Welcome back to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, our week after week arrangement where you choose if a watch has the stuff to invest energy on your valuable wrist.  This week, we’ll head back to the hour of Maverick, Goose, and the Iceman with a gander at a 80’s/90’s chronograph in the Breitling Cosmonaute.  But first…

I sincerely need to begin picking more questionable watches since you perusers continue to discover favor with the pieces in our series.  Last week’s Omega Aqua Terra Railmaster in steel and 39mm raged to an avalanche 71% Wrist Match dominate and that was in spite of a couple of cantankerous comments!  Bring ’em on, we love the diversion and, all things considered, we always have the last word…  So, if last week’s rider of the rails got you all worked up, will a watch implied for the sky get you as energized as a tween that’s went to a Jonas Brothers concert?  Let’s see…

In the pantheon of chronographs, there’s little contention that the Breitling Navitimer has a place close by the untouched greats.  Despite the way that its appearance is busier than a Shinjuku crosswalk on a Friday at 5pm, it’s an incredible instrument watch implied for aviators.  Well, pilots who realize how to utilize a slide rule…good karma finding those today!  In 1959, which was quite a while after the Navitimer’s presentation, incidentally, pilot and Mercury space explorer Scott Carpenter (who was a Navi wearer) asked for an extraordinary rendition of this chronograph.  You see, Carpenter needed a 24-hour dial on his Navi and this offered ascend to the Breitling Cosmonaute ( John Glenn additionally had one that’s coming up for auction).  If you accept the web – and everybody ought to on everything – purchaser variants came out around 1962.

I end up claiming a later 60’s adaptation that I purchased a couple of years prior in Germany at a transfer shop after a widow unloaded it off days after her husband’s demise (so much for always failing to possess a watch and caring for it for the future!) and regardless of it positioning as perhaps the most indecipherable watches I own, I discover it totally enchanting and reason built.  I’ll reword my previous comment; the Breitling Cosmonaute isn’t muddled, it just expects you to focus on the constant as the hour hand is once in a while where you figure it ought to be.  In the good ‘ol days, both the Navitimer and Cossie were controlled by the glorious section wheel-prepared Venus 178.  If you’re thinking about how the Cossie contrasted precisely, the hour hand was essentially equipped to run at sloth-like half speed.  Breitling utilized these developments until they ran out of them at some point in the mid 70’s prior to changing to various case styles and developments for both the Navi and Cossie.  In 1979, agreeing with the passing of Disco, Breitling surrendered to the quartz transformation and petitioned for bankruptcy.  But as we probably are aware, a resurgence was in the making…

In the mid 80’s Breitling got back with a large group of new watches and it was really 1985 that saw the arrival of the Navitimer and the Breitling Cosmonaute with the reference 81600.  This time, however, the generally 41mm cases accompanied a Lemania 1873 (hi, Speedmaster) and mineral glass crystal.  But don’t stress, that gem alongside the snap back case plan and pushers kept these looks as keen on swimming as a crowd of house cats.  (By the way, Carpenter clearly dunked his hand into the sea profound upon splashdown and it didn’t end well for his Cossie.) And while we may mourn the death of the Venus 178 for a marginally more common development, these new Breitling chronographs kept old fashioned looks and added 80’s prerequisites, for example, all gold or a gold bezel!  obviously, spotless models were accessible and planet “inox” turns out to be the place where our space case stops today.

The Breitling Cosmonaute we have today comes by means of and from the land where there are right now more Paul Newman Daytonas than on our earth 50 years prior: Italy.  From what I can tell, this watch is genuinely “new old stock” and not someone’s new, old stock which is commonly the case.  The chamfers are solid, the container, papers and hang tag are available and it even contains a cool clam style Breitling bracelet.

For the existence of me, I can’t affirm if this adornment was built by one Gay Freres, however its consideration ought to rouse joy indeed!  This watch has a pleasant looking tritium dial and that’s beyond what most can say as the previously mentioned feared H2O has crawled into most models of this era.  And if each one of those estimation scales leave you needing for more, flip this piece onto its posterior and view a temperature change scale.  I won’t lie, subsequent to living in Europe for pretty much 8 years, I still don’t understand what the thing that matters is among Celsius and Fahrenheit!  Before we get to the $5,122 question, a few perusers may say “why wouldn’t you purchase a more seasoned 60’s model instead?”

Well, companions, those have gone emphatically more costly it appears and watches in the $5K territory frequently have drags that look as though individuals from my first year recruit metallurgy class carried them to the crushing and cleaning haggles them the old school try.  And in the event that the case on one of those more seasoned pieces is alright, it’s generally the dial that resembles a vampire during daylight.  So indeed, this restored Breitling Cosmonaute comes in at $5,122 and that’s not modest for a 80’s/90’s Breitling, but rather absorb it – yet don’t truly splash it – and afterward cast your vote.

Breitling Cosmonaute Lemania 1873

    Breitling Cosmonaute for $5,122?