A few weeks prior, we plunked down with space traveler Nicole Stott when we were in Milan, to converse with her about being a Space Shuttle space explorer, Family and Speedmasters.

A day before our Speedy Tuesday occasion in Milan, we had the chance to interview Nicole Stott in the lovely city of Milan. The occasion report (with recordings) of Milan can be found here .

In the video, Nicole Stott is wearing her .

Nicole Stott (1962) was important for NASA’s choice gathering of 2000. In 2009, she was flight engineer during the STS-128 mission and was in space for 90 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes. In 2011, she was Mission Specialist during the STS-133 mission and was in space for 12 days, 19 hours and 4 minutes. In 2015, Nicole Stott resigned from NASA.

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