It’s no mysterious that Czapek produces their watches in-house, yet not in their own home. Czapek & Cie doesn’t consider their to be as companies conveying administrations or items they pay them for. They genuinely cooperate as partners in imaginative and execution processes.

A visit to Czapek & Cie and their creation partners

That appears to be all quite amazing and grandiose, thus we were glad to acknowledge the greeting for an inside gander at how this is brought into practice.


First, one needs to comprehend that 95% of Czapek’s accomplices are in the  area in Switzerland. Generally, they’re all inside 50 kilometers of distance. Thus, in two activity packed days, driven around by Czapek’s CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel in his neo-vintage Citroën C8  , we had the option to visit four of their most significant partners.

Watchmaking country

This part of Switzerland breaths watchmaking. In each town, on each city intersection, you’re recollected of watchmaking. Production lines and indications of many known and obscure brands identified with the business are seen. What’s more, when eating in a nearby eatery, the odds are acceptable that workers from a wide range of various brands and teaches sit together. This should clear up a piece why the Swiss watch industry is considered as sensibly shut regarding data. Companies regularly use code names for their activities, all together not to educate neighbors excessively. A model we as a whole know would be Omega’s previous Alaska projects , which had nothing to do with the state in the northwest limit of the United States West Coast at all.

Hands, development, dial, and casing

Laurent Waeber (left) and Xavier de Roquemaurel talking about another sort of Czapek hand

Hands, development, dial, and packaging. With these components, one is essentially ready to amass a complete watch. We visited the companies which are answerable for every one of these components, for some of Czapek’s watch models that is. After lunch on day one, we began at in Fleurier.

Waeber HMS SA, Fleurier – hands

Waeber produces hands for Czapek, and Mr. Laurent Waeber himself welcomed us. He began clarifying us some company foundation, which instantly changed to a vivacious conversation with Xavier de Roquemaurel on another type of hands. It turned out to be very certain that surely, the companies delivering parts for Czapek do have their contribution with their expertise and creativity.

Following was a tour through the Waeber creation offices, which was absolutely noteworthy. Despite the fact that there’s a great deal of hardware associated with delivering hands, creation of high made hands, similar to the ones Czapek designed, requires no under 20 activities by hand.

Waeber was liberal to us, and we were permitted to take pictures of practically the entire creation arrangement. If it’s not too much trouble, appreciate a few impressions in the exhibition below.

Vaucher Manufacture, Fleurier – movements

Next stop was one of Czapek’s development makers, in Fleurier. Vaucher produces the SHX3 Faubourg de Cracovie chronograph development, while the SHX1 for the Quai des Bergues and SHX2 for the Place Vendôme models are delivered by in Le Locle.

Vaucher at first was set up and possessed by . Albeit now a different company, still a great deal of work for them is done here. At Vaucher they’re specialists in very good quality, customarily made, Swiss developments. Programmed just as manual winding, super slender, developments with expanded force save, and developments with complications.

Clients, or accomplices, have the choice to pick one of Vaucher’s existing developments and customize it to their desires or plan another development without any preparation in collaboration. It’s every one of the a matter of eliteness, and cost obviously. It’s even conceivable to have a watch completely delivered by Vaucher, and marked with your brand.

Czapek picked a selective personalisation and adjustment of a current Vaucher chronograph development, type 6710. A magnificent inside and out audit of the Vaucher type in its essential structure is found at .

Vaucher is a lot more defensive with regards to taking pictures in their creation offices. Under the direction of Horloger/Chargé de Missions Benoit, we could, be that as it may, take some photographs where exercises concerning Czapek were included. You’ll locate some in the display here below.

Day two

After a decent evenings rest, in comfortable  on the shores of Lake Neuchatel, the following day began early once more. A short drive carried us to the little town of Chézard-Saint-Martin, home to the guillochage office of  .

Metalem, Chézard-Saint-Martin – guilloche dials

Entering the premises at Rue de la Combe 6 resembles venturing back as expected. This not the slightest bit resembles an advanced creation office, it’s more like entering a mid-nineteenth century ranch style home. Welcomed in the kitchen of the company where we could make and take our espresso. Great. Following some casual conversations on guillochage all in all, Xavier, driven by a few examples, moved us to pick the following kind of guillochage for another model Czapek watch. Extremely invigorating to encounter and be essential for such a process.

Manufacturing of guilloche dials is done in one single room, loaded with guilloche gear, both old (1924) and more up to date. As, naturally, not just dials for Czapek are created here. We could take pictures, nonetheless, not of dials made for different brands. In any case, I need to clarify that even the most renowned brands, known for their guilloche dials, have their dials made here. Appreciate a few photos of this remarkable manufacture below.

After having attempted the guillochage machines ourselves (which bombed hopelessly), next of the external and deliberately chose accomplices in this tour was a visit to perhaps the most modern packaging manufactures we’ve seen, and Ab-Product in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

Ab-Concept, La-Chaux-de-Fonds – housings (and hands)

Contrary to our visit here previously, this company breaths cutting edge and innovation. Welcomed by authors and chiefs Aurélien Bouchet and Maxime Oudot, we found out about the abilities of this company. Once more, impractical to take numerous photos, notwithstanding, it’s very certain that here a significant part of the enchantment for free watch brands – even the most notable – happens.

As said, Ab-Concept and Ab-Product have practical experience in the manufacture of expound watch housings, explicitly in generally more modest amounts. In any case, when there’s a test in creating different parts, they’re in for it also. For Czapek, for example, Ab-Concept creates the amazingly complex ‘Fleur de Lys’ hands. They’re in any event, delivering parts outside the watch business also. One can consider adornments components and metal components for cowhide merchandise and accessories.

We’re finishing the two-day tour in-house at Czapek in Le Locle, helpfully imparting the structure to one of their development accomplices, Chronode SA.

In-house assembly

And at that point here is the thing that occurs in Czapek’s own home. The gathering of the entirety of their watches. Components show up from accomplices like portrayed in this article, and a section control is done. Sébastien Follonier is the man in control here. He’ll amass your Czapek watch, and deals with the last test before it’s dispatched out.

It was enlighting to encounter the entire process of fabricating a Czapek watch. What’s more, as Xavier continued saying during the visits and underlined through models: “Most of Czapek’s real accomplices were practically associated with the venture since its earliest reference point. They continue to help us, have confidence in what we do, and help us seeking after flawlessness on the whole our creations.”

Additional data on Czapek & Cie can be found on their site .