In May of 2018, the month to month giveaway watch on aBlogtoWatch was a Zelos Mako Bronze 500m watch. The victor was Matt Reudink from British Columbia and in the wake of making the most of his new watch (retail cost $429-$569), he has given a watch champ audit for us to impart to you – the aBlogtoWatch crowd. On account of Matt and the wide range of various watch champs who share their encounters with the world. Here is Matt’s review:

This audit starts not in the North Atlantic waters off the beautiful bank of Nova Scotia, similar to the first arrangement, but instead in the inconsistent ether somewhere close to Hong Kong and Cincinnati. Oh this gives off an impression of being the horological underworld into which my bronze Zelos Mako with meteorite dial disappeared. The transportation divine beings are flighty; they adjusted against me and the first watch delivered from Singapore, the base camp of Elshan Tang and Zelos, was lost on the way on its approach to Canada. Tragically, these things do occur and being that this was a free giveaway, Elshan had positively no commitment to send more than his condolences.

However, this is the place where I encountered the extraordinary client care for which Elshan and Zelos have been generally praised. Elshan’s quick reaction was to send a substitution based on my personal preference. Tragically (for me), that specific bronze model with the exquisite meteorite dial presently in delivery limbo was the remainder of the bundle. Zelos is a little company and makes restricted quantities of each model and the Mako was a hit. I was torn. Go with a blue-dialed bronze, a case material I’ve since quite a while ago respected yet never claimed, or go with the shocking and interesting meteorite dial with a steel case? I chose to go with meteorite since… come on, it’s meteorite! It’s from cracking space! My 6-year-old self would be too frustrated in the grown-up me in the event that I didn’t go with meteorite. I affirmed this by asking my 5 and 7-year-old children – no challenge, when given a decision you go with the space rock.

On to the watch itself. Numerous audits center around incentives, spec records, and “value for the money.” But to me, none of that truly matters if the watch doesn’t resound. Also, I’m humming with this one. That doesn’t imply that the Mako’s style will reverberate with everybody and I don’t imagine that is Elshan’s objective with the Mako or any of his different watches. Glance through Zelos’ inventory and you’ll see a determination of interesting materials like bronze cases, Damascus steel bezels, meteorite dials, dials produced using a SR-71 blackbird, and even a timascus (titanium Damascus) case. You’ll additionally locate an interesting plan language that is all Elshan. Zelos doesn’t take into account the most minimized shared variable; they could unquestionably siphon out another sub respect that would sell like insane, however Zelos isn’t that sort of brand. These are intense, special watches. They will interest you or they won’t, yet they positively won’t exhaust you.


The brushed stainless steel instance of the Zelos Mako estimates 40mm, with a 46mm drag to-carry length. This hits irrefutably the sweet right on target my 6.75″ wrist. The drags are pleasantly bended, with some unforeseen cleaning on the slanted edges of the carries. Add to this pleasantly completed bundle a crown at 4 o’clock and you have a quickly comfortable, wearable watch that has a case style suggestive of the exemplary Seiko 62MAS. The solitary thing diminishing somewhat from generally speaking wearability is the stature, estimating at 13.5mm excluding the twofold domed sapphire gem, and 15.5mm with. It’s a tall watch, yet not gawky and on the grounds that, fortunately, I’m not reviled with wearing a suit outside weddings and memorial services, things like the capacity to sneak by a sleeve aren’t a concern.

If you’re a heartbreaking suit-wearing soul – first, my sympathies – second, I have no clue on the off chance that it would work for you for all intents and purposes or elaborately. Counsel your nearby fashionista. At last this is an easygoing dive watch most appropriate for entertainment only and experience, sea-going or something else. Note that in spite of the fact that the model I’m evaluating is the stainless steel case, the bronze Mako has an indistinguishable case shape with a stainless caseback. Talking about which, on the caseback is a spotless etching of the eponymous Mako, a smoothed out shark popular for its unmatched speed, possessing the record of the world’s quickest swimming shark. On a great note, the name Mako comes from the Maori language.

One part of the case that has been reprimanded is the moderately little crown. Valid, the crown is somewhat little, however on the other hand, I don’t keep an enormous assortment and don’t pivot watches continually, bringing about having to often set the time and date. For general everyday use, it’s completely fine and I’d very much want it to a larger than average crown that could delve in and cause discomfort.

The watch is appraised to an amazing 500m, so the tallness is positively in accordance with different divers with this measure of water opposition (e.g., Tudor Pelagos). One thing I commend Zelos for is having the limitation not to incorporate a helium get away from valve. In my eyes this is a superfluous potential disappointment point and applicable to not many individuals on the planet, it’s fairly unusual how pervasive it has become. What number of immersion divers could there be on the planet? (Note: as indicated by Federal Register, there are 366 commercial immersion divers in the US… thus, not a huge market.)


Methodically ticking endlessly inside the Mako is a Swiss-made Sellita SW-200, a clone of the pervasive ETA 2824-2. It’s a 28,000 bph development with hacking seconds, 38-hour power save, and date work. Solid, effectively workable, and surely welcome at this cost. More than about fourteen days of steady wear I was at – 5, so a remarkable – 0.3sec/day.


Roughly 4.6 billion years prior during the suitably named Hadean age, our primordial earth was a repulsive scene which had quite recently combine from a fuming mass of gas and residue (picture the Balrog of Khazad-dûm). Radioactive components were in quick rot and other more limited lived planetary bodies slammed into the earth, sending parts dissipating through space, some in any event, joining to frame the moon. We were fortunate; the earth endure. Somewhere else in our close planetary system, different planets were stimulating, and these stunningly extraordinary planetary crashes were throwing parts of rock into the vacuum of room. Throughout the following ten million years as these space rocks cooled in their initial divine beginning, kamacite hastened and filled in a translucent grid inside the iron, framing the irreproducible and extraterrestrially-unmistakable Widmanstätten design. As the following a few billion years passed, the space rocks gathered in a circumstellar circle between the circles of Mars and Jupiter, shaping the space rock belt in the external nearby planetary group. However, Jupiter is an enormous planet and its gravity can grab away space rocks, throwing them towards the internal close planetary system and in the long run Earth.

Recently (cosmologically talking, 1,000,000 years prior was essentially yesterday), one such space rock slingshot across the universe, advancing right around one billion kilometers to at last barrel through our environment. Disregarding the tops of our primate ancestors, a section of the iron center of an early planetoid entered our environment at a speed between 11-72 km/sec, blazing through the sky and pummeling into the earth close to the boundary of Sweden and Finland, 140km north of the Arctic circle. There it sat for 1,000 centuries until its disclosure in 1906. Known as the Muonionalusta meteorite, it is the most established realized meteorite found on earth. Pieces are in plain view in exhibition halls and displays across the globe. Also, I am taking a gander at a cut of it on my wrist.

Please pardon me for nerding out regarding the matter, yet the meteorite dial is totally the coolest thing about this watch. In the event that you have any interest whatsoever in space (or simply watching out at the stars throughout a mid year outdoors trip and considering what’s out there known to mankind), you won’t have the option to keep your eyes off the dial. Each time the light hits, various examples are uncovered, making a dynamic and spellbinding experience. From a down to earth perspective, the meteorite functions admirably on the dial. It’s a rich shiny dim that is fascinating, yet not diverting or overwhelmingly complicated. I love it.

Above lume shot from a past survey of a comparable model

Sitting on the meteorite dial are round, applied markers loaded up with liberal measures of C3 lume. As a matter of fact, a more brilliant white C1 may have added a touch more visual uniqueness to the markers, yet that is an individual inclination. At 9, 12, and 3 there are extra three-sided ish markers (fairly like home plate in baseball). This is an illustration of photographs not doing equity to a plan. I concede, I wasn’t too excited about the extra markers in photographs of the watch, however wearing it, the extra markers add visual uniqueness and feel like the correct plan choice. There are extra lume dabs between every brief marker, which are somewhat unnecessary, yet don’t reduce the watch when it’s on the wrist and do glance pretty cool in the dark.

However, combined with the bustling section ring, there is by all accounts one component too much. Surely not a major issue, but rather a somewhat more modest and less complex part ring would have permitted the meteorite dial to loosen up marginally more and have considerably more presence. Once more, this is criticizing and actually the entire bundle cooperates pleasantly. At 6 o’clock there is a trapezoidal date window with a dark date wheel with white lettering. At long last, there’s an adapted Z for Zelos logo at 12 o’clock and the word programmed in white underneath the profundity rating at 6, featured with a lively red, which is complemented by a red tip toward the seconds’ end hands.

The handset itself is very attractive. The structure is somewhat hard to portray – the hour and minutes hands are lume-filled pencil/blade hands that tighten at the base, while the second hand has a lume-filled pill shape towards the outside, with a brilliant red tip. Extents are great and line up consummately with the edges of the markers and section rings. It’s the little contacts that make the difference.

Taken overall, the dial is on the marginally bustling side, yet there is sufficient visual interest and it is in no way, shape or form overpowering (Citizen Nighthawk this isn’t). Also, once more, that meteorite is basically mesmerizing.


I am very specific with regards to bezels and Zelos positively doesn’t baffle. My trifecta of bezel flawlessness is activity, strength, and decipherability. Activity on the Zelos Mako is sharp and fresh across its 120-click unidirectional bezel, with a simple to hold edge with abundant slanting and totally zero play. No issues up until now. Solidness is accomplished by the utilization of an artistic bezel embed with lumed markings. Nice and the full lume is an incredible touch. At last, intelligibility. I need underline exactly the amount I like the plan feel of the bezel embed. It is spotless, proportional, even, and feels totally adjusted. Thus, three checks, I’m happy.

Straps and Accessories

Zelos makes a special effort to make an uncommon encounter for the client. Inside a rural wooden box (incredible for putting away miscellaneous items) settles a cowhide watch roll, packed with a metal (bronze?) guarantee card, the watch itself, which comes mounted on a malleable jungle elastic tie, an additional nectar earthy colored calfskin lash, and a tie evolving device. Actually, I love it. All that comes with the watch is useful and usable, not at all like the pervasive showcase box that in no time discovers its way into the rear of the storeroom. Presently, the other side to all the additional items included with the watch is the inescapable cost compromise. However, at the pre-request value, this is a mind blowing deal when you incorporate all the extras and the nature of the watch itself. At the point when you take a gander at the full cost of $949, this is the place where I could positively see the contention for less additional items and a marginally lower price.

I was attempting to consider who this entire embellishment bundle would speak to most. I believe it’s ideal for somebody who is simply hoping to get their first pleasant watch and enter the watch world, or for somebody with a moderately little assortment. That being stated, it’s likewise an incredible expansion for somebody with a little assortment that could utilize a watch move for movement. On the other hand, in any event, for a genuine authority, it’s consistently ideal to have more lashes and an additional device and travel move… poop. I think about what it comes down to is that I think many individuals will be extremely satisfied to get a couple of these well-curated extras.

Onto the ties themselves. The jungle elastic tie fits the marginally vintage tasteful of the case. Combined with a meteorite dial that inspires considerations of room and investigating the universe (at any rate in my psyche), you end up with a pleasant retro-cutting edge watch. Presently, if just that bronze rendition hadn’t vanished on the way – Jules Verne would have cherished it! Concerning the other included tie, it’s a real calfskin lash with negligible sewing which seems to work pleasantly with the watch. In any case, given the burning temperatures in Interior British Columbia (indeed, even Canada gets hot), I dodged the cowhide. One thing to note is that the watch just comes with a solitary clasp, so you need to change clasps if changing from the elastic to cowhide. Given that the clasp is a bit of machined craftsmanship (with decent cleaned sloping even), I wouldn’t fret by any means. I additionally gave the Zelos a shot an Erika’s Originals Marine Nationale tie, which fit it very well. The Mako would likewise look mind blowing on a NATO; notwithstanding, with the generally not meager stature of the watch, this could possibly work for you.

When I initially composed this audit, I was bemoaning the way that there was no arm band choice and I thought a basic Oyster-style wristband would be great. Lo and observe, similarly as I was completing the survey Zelos delivered a wristband for the following bunch of Makos and it can likewise be bought independently for $89. Once more, an astounding worth. Also, discussing the following group of Makos, there’s an anthracite dial that looks astonishing, particularly at the $399 pre-request price.

Comfort and Wearability

I concluded that the most ideal approach to test this watch is wear it relentless for a little while and subject it to all that I do in my normal(ish) life. Thus, in the course of recent weeks, I’ve worn the watch doing laps at the pool, trail running, mountain trekking, climbing, working (office climate), introducing a talk at a global gathering, and nights on the town in clamoring Vancouver, BC. Also, I exposed the watch to the harshest, everything being equal, – two small kids. Do the trick to state that the watch passed without a hitch. For my way of life, it’s an adaptable and useful watch and I could without much of a stretch see it being an extraordinary “one watch” for somebody that isn’t limited by convention. This is particularly evident now that there is a wristband choice. The size is astounding, and I immediately failed to remember the tallness of the watch once it was on my wrist. I’m somebody that appreciates trading lashes, however the comfortable jungle tie that is incorporated functions admirably with the feel of the watch that I’m experiencing difficulty leaving behind it.

Closing Thoughts

Who is this watch for? Surely me! I partake in the aBlogtoWatch. giveaways every month and in case I’m as a rule totally straightforward I’ve pondered a few months what I would do on the off chance that I really won the watch, as some are very a long way from my preferences. Along these lines, when I was told that I won a watch from Zelos I was excited. I’ve followed Zelos’ advancement throughout the long term and have been dazzled by Elshan’s one of a kind methodology and his readiness to push plan limits. Accordingly, I was doubly-energized winning a watch, however a watch from a company I appreciate. It’s been a delight wearing this watch consistently and I can envision it will satisfy numerous others as well.

If you’re the sort that desires others would share your advantage in watches, however you’re tragically left with vague articulations when you raise the upsides and downsides of single-versus twofold sided AR covering (for example), this is a fantastic watch for contaminating others with the watch bug. A great many people couldn’t think often less about force saves, in-house developments, beat rates, and so forth however few can oppose saying “cool!” when you show them a piece of meteorite. Maybe whenever you’ve attracted their eye to the enthralling Widmanstätten designing on the dial, you guide their focus toward the smooth range of the second hand… after five minutes and bam! You’ve presently tainted another casualty and the watch infection spreads. Or then again not, however they’ll actually feel that the meteorite is pretty neat.

All told, the Zelos Mako is a great watch to wear on every day experiences, whatever those might be. On the off chance that the style appeal to you, the quality, meticulousness, and thoroughly examined adornments included with the watch won’t frustrate. I continue ending up peering down and gazing captivated at the meteorite dial, my psyche straying to far off systems. Truly, my 6-year old self would absolutely approve.