It was a thrill…

This Speedmaster Event in London was not just for watch press. Better said, it was mainly for way of life distributions and retailers (and their VIP customers). Just not many watch distributions were invited really. For way of life distributions (and its crowd), a portion of the things we think about the Speedmaster and the Moonwatch story are not generally apparent. I saw that a portion of the press didn’t precisely think a lot about the Moonwatch-story or about the Moonwatch by and large. This is maybe likewise the purpose behind Omega to zero in on those distributions (and crowd), to get the story across a more extensive crowd than just us watch devotees and Speedmaster fans. All things considered, it was extraordinary to see Omega putting so much exertion in getting the story told (again). I think that for ‘our’ sort of crowd, genuine Speedmaster devotees, there are different events that are seriously interesting and inside and out to join in. The adventure of meeting Buzz Aldrin be that as it may, is something you definitely would need to encounter, I am sure.

Thank you Omega for inviting us.