I will be particularly off in an unexpected direction in the week to come. In a region which could be portrayed as possibly risky when wearing extravagance extras. It won’t be the first run through for me over yonder, so I really surely understand what to do and don’t. Wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date with President arm band would be something to keep away from, so I picked another watch during the current weeks 52Mondayz.

Tissot Navigator Automatic reference 44646-3X

Remaining in a similar period as a week ago, when I wore this Omega Speedmaster Professional , this week I decided to wear a lesser important watch. A 1974 vintage Tissot Navigator Automatic with reference 44646-3X.

The Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X on my wrist

Quality vintage and very affordable

I frequently can’t help thinking about how it’s conceivable to secure watches like this Tissot at such moderate costs. It’s unquestionably not Rolex and it’s not even Omega. Nonetheless, the nature of Tissot watches in the start of the seventies was very equivalent to the last mentioned. Of course too. Since the 1930’s Omega and Tissot joint powers to overcome monetary troubles brought about by the primary world encompassing war. Albeit the brands stayed independent, the turn of events and assembling of many packaging parts and types were blended. This collaboration endured at any rate 50 years.

A quality vintage watch can be found for under the radar prices

Tissot type 2481 equivalents Omega type 1481

The programmed development in my Tissot Navigator is the 21 gems Tissot type 2481, beating at 21.600 A/h. It’s said to be the last development Omega and Tissot grew together. While Tissot created the 2481 development with 21 gems, Omega delivered its comparable as type 1480 with 17, and type 1481 with 21 gems. Very disagreeable about this development is its date brisk set capacity, which is worked by more than once pushing the winding crown. Joyfully on my watch it’s as yet working fine.

A Tissot type 2481, here as found in a Tissot Seastar

The above picture of the Tissot type 2481 (here as found in a Tissot Seastar) was acquired from . A site committed to wristwatch rebuilding, adjusting and fix, situated in Yorkshire, UK.

A network wristband mixing in with the period of the watch

A network wristband suits this watch very well

A network arm band suits this watch very well as I would see it. I requested this one some time back from a company named ‘Strapboutique’. Truth be told I requested a 20 mm one which I needed to take a stab at my Seiko Marine Master 300 . Anyway they sent me some unacceptable size, a 18 mm. Rehashed messages didn’t appear to contact them, in any event they didn’t react to them. Later in the ‘company data about us’ segment of their site I discovered that they were a “Team of watch lovers, who appreciate adorning their watches and wardrobe” I actually do not understand where they’re based. I’m upbeat I got a wristband at all..

The fliplock-like buckle

Remarkable completion and buckle

Although for evident reasons I don’t encourage you to arrange this arm band from the company where I got it, I need to say it’s a decent wristband. The development is strong, the vibe is acceptable, similar to the completion. No excessively sharp edges and a fine brushing of the surfaces. Something a portion of the a lot better quality producers could gain from. Extraordinary notice must be made about the fasten. In that capacity, a customary snaring clasp to a sliding part which changes the length agreeable to you. Anyway subsequent to having shut the clasp, it’s got by another. Practically like the fliplock development of Rolex sports catches. It won’t open accidentally, keeping away from to lose the watch. All that and just for US$ 29.99.


To study models in the current Tissot assortment kindly visit the Tissot site at .

The Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X on my wrist A quality vintage watch can be found at under the radar costs The fliplock-like clasp A cross section wristband mixing in with the time of the watch