Welcome to Wrist Game or Crying Shame where we take the vote to the roads every single week.  This week we go a totally different way with the unrivaled Cartier Santos.

Before we class things up, we should zero in on a week ago’s subject, the Omega Ploprof .  We highlighted an all-steel 1200 meter present day Ploprof for your scrutiny and estimate what?  Despite those steady trendy people, stylemakers and influencers disclosing to you that little watches are back in style, you actually prefer to carry muscle to the party.  It appears to be that a full 61% of you would prefer to tie this animal from the dark tidal pond to your arm versus not.  Maybe that will settle on Omega reevaluate its choice to reassess this large feline, however maybe not.  Well, if huge size was the most clear trait of a week ago’s watch, the absence of size of the current week’s select may remain in a comparative fashion.  Then once more, we believe that what it needs planar size, it makes up with some genuine bling.  Let’s talk about the Cartier Santos.

I’d kid with you in the event that I said that I know a ton about Cartier’s watches.  Yes, I know the distinction between a Tank, a Santos and a Pasha, yet I realize practically nothing about the developments utilized, the distinctions in the watches over their set of experiences, etc.  Why is that?  Well, it’s in reality simple – I simply don’t adore them looks insightful and I don’t actually relate to the brand.  Specifically, I’ve generally thought that it was somewhat questionable when gem dealers take a stab at watchmaking.  I realize that is completely out of line with regards to Cartier as they’ve been in the watch game since the mid 1900’s and are essentially answerable for making the main strong, might we venture to say “apparatus”, wristwatches.  But still, they – like such countless other extraordinary brands, have had their good and bad times during the last 100 years.  Close adherents would reveal to me that things have been undeniably more up than down, however my recollections from experiencing childhood in blingy South Florida bring back some truly downright awful of weak blockheads in rolling creased pants, gelled mullets, and bronze-shaded SL’s wearing Cartier.  As terrible as South Florida Rolex wearers could (and can) be, I at any rate distinguished more with the brandishing/dynamic expectations of a portion of those watches.  But, as I’ve referenced on numerous occasions, it is really time that mollifies sentiments and I do end up taking a gander at Cartier pieces.  One watch that as of late got my attention was the 18K yellow gold Cartier Santos.

I was on a long trip to California as of late and I accepted the open door to watch a lot of movies.  One such film was Rocketman, a melodic biopic around one Sir Elton John.  Now, Captain Fantastic is a man renowned for his liberal ways of managing money and truly showy ensembles that he wears during stage exhibitions. Normally, the Madman Across the Water likewise got something reasonable of watches.  Now, in case you’re comfortable with those printed silk Medusa-headed Versace shirts, you can foresee the sorts of watches that Sir Elton favors.  In the film, he even endowments his dad a precious stone encrusted Chopard that I’d battle to wear.  But later on in the film, he’s appeared in the video for “I’m Still Standing” and I got a brief look at a beautiful cool watch on his wrist.  That watch was clearly a Cartier, yet a speedy pursuit on the web pointed toward a 18K Cartier Santos.  I investigated and, as we probably are aware – gold has become somewhat even more a thing at Fratello, I burrow this watch.  My complete 180 on Cartier pieces could very well be much the same as a “Circle of Life”.  Ouch, that was an awful one…

I did some more research on the web about the Cartier Santos and the Santos by and large and was quite overwhelmed that the Santos initially hit the racks (as though a Cartier store has at any point had racks) and beside the expansion of crown monitors in 1978, the look has remained surprisingly unwavering. Furthermore, the Santos, initially called the Santos-Dumont after the pilot, is among the principal wristwatches – most trusting it is the first.  When we fly forward to 1978, the watch was renamed as the Santos de Cartier and added those previously mentioned crown guards.  A coordinated wristband likewise discovered its way to the watch with an end goal to do fight with other disco-period sports watches, for example, the Royal Oak and Nautilus.  The last part of the 70’s additionally denoted the first occasion when that the Santos utilized non-valuable metals on its case, yet they look cool and are no motivation to consider tragic songs.  Getting more regrettable, aren’t we?

In 1978, the Cartier Santos appeared and in case you’re pondering that inquisitive French word signifies “contoured”.  It likewise means the reality the case is bended to more readily fit the wearer’s wrist.  Now, during this period, Cartier took a cycle of a wayward turn by offering this most up to date emphasis with the choice of quartz.  That’s some genuinely pitiful stuff, yet I think a ton of those problematic SL drivers had different activities as opposed to making sure to set their watches after gathering filled weekends.  Thankfully, Cartier actually saw it fit to offer a programmed in the Santos and that came as the moderately common ETA49, which was a long ways from the JLC developments that the brand once utilized in the early piece of the century.  Really, Cartier, don’t go making me extremely upset with such essential developments… . In the event that you can work Kiki Dee into any article, it’s an absolute necessity do.

Now, fortunately, the Cartier Santos we have here is programmed and it comes with a very Elton-esque white dial.  This one is recorded on and comes from one of the European Union’s most underestimated urban areas, Bratislava.  Now, there is a minuscule obvious issue at hand and that identifies with the size of the Santos.  This splendidly hued men’s watch comes in at 29mm x 40mm and that implies that it unquestionably sits on the more modest side of things.  But truly, when something looks comparable to this, who truly cares?  I mean, look at that clasp!  And to be perfectly honest, there’s little inconspicuous about this, however on the off chance that it were monstrous I figure it would qualify as too over the top.  The cost for this Tiny Dancer is $7,890 and I just consider that to be alluring for a pleasant piece of gold that hails from one of design’s most renowned houses.  The watch needs boxes and desk work, yet appears to wear a moderately ongoing 1,250 Euro (!!) administration from the Parisian brand itself.

The question for you, Crocodile Rockers, is whether this Honky Cat merits a Sacrifice of your assets or not…

Cartier Santos

    Cartier Santos for $7,890?

Note: Thanks to George Cramer for certain amendments. Additionally, the gold wristband ought to have gold screws, not steel. This may have been a custom request, however typically, these watches were not conveyed like this.