After the noteworthy closeout aftereffect of the Elvis Presley Omega Tiffany, we chose to give you an outline of a portion of his different looks too. We talk about two of his Omega watches (one is the 1.8mio Swiss Francs Omega Tiffany), his Rolex King Midas and the notable Hamilton Ventura. Right away, let’s have a look.

Elvis Presley’s Watches

Elvis Presley was one of, if not the, most powerful artist of the only remaining century. All through his profession, that traversed more than 30 years, it was assessed that he sold more than 1 billion records. He additionally sold out 837 successive shows in Las Vegas, featured in 31 component movies and musicals and had 18 number one tunes on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart in the US. During his life and for the most part towards the finish of it he was an overwhelming figure. He cherished great vehicles, costly gems and stand-out watches. His assortment crossed from Hamilton Ventura, different Omegas, Corum, Rolex, etc, On the wake of the Phillips Geneva auction , we might want to think back on a portion of the watches related with Elvis. It isn’t, using any and all means, a full rundown rather an assortment of watches that we find interesting.

Omega Constellation

While the precious stone bezel twofold scorched Omega-Tiffany & Co. is plainly the most known Omega in the ruler’s assortment it was not alone. In the last part of the 1950’s he wore a dark face Omega Constellation that he later talented to his long-lasting companion Charlie Hodge. It was a gold ( capped ) Omega Constellation with programmed chronometer ensured development, raised records and date at 3 o’clock. He wore the watch while the two were positioned in Germany somewhere in the range of 1958 and 1960. Hodge appreciated the watch such a lot of that ultimately, Presley talented the watch to him. At the point when the watch was unloaded by Antiquorum in 2012 it accompanied a letter by Hodge expressing its credibility. Antiquorum put the gauge somewhere in the range of $10.000 and $20.000. The watch at long last sold for $52,500. Envision the amount it would bring on the off chance that it went available to be purchased today.

Photo: Antiquorum

Hamilton Ventura

Hamilton (at the time still an American watch brand now some portion of the Swatch Group like Omega) delivered an electric watch in 1957, under the model name; Ventura. It was the world’s first watch utilizing a battery rapidly becoming a precursor for the quartz watches about 10 years after the fact. Not just the development was earth shattering; Ventura’s case configuration was additionally capricious at that point. This may have been the explanation Elvis became hopelessly enamored with the model. He wore it in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii, as an item situation by Hamilton. Presley adored the Ventura such a lot of that he really purchased different variations later. He additionally frequently talented them to his companions and bandmates. Hamilton figured out how to buy one of the later models the lord wore at a bequest sell off some time back for their collection.

Elvis on set wearing the Hamilton Ventura

Corum Buckingham

Something more rich than the recently referenced models was Elvis’ Corum Buckingham. A 18K strong yellow gold watch, made around 1960 was another of his top picks. He wore the watch routinely until he skilled it to one of his dear companions and workers; Richard Davis. As indicated by story Elvis took the watch off one day and offered it to Davis. He disclosed to him something isn’t right with the back. At the point when Davis flipped watch, he found the accompanying engraving on it: “To Richard from E.P.” The watch, with an accompanying letter by Davis and photos of Presley wearing it was unloaded in 2016 by Antiquorum. The value gauge was somewhere in the range of $10.000 and $20.000. The deal surpassed the gauge, selling at $22.500.

Photo: Aniquorum

Rolex King Midas

According to Elvis Presley history specialists, the ruler of rock n roll wore various diverse Rolex watches. Without a doubt the coolest of all was the Rolex King Midas. It was nothing similar to some other Rolex of the time – or even today. The watch had an awry rectangular case, made of 18K strong gold. The development was hand wound and it had an incorporated wristband. It looked more like a huge arm band than a watch. Elvis got the watch in 1970 from the officials of the Houston Astrodome Livestock Show & Rodeo as per the engraving on the back. Elvis played 6 days of sold out shows and the officials needed to show their appreciation by giving him the watch. Entertainingly, the watch was a left-gave rendition (as the crown was on the left half of the case) and had very water damage.

Elvis’ restricted version Rolex King Midas, Photo: Jake’s Rolex World

The Tiffany Omega

If you are perusing this article you presumably knew about the “other” Omega that once had a place with Elvis Presley. Petros Protopapas (custodian of the ) affirmed to us that he offer on this extraordinary Tiffany Omega for the brand. The watch being referred to is a 18K white gold Omega with Tiffany & Co on the dial and 44 splendid cut precious stones in its bezel. It has the Omega hand wound type 510 in it. The Omega was a present from RCA Records (Radio Corporation of America) to Elvis for selling 75 million records. It was an incomprehensible number by any performer before Elvis’ accomplishment. Presley got the watch in 1961 (in spite of the engraving of 1960) and he wore it consistently for various years a short time later. Numerous on and off stage photos of him donning the Omega remain as evidence to that.

Photo: Phillips

So the story goes that a man referenced to Elvis the amount he adores the watch. He was additionally wearing a jewel studded watch, from the lord’s other most loved brand; Hamilton. Presley exchanged his Omega for this present man’s Hamilton on the spot. The current proprietor (indeed, ex-proprietor) of the watch was the nephew of this fortunate honorable man. Phillips ‘ gauge for the sale was somewhere in the range of 50.000 and 100.000 CHF however it turned out before long that the watch was en route to set a lot higher number. The mallet went down at 1.5 million CHF (1.812.318 CHF including purchaser’s premium) on Petros’ offered. With it, Elvis Presley’s Omega turned into the most costly freely offered Omega to date. The beneficial thing about this is, that you will actually want to appreciate this watch sooner rather than later when visiting the Omega gallery in Bienne.


As I said it toward the start of this article, this is certifiably not a comprehensive rundown of each watch possessed by Elvis Presley. There are various other intriguing watches that we can interface with him. From Rolex to Mathey-Tissot and then some. The rundown goes on. It’s worth referencing that there should be various different watches we don’t know about however could be associated with Elvis Presley. One thing is without a doubt however; this sale result set the pace for the future deals of Elvis related watches. Who knows, we may see another record-breaking deal soon.