We investigate a well known watch with authorities, the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver: a sound option to 70’s Seiko divers.

I’ve quietly held on to compose an article on any of Citizen ‘s 150-meter jumpers from the 1970s. I got an illustration of today’s Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver almost four years back from a companion here in Germany, and keeping in mind that it’s an amazing model, it’s somewhat dubious because of certain subtleties I’ll share later. Thus I did what most watch gatherers do, and that’s chase briefly model. I at long last hit the jackpot at some point during 2019 and now felt like a decent an ideal opportunity to give you a look at what I think addresses a progression of watches that are extraordinary options in contrast to the more frequently talked about Seiko jumpers from the period.

The Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver – a Tough One to Capture

Let’s simply feel free to move this: Photographing the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is difficult work. The two precious stones — OEM on the lash model, reseller’s exchange on the braceletted model — are ridiculously intelligent. I think I snatched the pictures generally well, yet there are a few shots where my bare pate makes a passage (statements of regret ahead of time). Proceeding onward, the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is a jump watch inside a progression of pieces produced using the last part of the ’60s up until the early ’80s. To make things extra fascinating for authorities, by far most of the models look dangerously similar.

Furthermore, varieties exist among the different references (and even inside the references with regards to things like dials, hands, and bezels). Watch companies infrequently make things simple on us gatherers. Resident was no exemption. To exacerbate the situation, getting the data from the horse’s mouth is near on unimaginable. It would be a gift to have an assistance that could perceive what makes a specific reference right, however no such device exists (in any event in English). Besides, Citizen itself likes to remain calm regarding the matter and, distressingly, no longer proposals to support these veterans of the deep.

The 62-6198 is Relatively Popular

I picked the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver to kick things off on the grounds that I figured out how to get what I accept to be a dazzling model. Be that as it may, to be perfectly honest, the 62-6198 is a decent beginning for any 150-meter Citizen article, in light of the fact that it’s a beautiful mainstream reference. While nobody understands what’s on the horizon, this model has appreciated a long creation run hitherto. It previously hit the racks in the early ’70s and stayed nearby until approximately 1977. These plunge watches were sold universally and, based on the various gathering postings, were especially famous with US servicemen and were accessible at worldwide PX’s.

Not a Daring Design, But a Good One

The Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is notable for being an attractive and strong jumper with its 40mm hardened steel case and 20mm wide lugs.  Seiko advocates like to censure the Citizen case for being somewhat exhausting (or even subsidiary), however I think it comes off as deliberate. Additionally, while I am a huge Seiko fan and the 6105’s are among my top choices, one could undoubtedly contend that the Citizen plans are even more timeless.

Perhaps that’s the advantage of a marginally more mysterious plan? As should be obvious, the Challenge Diver contains a straightforward dark dial that’s chock-a-block with that exquisite brilliant green lume Citizen utilized during this period. Also, dissimilar to lume on Seiko watches of a similar period, this stuff regularly won’t bite the dust. I end up preferring the straightforward rectangular shapes Citizen decided for the hour markers. Without a doubt, they’re to some degree like those of the Seiko 6105 arrangement, yet they’re greater and bolder here.

Aside from the case plan, the other component that isolates assessment is the “Rolexian” handset on the Citizen. With a “Mercedes” pip on the hour hand and candy plan of the compass seconds hand, one can’t help yet can’t help thinking about why Citizen decided to mimic the Crown so blatantly.

Nowadays, we’re so familiar with this handset being “borrowed” at whatever point brands feel like it, we scarcely notice it. At that point, the likenesses would have caused considerably more frustration among authorities. Fortunately for this watch, the progression of time has settled on this choice more acceptable.

The striking, bidirectional grinding fit bezel is a consistently present component of Citizen jumpers. It has a pip at the 12 o’clock marker and moment markers through the initial 15 minutes. On the off chance that unique, hope to locate these in a bad way. Fortunately, a close great (and superior grade) post-retail alternative exists.

The Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver – Made From Good Ingredients

While Seiko was off adding a restrictive locking crown framework (that eventually neglected) to the 6105-8110 , Citizen utilized an attempted and tried screw-down framework. And keeping in mind that it was successful at keeping water out, these crown tubes are basically important for the case and. A stripped tube fundamentally implies one has a paperweight on their wrist (or if nothing else a watch that requirements to remain exceptionally dry). This is the very same issue as looked by proprietors of the late ’70s Seiko 6309 diver.

But, beside this, the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver built up on quality and utilized two distinct gaskets on the precious stone. That extra security has demonstrated beneficial, as a great deal of these have made due in genuinely great condition. View for the development as it’s fairly bizarre. At last, a normal strung case back was additionally utilized to help keep up the cited 150 meters of water resistance.

A Little Swiss Infusion

The Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver was accessible on either a lash or arm band. I end up claiming one of the “H-link” arm bands, and it’s a truly very much made adornment. I realize that Seiko didn’t offer wristbands on their jumpers at that point, yet this arm band effectively outmaneuvers what Seiko was appending to its chronographs during the time frame. It’s very much completed, light, and simple on the wrist hair. However, the genuine shock for me was the choice of a Tropic tie direct from Citizen. I like the way that it even accompanied a marked Citizen clasp. Truly, how cool is that? Furthermore, incidentally, it’s the second or third vintage Citizen jumper I’ve purchased out of Japan with such a lash, so they were unmistakably popular.

The Caliber 6000 Automatic Sits Inside

The Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is furnished with the 21-gem type 6000 programmed. It’s a tough sprinter that ticks at 21,600vph and can be hand-wound. The development likewise bears the cost of a brisk set date complication, which is welcome. Similarly likewise with Seiko, Citizen’s execution fo this advantageous setting capacity pre-dates that of a great deal of Swiss companies.

Also fascinating is the utilization of a red date wheel. It’s a novel quality of the 62-6198 that adds some unpretentious pop. All things considered, that profound precious stone with no amplification keeps the date to some degree unreadable.

A Truly Wearable Everyday Vintage Watch

With its thick mineral gem, meaty case, and enduring plan, the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is a proud watch, appropriate for utilize each day. I’d presumably sneak away from wearing a Tropic tie consistently, however that’s fine in light of the fact that these watches look great on quite a few choices (counting the first arm band). At 13mm thick and with a carry to-drag length of 47mm, the watch feels somewhat bulkier than your normal Submariner, however it’s still simple to slide under a sleeve. Besides, with its customary jumper looks (by and by, I am thinking about the Sub), it can really be spruced up or down with success.

A Word About Variants…

As I referenced, being sure of anything with regards to models like the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is essentially unimaginable. As you can see from this article alone, there are two diverse dial variations. The utilization of the “Citizen” logo and the expansion of “water resistant” contrast on each. There are likewise different styles of the case back. In this article, you can see two, yet there is supposedly a third. The other case back is like that of the imagined model on the lash however with smaller composition. Lastly, you see that the model on wristband contains a dark date wheel. I’ve got some information about special cases for the red date wheel, and a few authorities returned and said that it’s conceivable. Yet, I’m not entirely certain. I think it is more probable it has been changed eventually. On the off chance that you’d like to see more about variations of this model, head .

Final Thoughts

I truly accept that the Citizen 62-6198 Challenge Diver is an advantageous expansion to anyone’s vintage assortment. It’s very much completed, sensibly simple to discover, and moderately reasonable. Costs are currently in the $700-$1,000 range. That’s a precarious ascent from the $200-$300 they used to go for 4-5 years back. In any case, you’re getting a beautiful, in-house piece from a huge brand at a negligible portion of the cost of anything Swiss. Furthermore, notwithstanding it being a particularly risky contender to photo, it’s a treat to take a gander at in the metal. Study Citizen .