For some watch marks, the chronometer certificate is simply not adequate anymore.  The world has changed since 1973, when the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, was founded.

Lebois & Co is glad to introduce to you their new watch, the Venturist. Other than an attractive watch (I will come to that later), this watch has more to it. It has been tried by Timelab and gotten an Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification.  To comprehend what this is, we need to recap the normal chronometer certification.


With a chronometer (not chronograph) ensured watch, you can believe your watch is exact. To be more explicit, it has a normal day by day rate between – 4 seconds and +6 seconds. For a mechanical watch, that’s really flawless to have. In request to have a chronometer watch, or chronometer ensured watch to be exact, its development – or watch – probably been shipped off the authority Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute for some arrangement of tests. These tests are defined by the COSC and watch brands want to sit quiet about these, they simply need to send the developments with a ‘test’ dial and ‘test’ crown. Inevitably, they will get the developments back. The individuals who didn’t finish the assessment should be changed again, the individuals who breezed through the assessment will be cased. The developments with certificate can have the word ‘chronometer’ on the dial. That’s right, it is a secured name to use on a dial.

The current chronometer accreditation depends on the ISO 3159 norm. This standard was defined (“Lays down the definition of the term “chronometer”, describing the classes, the test program and the acceptable minimum necessities for wrist-chronometers.”) in 1976 and changed again in 2009. Right up ’til the present time, this is the structure that the COSC uses to ensure wrist watches.

Watch developments are tried for 15 days in the research center of COSC, on two distinct factors, namely:

  • temperature (8 °C, 23 °C and 38 °C).
  • the position of the watch (3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, dial on top, dial on the bottom)

A complete synopsis of the testing methodology can be found on the authority COSC site .

So, what’s the point of messing with an Observatoire Chronométrique+ confirmation? Isn’t a chronometer evaluated Lebois & Co Venturist sufficiently not? Indeed, you presumably have seen that brands like Rolex, Omega and Grand Seiko for instance, begun to accept some stricter norms. Stupendous Seiko utilizes a normal day by day pace of – 3 and +5 seconds, Rolex guarantees – 2 and + 2 seconds and Omega utilizes just certain rates from 0 to +5 seconds. There are most likely some a bigger number of brands that utilization stricter principles than COSC, yet let’s adhere to these. Since what’s more, is that these developments are tried in the wake of casing. This implies that these tests give a preferable reenactment of every day use over testing the developments only.

That still doesn’t answer the topic of why brands should trouble in having a more exacting test system than COSC offers. Indeed, as you most likely are aware we live in a quickly changing world. We are encircled by (buyer) gadgets the entire day, that bring attractive fields with them. Think of your iPad and defensive cover, or the security region at an air terminal, or your worker park (at home or in your company). Attraction influences the pace of your watch radically, one reason that certain brands use silicon hairsprings for instance. What COSC likewise doesn’t test, is the water obstruction of a watch (as they mainly test uncased developments) and the force save of a movement.

Observatoire Chronométrique+ certification

Lebois & Co needs to have an effect in this field. Which began with a fantasy, and acknowledgment with the assistance of some crowdfunding, transformed into a genuine watch company today. To have an effect in the packed universe of watch brands, organizer Tom van Wijlick chose he expected to accomplish something extraordinary. The nature of the Lebois & Co watches was at that point according to his own exclusive expectations ( as you can peruse here ), he needed to ensure that an independent research center would underline this.

Every Lebois & Co Venturist watch will be tried (and guaranteed) by Timelab. Timelab is a Swiss foundation operating under the authority of the State of Geneva and its involvement with watchmaking research facility traces all the way back to 1886. The prestigious research center has three exercises: the Poinçon de Genève (Geneva Seal) confirmation, the Observatoire Chronométrique+ accreditation and a horological lab. With their Observatoire Chronométrique+ standard, Timelab has introduced a stringent accreditation that is open for Swiss made watches. The Venturist will be furnished with Timelab’s OC+ standard.

Chronometer and WR

The OC+ certificate depends on more exhaustive and comprehensive testing than the standard ISO 3159(:2009), which permits the watch to get the title of ‘chronometer’, utilized and followed by labs like COSC. Instead of just verifying the chronometric execution of uncased developments, the OC+ method does as such ‘on-the-wrist’ for the completely gathered watch, under different conditions.

The water opposition of the Lebois & Co Venturist is likewise tried by Timelab. To guarantee a watch is (100 meters) water safe according to the ISO 22810 standard each watch needs to withstand 3 distinct tests: an air overpressure test, a water overpressure test and its water obstruction into low profundity. For the last test, the Lebois & Co Venturist is put inside a water tank at a profundity of 10 cm for a fixed length of 60 min. At that point, to affirm water opposition, another buildup test is applied and again no buildup ought to show up inside the watch to pass the test.

René Peeters (mountaineer and Lebois & Co shareholder)


The attraction test is performed by applying an attractive field of 4800 A/m to the watch in 3 unique positions. In the wake of applying the attractive field the exactness is estimated to enroll the effect of the attractive field. At that point the watch is demagnetised and another estimation is performed. The two estimations need to fall within the rules indicated in the ISO 764 standard.

Last however not least, the Lebois & Co Venturist is tried on its accessible force save. A complete depiction of all tests performed on the Venturist can be found , on the site of Timelab.

Every individual Venturist is tried in Geneva for 21 days and is just granted the ‘Observatoire Chronométrique+’ testament if all tests are 100% successful.

Lebois & Co Venturist

Now, on to the watch. It isn’t an oddity in that capacity, as it was at that point introduced to you last October ( here ). Regardless of the number of declarations are tossed at it, in the event that you don’t like the manner in which it looks, for instance, you’re not interested in any case. The beneficial thing is, that the Lebois & Co Venturist looks quite pleasant. It would seem that a legitimate apparatus watch, maybe even a piece Explorer-ish, with its enormous luminous numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9. It is a profoundly neat apparatus watch, with a 41mm width and little unnecessary things on the dial. Like a date window, for instance (yeey!).

The stainless steel (grade 316L) case is 10.5mm thick and has a delightful shape, including faceted drags. The case band has a cleaned finish, while the highest point of the drags and bezel have a satin brush finish. The two sides of the case have a sapphire crystal.


As you can see, the dark dial of the Lebois & Co Venturist is truly lucid. The hour markers are loaded up with Super-LumiNova (BGW9 grade), just as the hands. This, for better clarity in low-light conditions. On the dial, you will likewise find the authoritatively affirmed chronometer indication as this actually remains part of the OC+ certificate. ‘Venturist’ is printed in red on the dial, giving it a lively touch. Similarly as the notch theme on the dial beneath the hour markers. You promptly notice that Lebois & Co put a great deal of thought in the plan of this dial, including the length of the hands that arrive at every one of their scales. Tragically, this isn’t generally the situation with watch brands.


Inside the Lebois & Co Venturist we find the type LC-201 development. This self-winding development depends on a Sellita type and furnishes the watch with 38 hours of force hold. This type LC-201 development has Côtes de Genève and perlage enhancement and blued screws. This can be appreciated through the sapphire case back. Winding and setting of the development are done by means of the rich looking Lebois & Co marked crown.

As you can see, the case back additionally has all the essential information engraved in there. The brand & model name, reference number and the way that it has a chronometer declaration. The case back is screw-in and as composed over, the watch is WR to 100 meters (~ 10 bar).

The Venturist comes with a dark cowhide cordovan tie and a (dark) NATO strap.

Pricing and Availability

The certainty that the Lebois & Co Venturist has been affirmed with a more exacting norm than initially arranged, is a major in addition to. As far as I might be concerned, it is additionally interesting to see that Lebois & Co isn’t just an undertaking, yet gradually becoming a brand. The Venturist may really be their passage to build up this. With the particulars and looks of this watch, there is nothing incorrectly, it consummately holds facing a portion of the more notable brands out there (and have been for decades).

Lebois & Co’s retail cost for the Venturist is €2500,- and temporarily, this comes with 25 offer testaments in the company (representing an estimation of €1000). These offers in Lebois & Co likewise permit you to buy watches later on with a 40% rebate on retail costs (legitimate for a time of 4 years). More information about becoming a Lebois & Co investor can be found .

Delivery is normal in Q1 2020 and we can’t hold back to go involved with it.

More information through Lebois & Co .