There is a ton to like in this very much planned and manly Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition sport watch by Victorinox Swiss Army . The company keeps on delivering pleasantly made and sensibly evaluated watches both in section level quartz variations too these upper-level mechanical models. Despite the fact that the Victorinox Swiss Army name is maybe a touch more standard than some committed watch gatherers lean toward in their quest for haziness, this is really something beneficial for some more “average” customers who are pulled in to “trusted names.”

While Victorinox Swiss Army creates various things under the brand name, ostensibly their generally acclaimed and best items are their folding knives. This solid establishment of buyer advance takes into account the brand to procure significant levels of regard on the lookout. Second to its blades in quality and allure are its wrist watches. I’ve claimed various Victorinox Swiss Army watches in my day to day existence, referred to numerous others to too, and feel that with regards to a decent incentive with genuine European plan and craftsmanship, there aren’t too numerous better options.

In this audit, I’d like to zero in on the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition reference 241741 watch. Prior to discussing it to an extreme, I need to try to illuminate you that there is another fairly comparative, indistinguishably evaluated watch delivered by the company in the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 9 Black Edition reference 241742. Both are black in shading, both have comparable dials, and both are chronographs. So how are the two models different?

The first significant distinction is size. The Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition 241741 watch I am inspecting here is 42mm wide, while the 241742 is bigger at 45mm wide. Second, while the two of them contain base Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 programmed chronograph developments, in the bigger Airboss Mach 9 Black Edition the development is arranged “backward,” which implies the dial format is turned around and the crown and pushers are on the left half of the case versus the correct side of the case. Third, the bigger Airboss Mach 9 Black Edition has an additional crown on the right-half of the case which is utilized to work an inner turning slide rule bezel. I went involved with a restricted edition of the 45mm wide Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 Titanium Limited Edition watch here .

Logically, this Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition reference 241741 and the reference 241742 ought to have marginally various costs with the last being a touch more. That they are a similar cost is really cool, and which one you pick will be a matter of taste. The last model is a touch all the more outwardly complicated, unmistakable, and obviously, bigger at 45mm wide on the wrist. As I would like to think, this 42mm wide Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition watch is a touch more standard given its all the more all around refreshing size, just as its more traditionalist design.


It is very piece harder than you might suspect to discover cool military-themed mechanical game watches at 42mm wide, the same number of are bigger. So in such manner, I think the combination of case size, in general neatness, and dull military looks will engage many individuals. It’s likewise attractive and not exhausting. Little subtleties – particularly on the dial – made the Airboss assortment of watches champion just like a touch more intriguing than your standard dull looking utility watch.



If your preferences are a touch more straightforward or your financial plan is more contracted, I additionally need to call attention to that Victorinox Swiss Army creates a three-hand adaptation of this watch in the Airboss Mechanical Black Edition (aBlogtoWatch survey here) which comes on either a lash or a similar matte black steel arm band for $1,095. The two models have 42mm-wide cases, and comparative looks and plans – only one doesn’t have a chronograph. So either is an engaging alternative relying upon your preferences and needs.

With that stated, a military-style chronograph is an intense sort of watch to leave behind for the individuals who like something adaptable yet reminiscent of a stuff cherishing, dynamic way of life. Compared to the three-hand Airboss Black Edition, the chronograph case is typically thicker at about 15mm, which combined with the 42mm-wide size makes for a plentiful yet not excessively enormous wearing experience. Matte black PVD-covered steel cases on wristbands will in general consistently have an attractive look, and that is the same here. Victorinox Swiss Army planned the case with a fair 100m of water obstruction, which is accomplished without the need of a screw-down crown.

On the back of the case is a display window offering a perspective on the development. Over the dial is a level AR-covered sapphire precious stone. A fascinating idiosyncrasy with regards to the plan of the Airboss Black Edition assortment is the arrangement of a red scale for military time on the underside of the sapphire precious stone. It is a mark of numerous Victorinox Swiss Army watches to have standard and military time on the dial, so this is only one innovative effort to do as such. I realize that in pictures many individuals stress that this component is diverting, however I would contend that it is a welcome plan component. Not exclusively does the raised look of the scale assist the dial with showing up have additional profundity (and shading) however it further gives the watch an additional bit of character which is significant in a thing that has both a utilitarian and style measurement to the wearing experience.

I’m a major fanatic of the dial plan on the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition. As I would like to think, Victorinox Swiss Army finds some kind of harmony between basic comprehensibility and enlivening style. It likewise utilizes a couple of methods of making profundity, which is significant in a decent watch. First is the calculated spine ring which circumvents the fringe of the face. A progression of scales for the seconds, hours, and minutes are put here, alongside a lumed triangle at 12 o’clock.

Moving inwards, you have the applied hour markers which are generally Arabic numerals and basically all simple to peruse. The luminant in the hour markers further makes shading contrast which permits them to be effortlessly perused pair with the simple to see pilot-style hands. A few people may complain that the subdials remove the 3 and 9 o’clock hour markers, yet it doesn’t trouble me. What is significant is that the extents and utilization of room on the dial (notwithstanding intelligibility) are well-nuanced and refined.

Victorinox Swiss Army adds somewhat more red shading emphasizes by utilizing the tint for the chronograph hands. The expansion of the shading looks appealing, and it additionally has a useful worth given that the chronograph hands and time hands are in various tones. Note that even the running seconds subdial hand has luminant applied to it – which is a pleasant detail. Maybe the solitary genuine drawback (for me) of the red 24-hour scale on the underside of the sapphire gem is that the line slices through the date marker window. It’s not that huge of an arrangement, but rather simultaneously, it isn’t an ideal plan decision.

Inside the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 programmed development. It’s a base development with no design, however there is a decent custom Victorinox Swiss Army programmed rotor with some pleasant roundabout cleaning on it. I do like the rectangular adjusted chronograph pushers which help the general plan look its best.

The five-interface matte black steel wristband is comfortable and shut with a butterfly-style fasten. It is a more straightforward fasten plan that is more about looks and style than sturdy usefulness. Victorinox Swiss Army might have made a safer “activity-style” deployant, yet it would have added size and mass to the underside of the bracelet.

Anyone pulled in to the plan of this watch will likewise appreciate the strong development and a sensible cost. Victorinox Swiss Army doesn’t break any new ground here, however this an extraordinary grouping of plan components, usefulness, and worth. Cost for the reference 241741 Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition is $2,350.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army

>Model: Airboss Mechanical Chronograph Black Edition reference 241741

>Price: $2,350

>Size: 42mm wide

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Military-style watch darling who enjoys wearing one of Victorinox Swiss Army’s top-rack watch products.

>Best normal for watch: Manages to be moderate and cool simultaneously, with an enduring allure that loans itself well to a sole watch or one that will be worn for quite a while. Great combination of size and wearing boldness.

>Worst normal for watch: Red ring under sapphire gem won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Despite the fact that this watch is a nice worth, the cost will make some aficionado shoppers begin to avoid more standard brands like Victorinox Swiss Army.