Wrist Game or Crying Shame gets back with a glance at an Ebel 1911 Chronograph.

Back in ’98, I was a new youthful face in the labor force, however a touch of difficult work didn’t prevent me from participating in a touch of high-moving high jinks.  It was during a long end of the week that I gathered my sack and advanced toward the air terminal in “the 216,” otherwise known as Cleveland.  My pal flew out of the mean roads of Newark and we met in Sin City.  Vegas.  Now, back in ’98, you could really play dark jack for $5 a hand on the Strip and stay at a lodging on that very road for a reasonable deal.  Nowadays, best of luck with that as those ideal place club are loaded with extravagant jeans partygoers and inked numskulls who “make it rain” with $100’s for however many hours as the gambling clubs are open in one day (hint: that’s 24).  Clearly, people, you felt that last week’s Omega Speedmaster 3210.52 “Casino Dial” has a place “off the strip” on the grounds that you opposed it by an edge of 57% Crying Shame to 43% Wrist Game.  But maybe we can change your fortunes with this week’s passage, the more moderate Ebel 1911 Chronograph.

Have you at any point needed to be the Don? No, I’m not discussing Don Juan, Don King, or whatever Fat Joe alludes to in his lyrics.  I’m discussing Don Johnson!  Don Johnson was an apparatus during 80’s life because of his depiction of the smooth secret terrible kid cop James “Sonny” Crockett on Miami Vice.  Now, I was a digit youthful for this show as it incorporated some beautiful hot scenes (for broadcast TV), viciousness, and even a pet alligator!  But Don Johnson was a genuine stud and notwithstanding driving some hot Italian metal around South Beach, he shook some .  One of which was the Ebel 1911 Chronograph, perhaps the most boss watches of the period in the event that I do say so myself (and I do).  Now, we can guarantee that Ebel really supported the entertainers, yet let’s not let the realities hinder a decent story.  I mean, look above – I didn’t even need to download that image as our own Robert-Jan, who as of not long ago wore a very Crockett-esque rich man’s mullet, highlighted the Ebel in an article path back in 2010 !  Ugh, the desire seethes inside me towards those with such streaming locks!

But the previous fundamental crush of Melanie Griffith isn’t the genuine motivation to cherish the Ebel 1911 Chronograph.  No, you should adore it for its one of a kind and elegant styling imparted to other Ebels, yet above all else in view of the motor under its hood.  The Ebel 1911 Chronograph included – hang tight for it – the unrivaled El Primero chronograph made by Zenith.  If you accept this astounding post from client “Rdenney”, Ebel’s President Pierre-Alain Blum was the one who cajoled Zenith to start exchanging its renowned development again in the mid 80’s after the brand had experienced monetary turmoil.  The post goes onto recommend that in 1982, Ebel started getting a portion of the El Primero developments that Zenith had stored and introduced them in the Sport Chronograph you see here.

By the way, client “Rdenney”, you sound like you have one damnation of an Ebel assortment and I’d love to break a period fitting lager with you.  Let’s simply say that during this time, “the night belong(ed) to Michelob.”

Returning to the Ebel 1911 Chronograph, Ebel offered these pieces in a wide assortment of dial tones, wristband types, and crude materials.  Steel, bi-shading, and strong gold were there for your scrutiny on the off chance that you visited your nearby top of the line jeweler.  In perusing that equivalent post above, it likewise appears to be that Ebel utilized various diverse El Primero variations in their chronographs – maybe as stock dried out while Zenith made a few steps as they got back to making watches.  Yes, the brand that’s otherwise called “The Architects of Time” when shared space close to vaunted brands like Rolex (who additionally utilized the El Primero in a slightly more important chronograph).

The model we highlight today ends up appearing as though a prior model as it includes the brand’s flawless Wave arm band that, notwithstanding the famous case shape, is a genuine sign of the period.  Yes, it’s bi-shading, so it’s not steady with “the Don’s” all gold, so maybe you’d be viewed as a pretender.  But that’s alright, as Johnson moved around in a phony Ferrari Daytona Spyder in the previous seasons, so he’s no outsider to almost there looks.

We know fairly minimal about the Ebel 1911 Chronograph that’s highlighted on Chrono24, beside the way that the 39mm watch evidently runs well and it appears to be in excellent shape.  It’s additionally situated in the blade capital of Germany, Solingen, and is being sold by a very much appraised seller who does appear to know as he would prefer around a camera.  Now, my involvement in an El Primero has been somewhat similar to claiming Sonny’s ride in later seasons, the Ferrari Testarossa.  as such, it runs quick, makes quite a few sounds and separates a lot.  Then once more, mine is a truly old Zenith.  But the genuine redeeming quality on this Ebel is that it costs $1,757 as of today’s trade rates.  That’s a ton of “smiles per mile” as we say in the business.  And at long last, while it’s been some time since Ebel has had its day in the sun, one needs to accept that something this gorgeous will come once more into vogue at some point.

Now it’s up to you on whether you’d burn through $1,757 on this tasteful, complicated relic of the 80’s, the Ebel 1911 Chronograph, to beat the warmth on the Miami streets.

Ebel 1911 Chronograph

    Ebel 1911 Chronograph for $1,757?