Recently, Fratello was welcome to visit the Vacheron Constantin Head Quarters in Switzerland. In this article, we give an outline of the fabulous things Vacheron Constantin showed us during that day.

Unlike most industrial facility visits, we discovered our way to the Vacheron Constantin HQ inside 30 minutes after score. This is additionally one reason we could do this visit in only one day, as the flight is just 1.5 hours from Amsterdam to Geneva. Without further ado.

Vacheron Constantin through the years

Besides Fratello, some different writers were welcomed also to visit Vacheron Constantin. As you can see over, the Vacheron Constantin building has a great engineering. Despite the fact that I am out of the land business for more than seven years now, I absolutely appreciate a structure like the Vacheron Constantin HQ. The glass lift gives an incredible perspective on the astonishing open space, which goes as far as possible up to the glass rooftop. This permits light to light up the whole chamber all the way.

Pocket Watch with Dead Second Chronograph

The reason for this excursion was to view Vacheron’s ‘Trip Through Time’, displaying astounding pieces from their chronicles. Both pocket watches, just as wristwatches. This is the place where our ‘trip through time’ with Vacheron Constantin starts. Beginning with some pocket watches from the time frame 1874-1918. This was additionally the time frame in which Vacheron Constantin started to utilizing the Maltese Cross as an image, 1880 to be exact until now. Furthermore, we discover that it tends to be found in the littlest subtleties s well. The fundamental measure of Vacheron Constantin is to combine something extremely specialized with fragile subtleties regarding improvement. For instance, this pocket watch with a dead second chronograph.

Corps of Engineers (Military Timepiece)

Another watch with a silver case, which is very fascinating for the historical backdrop of Vacheron Constantin, requested by the US armed force in the mid twentieth century. For all the fighters in Europe that battled during WWI. The corps of specialists was the unit dedicated to the reproduction of non military personnel structures, railways, and scaffolds after the finish of WWI. The main request was around 50.000 watches, which was a ton at that point, and after two models in 1917, they began creation. They should have been vigorous, solid, and decipherable in obscurity. So they accompanied glowing material to see the time in the evening. During their most profitable months, they made around 300 pieces a month.

Vacheron Constantin Watches in Steel

During the center of the 1920s, Vacheron Constantin began delivering watches with hardened steel cases. It was fascinating for the watchmakers as they could create complicated watches that were more strong simultaneously. The large favorable position of tempered steel is that it doesn’t oxidate as silver does. The connection with lively watches was immediately made. It additionally considered more complex shapes, which is something you can find in the more complicated state of the carries, for example. Another preferred position, aside from being a less expensive material, during the financial emergency, numerous nations had extra duties on extravagance items, and utilizing steel was a best approach around that. Blending steel in with gold was a fascinating method to keep the extravagance perspective, by just making explicit subtleties of the watch in gold.

Vacheron Constantin in the 1950s

Moving on to subtleties of the watches, another focal topic back in the days was the state of the drags. Getting imaginative with the state of the carries ended up being effective in the US. However as yet keeping the plan adjusted. During the center of the 1950s, really, at the 200th commemoration of the brand, the well known reference 6087 was dispatched. This watch ended up being the motivation for the current Cornes de Vache model. This chronograph was great for its complicated plan, yet it was additionally waterproof and completely secured against attraction because of its inward iron case. A serious accomplishment to make a waterproof chronograph that was likewise completely antimagnetic.

Vacheron Constantin during the 1970s and 1980s

During the 1970s, the interest for mechanical watches dropped because of the quartz innovation that was presented in 1969. During the start of the 1980s, Vacheron begins the creation of self-winding chronograph watches and more complicated chronographs, adding things like a never-ending schedule. During a similar period, there was a great deal of motivation coming from old plans, which implied the beginning of the verifiable assortment, which are near the watches from the 1940s. Finishing with the Cornes de Vache, which was dispatched in 2015, which gave us a brief glance into somewhere in the range of 200 years of the chronograph by Vacheron Constantin.

Design process

Amazingly, after we slowed down to rest again subsequent to seeing so numerous delightful vintage Vacheron Constantin watches, they give us an insider’s see on the plan interaction of the Cornes de Vache 1955 case. It is completely carefully delivered in 3D, including unique reviews of what the state of the drags means for the manner in which they catch and play with light. Each piece of the case is completely delivered and checked broadly. Models are imprinted in 3D to improve impression. This is something most watch makers do these days, as it gives a snappy and delegate perspective on what the last watch will resemble on the wrist.

Handmade Leather Straps

We proceed onward to the following gathering room where we get together with individuals from Serapian. Serapian is an Italian brand that has practical experience in extravagance and bespoke calfskin things. They are the maker for the calf calfskin lash on the Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 watches. Serapian was established in 1928, and what we gain from this introduction, basically, is very noteworthy. Each tie is completely made by hand to explicit estimations, and the resiliences are inconceivably thin. In spite of the fact that resistance of 0.2 millimeters isn’t anything uncommon in the place where there is watchmaking, attempt to remain inside resiliences like that when working with a characteristic item like calfskin. All pieces of the lash, including a rugged liner, are collected and wrapped up by hand.

Serpian spends significant time in stand-out cowhide merchandise, regardless of whether it’s just a monogram or a completely modified item. Regardless of whether you need something that correctly coordinates one of your pieces of clothing, this company is one to visit without a doubt. One mark detail on the cowhide products they make is an, just said, outward crease. This is not difficult to spot detail on the sacks they carried with them. On the calfskin ties they make for the Cornes de Vache 1955, this detail shows in one of the guardians on the tie. Very unique.

Quick processing plant tour

Last however not least, we join Christian Selmoni, Director Heritage & Style of Vacheron Constantin, for a brisk visit through the manufacture.

We need to thank for the welcome and their hospitality.