The Black Bay by Tudor is an assortment of legacy roused jump watches with their Pelagos range covering the advanced translation of a plunge watch. Remaining nearby to that legacy, the Black Bay is just accessible on bothered calfskin straps, bolted wristbands or texture straps. Tudor do supply rubber straps that fit the end connections of the Pelagos’ titanium arm band, yet the Black Bay doesn’t have an OEM rubber choice. That’s left a specialty on the lookout for outsider makers to flourish and create rubber straps bespoke for the Tudor Black Bay’s haul and case design.

Rubber Straps

Below are 4 models for comparison in climbing value sections. For the motivations behind this audit, just rubber straps with fitting, bended finishes will be tried. The 22mm drag width of the Black Bay permits different straps to be associated yet because of the situation of the haul openings, abominable and farthest from the case, the non-bespoke straps leave an enormous, open hole. This isn’t simply unattractive yet additionally can be uncomfortable as it uncovered the sharp edges on the underside of the lugs.

Many because of Ben Rexworthy of WristworthyUK for advancing the straps for this survey. Ben did an incredible review, which you can peruse remembering various looks for rubber straps. For this audit, just one watch will be tried with the straps, my own Tudor Black Bay 41mm, with a turning black bezel and production movement.


Where conceivable, most of these straps for audit have a general ‘one-size-fits-all’ length. In any case, at specific purposes of the survey, the length of strap is referenced as one or the other positive or negative. My wrists are 18cm, which is genuinely normal yet your wear experience may contrast. Additionally, costs are cited in US Dollars as that is the biggest market for these straps and accordingly would profit most of the crowd, however worldwide delivery is accessible from all vendors.

Without further ado, here are the 4 options:

Crafter Blue Diver Straps — $65.00

Kicking this off with the least expensive choice is a Hong Kong-based company, Crafter Blue. While mass-created East Asian merchandise are somewhat of a banality, Crafter Blue are jump item experts focussing exclusively on 2 brands, Seiko and Tudor. Also, and still, at the end of the day, their rubber straps are just for the jump watch assortments. The strap for audit has a black external covering and red internal coating, mixing great with the red lume triangle on the bezel. Albeit, the red covering is as yet watchful while on the wrist.

Fitting the strap was somewhat strenuous, as the end bends that sit flush to the case have opposition when being pushed against the situation. This implies that it takes some power to interface the spring bars with the drag openings. In any case, this wasn’t the most hard to join on this list…keep perusing. When fitted, a tang clasp gets it well to the wrist yet I found the wide, rakish tang doesn’t space easily into the strap opening. This makes the demonstration of putting it on and taking it off more problem than it should be. The metal manager is a decent touch yet the “PROFESSIONAL” text is unnecessary and isn’t with regards to the legacy idea of the Black Bay.

Crafter Blue metal attendant. Vanguard and Everest both have double rubber keepers

The strap length was very exorbitant and folded over close to the highest point of the watch case adding mass. However, I was satisfied with the general feel of the strap and was likewise happy that build up fascination was not an issue. You’ll see this was not an issue with different straps, but rather I’ve seen even production provided rubber straps draw in residue and fluff.

Vanguard Speciality Straps — $130.00

Moving on to a general newcomer to fitted rubber straps is Dubai-based Vanguard. Once more, there is a center spotlight on famous games watch models, however the expanded assortment of shadings and combos offers more opportunity of choice.

At twofold the cost of Crafter Blue, I actually discovered issues with fitting the strap and almost quit at certain focuses. The issue is the steeply slanted drags of the Black Bay that require similarly inclined strap closes, which makes it an abnormal shape on the underside. The spring bars are covered in thick rubber making it hard to point forceps to arrange each haul opening at the same time. All things considered, I utilized a Bergeon spring bar apparatus, which offered greater mobility however left the underside of the drags presented to scratches.

Crafter Blue, Everest and Vanguard

Once appended, the off-kilter shape is paid off with a consistent fit that points towards the wrist. The cozy fit is comfortable and the special clasp separates itself from the regular square clasp. I likewise like the unpretentious blur from the middle segment that steadily converges into a solitary level surface. Minor issue was the strap openings that were not calculated and consequently could be seen extending when the strap was worn tight. This could be particularly pervasive if the strap is worn over a wetsuit sleeve. By and large, the fit was incredible however the demonstration of fitting the Vanguard strap was sufficient to put me off from including it inside my standard strap revolution. The underside of my carries have endured enough!

Everest Watch Bands — $230.00

Going up another value level and you can unquestionably feel the distinction in nature of the rubber particularly with regards to the following 2 providers from Switzerland.

Everest’s rubber determination has a more exceptional feel to it. The delicateness of the rubber as well as the manner in which it has been formed. Clean fresh lines are seen all through with overall quite smart plan thrives. This was by a long shot the least demanding strap to attach. Every length of strap has a difference of the thickness of the rubber, which decides the unbending nature and flexibility of the Everest strap.

The bended finishes were reassuringly firm while the clasp felt adaptable for ordinary comfort. The compromise for having a higher thickness of rubber at the finishes is that the straps will in general bow outwards from the case. It looks OK when looking top down however from the side it is very articulated. It very well may be seen as offering more breathing space for your wrist, yet as far as I can tell, it put more focus on the underside of my wrist where the clasp attaches.

The strap closes bow outwards on the Everest strap

The clasp is awesome however. A lump of steel that is all around machined and is complimented with calculated strap openings that the tang easily sneaks in. This tender loving care helps getting the watch now and again hugely improving the wearing experience day-in, day-out.

RubberB Rubber Straps — $250.00

Last yet not least is the most seasoned part in the game. RubberB have been making rubber straps for Rolex for some time now and have wandered into comparably lively watch brands after some time. They are even associated with very good quality, contemporary watch-creator, Roger Dubuis. With such family, I had elevated requirements for the quality, and I wasn’t disillusioned. RubberB is distinctive feel to the rubber than the past strap makers referenced previously. The external surface has a matte surface that feels smooth to the touch, decreasing the erosion against different textures while sliding under a coat cuff.

This specific form can be fit the Tudor planned deployant clasp just as any typical tang clasp. You’ll have to have the overlay over clasp from Tudor however, so in the event that you have the Black Bay troubled calfskin, it merits exchanging the clasp over to the RubberB for a protected deployant fasten. When fitted, I found the overflow strap length somewhat inordinate. I’m no John Cena but on the other hand I’m no line cleaner, and even I found the overabundance strap was getting on coat sleeves and even waist bands as I was strolling along. The lone choice accessible is a general fit from RubberB however once more, your wear experience may vary. The double rubber attendants did well to hold set up, however.


I came into this audit with the insight that you get what you pay for and that a lavish watch ought to have a similarly sumptuous strap. While still the case (kindly DON’T put a NATO on a Lange), the estimation of the Crafter Blue makes it difficult to contend with. Those hoping to safeguard their Tudor wristband with a strap that is dependably waterproof, non-harmful and can undoubtedly deal with some crude should consider the Crafter Blue. While it isn’t the most refined rubber, a fitted strap for a mainstream jump watch at this value point is a rarity.

My generally top pick, cost in any case, was the Everest because of the dazzling smooth gracefulness and massive clasp that stayed relative to the case. The RubberB had incredible quality yet the abundance strap end just wouldn’t suit my regular way of life. The Vanguard was the hardest strap to put and was a greater amount of a passage point into better quality rubber without the more exorbitant cost tag.

Everest with reasonably massive buckle

Across all straps, I saw a debilitated capacity to turn the bezel with my typical finger position at 12o’clock and 6o’clock. This isn’t because of the rubber making grating the bezel yet more to do with your fingers having less grasping space. At last, this was an unavoidable plan defect in the Black Bay as even on the wristband it isn’t clear to grasp. I accordingly did exclude this as a negative against any the straps however wish to carry attention to anybody keen on buying one of these rubber straps.

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