For quite a while, quartz watches were to be disregarded by the watch lover. “Watches without a soul”, could regularly be heard. Yet, that is by all accounts changing: meet the Longines Conquest VHP GMT.

Longines presented their new assortment of VHP watches in 2017, ensuring exactness with a greatest deviation of 5 seconds out of every year. VHP represents Very High Precision, and that’s precisely what it is. Effectively during the 1980s, Longines had their VHP quartz observes however they vanished again eventually. Back then, the precision was great, yet not what they guaranteed back in 2017. Longines isn’t the only one in their fight generally advantageous (quartz) precision: Grand Seiko is pushing hard with their 9F quartz developments , Breitling has their SuperQuartz and as of late Citizen broke the news with a Caliber 0100 development that offers an exactness of max. 1 second deviation, per year.

That watch, for instance, and the Grand Seiko 9F models come with a specific sticker price that not every person will spend on a quartz watch, let’s be practical. You truly need to value these watches (and these quartz developments are unfathomably pleasantly completed) to leave behind your money.

Longines Conquest VHP GMT

Enter Longines. The Longines Conquest VHP GMT we have here today has a sticker price of €1200,- . On top of the precise development, it offers a GMT work. For the successive explorer, this may be a precise and simple to-utilize companion. It is additionally a watch that can be utilized for all events. At times you don’t need to wear a high-esteem GMT watch when visiting specific districts on the planet, yet you would like to have something overall quite usable on your wrist.

The Longines Conquest VHP GMT is a piece misleading, as it seems, by all accounts, to be an extremely exquisite watch on the photos, yet its size will order it preferably energetic over rich. A distance across of 43mm isn’t for everybody, without a doubt. Uplifting news, there’s likewise an adaptation with a width of 41mm.


We went with the all hardened steel form, with a delightful blue dial. Longines offers a great deal of varieties, including dark PVD covered watches with carbon dials, so there’s something to browse. Our Longines Conquest VHP GMT has reference L3.728.4.96.6 and has the type L287 development. This development depends on ETA’s type E56.411 and offers an exactness of 5 seconds deviation each year. With respect to usefulness, other than the hours, moment and seconds there’s the date and the extra timezone marker. To set the additional time region, you can utilize the pusher in a fairly conventional manner, yet in addition utilize their ‘flash setting’ which needs the utilization of your cell phone. Essentially, the watch has two ‘modes’. A home time mode and a movement time mode, which you can change to utilizing the crown as a pusher. You select the mode and afterward set the ideal opportunity for that particular mode. Thusly, you can switch between your home time and neighborhood (travel) time, any time you want.

Flash Setting

Let me start by saying that I am not a fanatic of utilizing a wide range of applications on my telephone to control my watch. Particularly when you need to set up a bluetooth association or at all. A watch ought to have the option to work self-rulingly, which the Longines Conquest VHP GMT does as depicted previously. In any case, setting or dealing with the time on a GMT watch can be confounding (and tedious) for certain individuals, so the Longines application for setting the watch comes to the salvage. You set the home time in the application, you set the movement time in the application and snap ‘Send’. You need to keep the watch before your smartphone’s camera, and the telephone will at that point send all significant data utilizing the glimmer light of your camera/cell phone. As you can see on the dial, there’s a little opening in the ‘1’ of ’12’. This ‘eye’ gets the codes that are being sent and afterward the development will change the time(s) how you’ve characterized it on your telephone. Clever.


GPD represents Gear Position Detection, implying that the watch will keep amazing timekeeping, even after the watch has been presented to attractive fields or stuns. After such an effect, the hands will reset and show the right time once more. Longines is truly ensuring that precision isn’t influenced. Not by changing time regions but rather likewise not by the things that may influence ideal timekeeping during every day use. Smart. Again.

There’s More

That’s not all that’s remembered for the €1200 bundle, obviously. The development likewise has an End-of-Life pointer, which more quartz watches have, yet in addition guarantees to have sufficient energy (on one battery) for 4.5 years. Another decent capacity is that you don’t need to stress over adjusting the date on the first of the month, as this Longines Conquest VHP GMT flaunts a ceaseless schedule (till 2399).

However, there’s additionally more on the things that it doesn’t have, obviously. For a watch that is in one’s sports assortment, the water-obstruction of 50 meters is a piece ‘meh’. Particularly when you need to do a periodic bounce in the inn pool for instance, or swim in the ocean, during one of your movements, the exact opposite thing you need to stress over is your watch. A 100 meters water obstruction would have given the purchaser more trust in utilizing it anyplace close to the water.

Case, Dial and Bracelet

The completing on this Longines Conquest VHP GMT is pleasantly done, yet not something to rave about. It is the thing that you’d anticipate from Longines, and in this value range. The watch feels strong and the arm band sits comfortably on the wrist without a doubt. The blue dial has a decent roundabout example which adds some ‘chic’ for me. I needed to become accustomed to the state of the moment and hour hands, as they are very wide. For understanding time, they work extraordinary however and eventually (following a couple of days) I became accustomed to it.

I don’t need to stress a lot on the completing of the watch, it is up to the guidelines I would have for everything up to €1000-€1500. The fundamental fascination in this watch is in the usefulness and precision in my opinion.


The Longines Conquest VHP GMT is definitely not another watch (I can’t help thinking about what’s going on from Longines for 2019, it has become extremely quiet around them as they left Baselworld a year ago), however I figured it is ideal to see and attempt the VHP GMT. I do ponder a piece what Longines is up to for 2019 however, with the exception of the new Legend Diver we didn’t see much.

Collecting watches and quartz developments can go together really well, yet I don’t know the Longines Conquest VHP GMT is a collectable. It is a watch for ordinary use, for the individuals who just need to have a decent and precise watch. The GMT capacity and its glimmer setting activity are particularly advantageous for the individuals who travel a great deal. €1200 is still a considerable amount of cash for a quartz watch, yet Longines did an extremely strong occupation looking into it, dial and arm band of this watch and the development inside isn’t only a standard quartz type. A precision of 5 seconds out of every year is a significant accomplishment in this cost category.

The water-obstruction of only 50 meters is a subject I as of now momentarily contacted, I feel they could improve here, particularly to serve the individuals who like to take a dip with their partner in crime. The 43mm felt somewhat enormous on my 18cm wrist, however fortunately Longines likewise has a 41mm measurement rendition in their collection.

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