Tissot presented a reasonable number of new models this year, however none of them had especially stood apart to me until this Tissot V8 Swissmatic was sent my direction. The V8 is an enigmatically car propelled time and date watch that utilizes the Tissot “Swissmatic” development. Since it’s got from the Swatch Sistem51, Tissot can offer a ton of significant worth for a sensible affirmation of section. The $450 sticker price put this sufficiently in the ballpark of a high-esteem graduation blessing or even a work week dress watch. Tissot joined a decent measure of stylish assortment in the arrival of this model, giving you a lot of dial and bezel alternatives to accommodate your taste. There are a couple of hiccups in the V8’s plan that I’ll get into later in this survey, and keeping in mind that at this value point there are positively going to be compromises, a portion of the plan issues I saw may really be neglected errors.


The V8 Swissmatic comes in a strong steel case estimating 42mm without the crown and generally 50mm drag to haul. Be that as it may, it wears somewhat bigger than an ordinary 42mm watch would basically because of the more extended haul to drag estimation. Completing insightful, Tissot has applied some inconspicuous cleaned completes across the slants of the case, differentiating the vertical brushing somewhere else. I need to let it out looks very great upon easygoing assessment. Notwithstanding its huge measurements, the V8 rides the wrist well, and at somewhat over 13mm thick, it will fit under a shirt sleeve. I do have one minor problem with regards to the case: the base edges of the case are chamfer-less and rather sharp, so depending on how you flex your wrist, it can dive in uncomfortably.

The bezel is a fixed steel bezel with 10-minute markers substituting with plain dabs. The bezel itself has a round silk type finish on it, and the edge of the bezel, where it meets the case, is cleaned. This is a pleasant touch and classes up the watch a ton. That being stated, I notice in my video that the markers on the bezel don’t impeccably line up with the dial, which pesters me and presumably several others who fixate on these little subtleties. In spite of the fact that the photographs don’t impeccably delineate what I’m discussing, the video will clarify it in more depth.


The dial of the V8 Swissmatic is one of the highlights that initially grabbed my attention. It’s a dark finished dial suggestive of asphalt or maybe dark vinyl that’s utilized in car insides. There are blade style files at every hour with minute markers in the middle. The date window sits at 3 o’clock and has a cleaned line. The hands are skeletonized cudgel ish style with a stripe of lume towards the tip. The second hand has Tissot’s “T” on the stabilizer. It’s a shortsighted dial that drifts somewhat more dressy than I’d anticipate from a car inspired piece. Furthermore, beside the hands, the dial is non-iridescent. In general, it’s a lovely oversimplified dial with next to no lume and dial printing.


As the name shows, Tissot picked their “Swissmatic” development for the V8 line. This development is utilized in an assortment of models across their setups and as I would like to think, is an incredible illustration of significant worth and moderateness. As shown on the development itself, this is a 19 gem Swiss development, and as we talked about in the introduction, this development is gotten from Swatch’s Sistem51. It’s non-hacking, yet to offset that, it includes a strong 72-hour power save. Expecting that you’re wearing this as such a dress watch for work, you could take this off Friday night and wear something different throughout the end of the week, and it will at present be running Monday morning as you head off to work. In the event that you’re giving this watch as a blessing, that advantage could be especially important if the beneficiary doesn’t need to wear the watch over the weekend.

The V8 likewise includes a show caseback to see the development. It is genuinely average, with a marked rotor and practically zero design, yet one thing that I do like is the way the origin barrel is skeletonized, so you can really perceive how wound or loosened up the fountainhead is. Considering the value point, I’m not hoping to be overwhelmed by the perspective on the Swissmatic development, yet it’s competently and generally very much done if a bit of unsatisfying. All things considered, unacceptable is superior to motivating some unacceptable feelings.

Competitively speaking, I feel that at this value point, there could be somewhat more work done on the development to legitimize the expense, particularly when you compare it to some likewise estimated Seiko watches that gloat hackable developments and phenomenal lume. I comprehend that a few people will have issues with the Swissmatic V8 utilizing a development got from the Sistem51, yet as I would see it, given that the development keeps up sensible exactness (my model is somewhere near – 2 to – 3/s daily), it doesn’t truly trouble me.


The wristband on the V8 Swissmatic is a professional component. For the $450 MSRP, you’re getting a strong connection, split pin built wristband on a butterfly style fasten. Tissot gives both of you half connects to calibrate the fit since there are no miniature changes in the fasten. The arm band echoes the issue of the case’s sharp edges, as there is practically no chamfering on the edges of the connections, which may give a few issues comfort over the long haul. The watch sports 22mm carries, and with the finished dark dial, it will look great on a lot of various tie alternatives, so if the wristband either isn’t your style or is uncomfortable, there will be choices. Per their site, Tissot is likewise going to offer the two dial arrangements on a dashing style punctured calfskin strap.


Ultimately, the Tissot V8 Swissmatic is a bold exertion that misses the mark on a couple of focuses. Seiko gets steady awful press for skewed part rings, however for Tissot to have a fixed bezel that doesn’t agree with the moment files appears to be a lovely significant oversight in my eyes. The sharp edges of the case are somewhat hard to get around, yet not a major issue on the off chance that you like the stylish of the watch itself. On the positive side, notwithstanding, you are getting a watch that will hold time longer than a few days of dormancy, a pleasant steel arm band, and an intriguing dial surface. Once more, as I referenced prior, I figure a few clients will have issues with the adjusted Sistem51 development, however it doesn’t trouble me in this setting at this value point. In any case, at $450, the watch world is covered with competitive choices, from the Seiko Presage line to a portion of the Hamilton Khaki arrangement. On the off chance that you need to remain carefully car, you can even check out  Tissot’s own PRS setup . It’s going to come down to individual taste. On the off chance that you burrow the stylish of the Tissot V8 Swissmatic, I think it’s a nice offering.  tissotwatches.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Tissot

>Model: V8 Swissmatic

>Price: $450

>Size: 42mm

>Would analyst by and by wear it: No, at this value point, I accept there are better choices that would suit me.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who needs a moderate watch with a tasteful/dress look.

>Best normal for watch: The 72 hour power reserve.

>Worst normal for watch: The abnormal bezel.