Reviewing the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX (I.N.O.X.) Carbon watch departs me feeling torn. I like the item – I truly do – however it causes me to feel compelled to do things I presumably shouldn’t. I’m a person who preferences experience, however I’m additionally at the point in my life that I don’t know whether I will endure the dangers that a watch like this is intended to make due in. In view of that, let’s investigate Victorinox Swiss Army’s most recent adaptation of their INOX watch with its stylish dark carbon case and refreshed, more forceful dial.

The Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon is new for 2017 and is the fourth significant minor departure from the first Victorinox Swiss Army INOX in steel that the brand delivered in 2014 (investigated here) . In the event that you aren’t acquainted with the INOX observe family, its motivation is really straightforward – to be an exceptionally solid Swiss quartz sports watch with a look that is adequately refined to be attractive and complex. Victorinox Swiss Army built up a cruel battery of more than 100 strength tests that the INOX watch would have to withstand. They made an advertising trick out of it, however it’s dependent on the truth that these watches are indeed intended to be solid (stun, pressure, vibration, scratches, and so forth), and set up with the components (heat, cold, water, dust, UV beams, etc.).

The unique Victorinox Swiss Army INOX came in steel and followed up with the INOX Professional Diver , the INOX Titanium , and now the INOX Carbon. As I’ve said before, on the grounds that inox implies treated steel in French (inoxydable), that there are INOX watches not in steel is somewhat bizarre to a word-importance fixated individual like me. In spite of the fact that I am ready to excuse it as I do truly think the assortment is sufficient to justify something beyond restorative dial changes. Review that in 2015, we additionally parted with some uncommon Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watches in red with the aBlogtoWatch logo on the back – as a prize to this website’s top commenters in festival of getting 100,000 comments. As of composing, we are near 200,000 comments.


The Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon presents the principal dark shaded INOX case and utilization of the lightweight material for the brand. I am almost certain the advancement of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon started with the brand needing to have a dark shaded rendition of the watch. Instead of basically do a covered metal case, they chose to get popular like different brands (particularly top of the line ones) and utilize an innovative carbon material.

Carbon composites are a “it” material in the extravagance watch industry nowadays, and not every one of them are made similarly. Like carbon fiber, carbon composite starts with little bits of carbon material which are shaped into blocks, warmed, and afterward machined like metal parts. The outcome is a generally scratch-safe material that is thick and hence very intense, just as lighter than both titanium and, obviously, steel.



Not everybody loves the vibe of a carbon case. There is an incomplete mechanical look to it which will be cool or too crude relying upon your preferences and viewpoint. I don’t realize that I’d need to wear a carbon-cased watch constantly, yet as a games watch I think it is quite cool. Today is likewise ostensibly very in vogue, and the material itself recounts a decent story that I think a great deal of folks will appreciate.

The case is a similar shape as other 43mm-wide Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watches and still water-impervious to 200 meters. The back of the case is steel, and I believe that there is a steel inward case too. Likewise, don’t fail to remember that, as this is an INOX watch, Victorinox Swiss Army customarily supplies a rubber treated case monitor that you can put over the watch for extra durability.

Over the dial is an AR-covered sapphire gem which, similar to the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Black watches (survey here) , has a red ring imprinted on the underside with the military time. This is a dubious plan component that I end up enjoying, yet not every person does. In any event, here it doesn’t slice through the date window. I do like the intriguing feeling of profundity that ring on the precious stone adds to the look. I need to make reference to that I don’t think the highest point of the sapphire precious stone has AR-covering on it and, despite the fact that it is level, that causes it to have some glare. I likewise found that it is a touch of unique mark magnet, so do whatever it takes not to smear up the gem to an extreme or you’ll be cleaning it a ton with your shirt.

The dial plan of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon is refreshed in a couple of ways, and I previously referenced the 24-hour time ring position. You additionally have a more military look with the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock hour markers being Arabic numerals while the remainder of great importance markers are rod files or the brand’s logo at 12 o’clock. Don’t fail to remember that one of the strength tests for the INOX is to guarantee that regardless of serious stun the applied hour markers stay in place.

Luminant is applied to both the alluring (and very much measured) hands just as the hour markers. Twofold columns of more modest augmentation markers line the spine ring. The lower ones are for the seconds (I’m glad to report that my Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon has a recycled which lines up with the markers impeccably), and the upper one is only for style – as these future utilized on a chronograph and aren’t markings that are valuable with this development. That’s not actually a disadvantage, but rather a little eccentricity that planning perfectionists will notice.

Inside the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon is a Swiss quartz Ronda development. It offers the time and date, and is appropriate for most circumstances. Once more, idealists like having mechanical developments in watches, however for that Victorinox Swiss Army has different ventures. Truly, a mechanical development would not withstand the sturdiness tests the INOX needs to endure, so in the present circumstance having a quartz development is in reality better for the watch’s expressed purpose.

You can get two variants of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon at the present time. One comes on an elastic strap that is planned somewhere close to that of the standard INOX and the INOX Professional Diver. You can likewise get the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon with a pack that incorporates the elastic strap and dark Naimakka paracord strap – which I decided to wear it on.

This is really not another adornment for the INOX, and you can get the Naimakka strap independently since the brand appeared it as a choice in 2015 (in different tones) . The dark paracord strap is fascinating looking and shockingly comfortable. I do imagine that the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon would likewise look smooth on the accessible red-hued Naimakka strap.

Let me first state that putting the paracord strap looking into it itself is a torment. It utilizes typical spring bars, yet it has a cozy fit so getting the strap between the carries and getting the pin bar to secure set up is precarious and took me longer than I’d like to concede. The strap itself is additionally odd to make sure about on your wrist, as there is a little metal guide which circles into a bit of texture – however you improve at it with training. The strap changes pleasantly, nonetheless, and you can likewise shroud the overabundance part by tucking it under the strap so it doesn’t fold around.

The whole purpose of a paracord strap (notwithstanding being fairly stylish as a wristband with outdoorsy kinds) is that you can hypothetically unwind it and utilize the rope as endurance rope. I trust Victorinox Swiss Army revealed to me that they will trade the paracord strap for nothing if the wearer really utilizes it during a genuine endurance situation and offers the story with them (that they can use).

The Naimakka paracord strap is comfortable and cooler-hoping to wear than I initially suspected (despite the fact that it is still less advantageous than most straps to put on and take off). Obviously, the straps are “hand-woven,” which adds to the interest for the individuals who acknowledge craftsmanship. How precisely would you be able to manage the string out in the wild (when you take it off the watch your wristwatch becomes a pocket watch)? All things considered, the two proposals that Victorinox Swiss Army gives are assisting with hanging a tent (almost certain you need tent material first), and to weave a fishing net (congratulations on the off chance that you do that on your first try).

With its tough case and endurance strap, I do ponder where on the planet the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon compels me to travel. As I said in the kickoff of this audit, I’m torn on the grounds that the watch makes me need to go spots I should in any case attempt to stay away from. While I’ve spent numerous extended periods of time getting a charge out of endurance shows and having Robinson Crusoe dreams of some sort, I likewise do things like read books on tropical irresistible illnesses (gracious, similar to you didn’t think I had a huge number of odd interests) and am presently rather scared by the dread of tropical parasites or bigger creatures with destructive hemo-or neurotoxins.

I guess that implies watches like the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon are for when you are pushed into those circumstances inadvertently, as opposed to end of the week fighters who need to play mountain man so they can have a decent reason not to shave for a couple of days. That last part will no uncertainty appreciate feeling boss and looking cool simultaneously while wearing a watch, for example, this.

Victorinox Swiss Army sells the Naimakka paracord strap both on the steel INOX just as with this new INOX Carbon. The value contrast is a not-unimportant $325 – which is pretty much for the case material. I know the brand, and they aren’t the kind of company to put a top notch cost on something “just because.” As far as carbon cases go, the complex lines of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX imply that this one is somewhat complex to machine given every one of its aspects. It is likewise a decent quality carbon composite. Truly, I’m not a sufficient carbon materials master to state how important the case is and whether it justifies an over-$300 premium.

With that stated, it is a cool and in vogue material, and it offers a significantly more fascinating method of appreciating a dark hued watch rather than covered steel. Further, the carbon case fulfills all the sturdiness necessities of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX, which is another in addition to factor. Come to consider it, I additionally can’t review some other quartz watches I am aware of that have a carbon instance of this quality – however it is in fact a market fragment I’m not personally familiar with.

In my assessment, it is extraordinary that they delivered the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon, regardless of whether its cost may be somewhat on the better quality for some INOX clients. By and by, it’s a strong item with a decent looks and compelling story. I’d select the model on the Naimakka strap, however the elastic strap is decent too in the event that you are looking for something a smidgen more customary. Cost for the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon reference 241777 on the elastic strap is $850 and the reference 241776 is $950 (accessible now on the web and in VSA boutique stores).

Necessary Data

>Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army

>Model: INOX (I.N.O.X.) Carbon reference 241776

>Price: $950

>Size: 43mm wide

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Well-subsidized, yet viable (and let’s concede, somewhat popular) outside devotee who is enthused about the possibility of a paracord strap on a tough watch that will even now look smooth at a design shoot.

>Best normal for watch: Rare open cost for a decent quality carbon composite case. Alluring and clear dial plan. Comfortable fit and Naimakka paracord strap is truly a cool look.

>Worst normal for watch: Sapphire precious stone smircesh a spot. Red 24-hour marker ring not likely for all preferences. Expensive premium for a carbon case (which is generally another style offering notwithstanding the real solidness of the material). Paracord strap is cool yet not in every case simple to put on and take off.