Another month, another Watch Strap Review. In February we acquainted Genteel Handmade Straps with you all and for March we have one more fascinating company — Nero Biglia (Black Marble). Who could have imagined, this brand hails from Italy! Let’s check whether the nation’s notoriety for fine craftsmanship holds up under investigation. might have speculated that we’re assessing a great Italian brand

If you are searching for colorful calfskins and insane manifestations you will be baffled. Nero Biglia doesn’t offer such luxuries. What it offers, nonetheless, are incredible quality ties at truly sensible costs. These ties are wonderful. The attention on assembling and material quality mean these ageless adornments look extraordinary on vintage plans. A wide assortment of shadings and styles unquestionably doesn’t hurt either.

Nero Biglia

Stefano, the author of Nero Biglia comes from Italy yet at present lives in Budapest (out of every other place on earth). All things considered, the company is 100% Italian. As one would anticipate from a cowhide company from Italy, it utilizes just the best calfskins from tanneries in Tuscany. The entirety of the materials are vegetable-treated leathers from top grains. You can tell this by looking at Nero Biglia’s items. A decent calfskin, in any case, is an incredible beginning however doesn’t ensure a fine item. For this, the company tries to make lashes utilizing the customary strategy, hand made in the north of the country.

As Nero Biglia is a youthful company (set up in 2019) its product offering isn’t huge. The upside of this is the consideration given to the items that have plainly had a ton of time and exertion put resources into their turn of events. The brand focuses on the ties it realizes how to make well. Moreover, the company’s objective is to create quality, carefully assembled lashes at a reasonable cost. We should check whether Stefan and his group have succeeded.


The first model line we will investigate is Nero Biglia’s Amarcord lashes. I think this is the least difficult glancing on the whole 3 sorts. Amarcord was a 1973 film by Italian filmmaking legend Frederico Fellini. Italians utilize the word these days to allude to sentimentality, which is the thing that these ties need to address as per the brand. We have tumbled cowhide here in different tones — dark, blue, and light or dim shades of brown.

I got a dark one with beige side sewing and 18/16mm tightening on a none-marked steel clasp. The edges are not adjusted yet painted, the light dim (cream) lining is soft. It is a somewhat solid lash and deciding by the sturdiness of the cowhide. In any case, the tie is really soft (2.2mm) and adaptable. In the event that you extravagant an alternate size, you can pick between 18-19-20 and between two sizes (standard or small).

Another valuable element is the brisk delivery spring bar. Besides, for each lash, Nero Biglia offers customization on the covering. We went with the world-celebrated #fratellowatches hashtag be that as it may, as you’d see on another tie, initials are not an issue all things considered. Or on the other hand a short message, whatever fits on the coating essentially. It’s implied that since we have an example on the cowhide, each lash is individual.

Thanks to the plan’s general straightforwardness it works with any watch. I matched it up with my vintage King Seiko and, I was extremely content with the outcome. Each tie comes on a steel clasp and the choice for the speedy delivery spring bar set is additionally complimentary in the event that you need them. The cost for the Nero Biglia Amarcord lash is €89, which I accept is an incredible incentive for money.


The second assortment from Nero Biglia is a refined line of ties by the name of Eleganza. You may recall that in the relatively recent past we explored Velle Alexander. That brand’s manifestations are very close in style to these lashes. Once more, the brand offers the Eleganza lashes in five tones — earthy colored, woodland (profound) earthy colored, dark, sea blue, and normal. Stefano sent me the last mentioned. I need to say these are really tasteful looking ties and function admirably with dress watches or vintage chronographs.

As far as the sizes, length, or customization is concerned similar alternatives exist with respect to the Amarcord ties above. The cowhide is soft with a smooth surface, the lash has beige box sewing. We have two managers here, much the same as the Amarcord. One is fixed, one is mobile. Each tie from Nero Biglia is made of calf cowhide including the Eleganza. It is genuinely suggestive of vintage watch straps.

Far Niente (Doing Nothing)

Lastly, we have Nero Biglia’s third line, Far Niente or Doing Nothing. The thought behind the name addresses a laid-back way of life. Regardless of whether you are on vacation or simply sitting at a bar with companions getting a charge out of a beverage, these distinctive hued lashes add a bit of enjoyable to your watch. Comparably above, there are five shadings accessible, yet this time they are in livelier and less customary shades. Nero Biglia offers the Far Niente lashes in well drink red, accuracy orange, mint green, bright, and Costa Smeralda aquamarine.

It must be the Smeralda, didn’t it? Once more, the fundamentals are equivalent to above, size, length, spring bar alternatives, and clasp. The calfskin here is delightfully finished. My lash has a wonderful profound turquoise tone, yet I love the mint green one as well. As you have it with the Eleganza ties, the Far Niente likewise has cream box stitching.

Closing words

Every lash that Nero Biglia offers cost €89, paying little heed to the product offering. That incorporates free conveyance on the off chance that you buy two lashes or more. This appears to be a reasonable cost particularly in the event that you consider the lovely Italian hand-made items, the free clasp, and brisk delivery spring bars. Clearly you can get specially made ties by Nero Biglia. These do take somewhat more to make and the cost is a smidgen more than the brand’s standard straps.

Mind you, when you visit the site a spring up window reveals to you that in the event that you join their pamphlet you get – 10% off your first request utilizing the code PROMO10. Presently we’re talking, correct? I can yet urge you to look at the ties Nero Biglia has to bring to the table and purchase with certainty. The craftsmanship is there, the lashes look amazing and the costs are cordial. What more do you need? Maybe a cool watch… If you’d like to visit the site of Nero Biglia if it’s not too much trouble, click .