Today marks the 50th commemoration of the Moon arrival, and accordingly the Moonwatch. Gerard and I talk around 11 distinctive Speedmasters in this uncommon video we made to commemorate this exceptional anniversary.

11 Different Speedmasters

We love Speedmasters, that’s no mystery. Thus, we figured it would be a pleasant plan to plunk down and discuss some of our Speedmaster watches. We chose to go with 11 distinctive Speedmasters, a number for evident reasons. In this way, a week ago, we plunked down in The Hague in the Limoncello break room and talked about 11 distinctive Speedmasters, including the Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th commemoration watch in Moonshine gold ( we checked on it here ).

Besides all the diverse Apollo XI film you will see this end of the week on TV, youtube and different sites, we trust you will make the most of our 45-minute recognition for the Apollo XI landing (and watch) as well.

A large THANK YOU to for permitting us to utilize their lounge in the wake of shutting time. The video has been made and handled by Christopher Lazarom. He worked effectively considering the short time span and impromptu circumstances.

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