omega Ploprof is, on the double, presumably the most silly watch on this planet and something that I’m exceptionally grateful exists in this all around very reasonable world.  Well, existing is somewhat of an exaggeration on the grounds that today’s present day steel Ploprof has gone the method of the greater part of German client support, which is otherwise called “extinct”.

After 10-years of creation (the Omega Ploprof was once again introduced in 2009), Omega chose to winnow the group and reassess the steelie with dark dial (titanium still exists).  That’s a disgrace since this rendition of the watch, in spite of the fact that I surmise not a major vender, was the most consistent with the first idea that originally appeared in 1970 as the Ploprof 600.  But on the other hand, one shouldn’t be too shocked about the huge diver’s downfall on the grounds that, as I said, it is one silly piece of kit.

I have a wide range of competing pictures when I consider the Omega Ploprof.  Shape-wise, it helps me to remember the Millennium Falcon, however I’m not entirely certain it could pull off the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.  It’s additionally a watch that discusses overcompensation.  I mean, simply take a gander at the thing…it sort of sports a look that solitary a mother could cherish, yet it is by one way or another lovable.  And notwithstanding a lot of Agnelli wannabes tying their enormous 48 x 55mm Ploprofs over the sleeves of their dress shirts, interestingly, these watches really fit the exposed wrist far superior than they should.  The 48mm piece of the condition is the conspicuous reason.

But as an ordinary wear, the Omega Ploprof faces intense fight against undeniably more pragmatic leviathan warriors out there.  Heck, a portion of those competitors are from Omega’s own catalog.  And at a of 8,000 Euros, you either require the arms and way of life of somebody, for example, The Rock to wear this regular or are only up for some blameworthy spending. Alright, if you’re perusing this site, there’s about a 100% possibility you fall into that last bucket.  But the last picture that comes excluded into my psyche about the Ploprof is the prospect of rugged old jumpers, for example, Cousteau dancing around in scratchy fleece sweaters, insufficient swimming outfit, a beanie and a US Diver’s blade on an elastic tie around the calf.  I surmise that last mental picture is the thing that at first drove a great many people to hack up the money and purchase the watch similarity of carrying a Howitzer to a blade fight.

A interesting thing happened this past Summer.  Robert-Jan scored a pleasant arrangement and purchased a steel Omega Ploprof.  He at that point continued to get it on his days off France.  Let’s trust he didn’t wear any unseemly washing clothing, however let’s likewise trust he wore some washing attire.  Whatever occurred on the shore of France, it appears to be that RJ made the Ploprof one of his most worn watches this Summer.  Let’s trust it remains as such and he doesn’t choose to help it like today’s seller.

Today’s steel Omega Ploprof comes by means of and hails from the country where Sunday window shopping is a public side interest: Germany.  The proprietor took a large group of sweet photographs of his 2011-ish Ploprof that apparently comes with all the kit.  It’s even on the attractive cross section steel arm band in lieu of the more affordable elastic strap.  Inside this kraken is Omega’s co-hub chronometer-guaranteed 8500 automatic.  Other amenities are a very much concealed helium valve on the contrary side of the bezel lock.  That valve will without a doubt help you as you take part in the all around common movement of immersion plunging at a limit of 1200 meters.  interestingly, this outstanding glancing piece comes in at $5,419 and that addresses a solid markdown versus retail .  The inquiry is whether you think this Ploprof merits protecting and giving free access the sea or in the event that it has a place at port.

Omega Ploprof

    Omega Ploprof for $5,419?