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The Bulova Chronomatic Chronograph (photograph graciousness of Fred Mandelbaum)

Bulova Chronomatic “Parking Meter”

Next up, we have the exceptionally styled Bulova Chronomatic from 1973 that has procured the epithet of “Stopping Meter” for clear reasons.  Like the Breitling we referenced previously, this piece includes a Bullhead style with its pushers up top and crown at 6:00.  Unlike the Breitling, however, the Bulova contains an anodized “bezel” on top of an impeccable case.  Bulova made various collectible watches in the 70’s and this one positions close to the top.  A decent article can be found – out of Poland!

The Hamilton Count-Down Chronomatic Echo Chronograph (photograph politeness of

Hamilton Count-Down Chronomatic “Echo”

Finally, in what may qualify as the zaniest Caliber 11-based watch, we have the Hamilton Count-Down Chronomatic “Reverberation” Chronograph from 1975.  Extremely uncommon and important, Hamilton moved the type 14 180 degrees to come up with this wild watch.  The crown sits on the privilege and is flanked by 2 crowns that pivot an inward timezone bezel and 24 hour bezel for use with the GMT hand.  At 48mm, this is a huge watch, however one can’t deny the extraordinary tones and the silly functionality.  once more, head to Poland for a .

There’s no uncertainty about the meaning of the Caliber 11 and its variants.  We trust you’re likewise intrigued by the wide expansiveness of models highlighted on our Top 10 Chronomatic list.  Still, we’d entreat you to go out and research different models from the brands we referenced and the rundown of other people who decided to utilize these historic movements.  For now, however, remember to post your #chronomatic50 pictures on Instagram!