After the remarkable Panerai Combusin Experience in Italy – on which we revealed here – we had the likelihood to plunk down with Panerai CEO, Jean-Marc Pontroué (JMP). Coming from Roger Dubuis, he’s now Mr. Panerai, and we were anxious to understand what that implies for him.

The setting is the terrace of hotel Avgvstvs in Forte Dei Marmi, contiguous it’s green and around then sun-doused garden. Is must be said that, after the experience of the other day, I was still lovely depleted. That, as I would see it, didn’t keep us from having a decent talk. What may be somewhat irritating in the video is the impedance from JMP’s telephone on my sound account equipment. We all comprehend that he’s a bustling man, which brings about his telephone getting numerous messages. These again resulted in some upsetting commotions in the sound track; I’d like to apologize for that. Indeed, see and listen to the 30 minutes video first if you wish. From that point forward, I’ll clarify some extra ins and outs.

What was before?

Jean-Marc Pontroué has been CEO of since April 2018. Prior to him, for just about 25 years, Angelo Bonati had been Panerai’s just CEO. His name has consistently been unpredictably bound to the brand that he helped work from a solitary watch to the extravagance watchmaker it is today. While at other Richemont brands CEO’s will in general change or switch all the more regularly, this wasn’t the case at Panerai. Furthermore, presently Jean-Marc Pontroué is Panerai’s second CEO, that should be a challenge.

Who is Jean-Marc Pontroué?

Schooled BA in Nantes, France, Jean-Marc Pontroué worked five years as Sales Director at Givenchy in Paris. Toward the year’s end 2000, he changed to Montblanc to at last become the brands Vice President Products & Strategy. He saved that position for more than 11 years before he became CEO for watchmaker Roger Dubuis. Following seven years in charge of Roger Dubuis, Jean-Marc currently drives Panerai.

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