I indecently admit that I wear this glossy, gold-tone Seiko Mickey Mouse more frequently than at first suspected I would. 

Being watch sweethearts, it isn’t amazing that we regularly wind up compelled to blessing our infants with their absolute first tickers. While the compulsion to purchase a 3-week olf child an exemplary chronograph that will make it the jealousy of the multitude of different children in kindergarten, it bodes well to purchase a watch that will go through the initial 18 years of your progeny’s life on ice. It’s for the most part thought to be that the Rolex Datejust or Omega Constellation are incredible decisions for this sort of thing. Be that as it may, if neither of those very much trampled ways intrigues you, go for a walk through this rundown and check whether you like the alternatives.

TimeTravel with Seiko Again

Welcome back to our fourth scene of making a trip back to the 1980s or 1990s looking for “neo” vintage watches, or youthful clocks on the off chance that you like. After the undeniable Tissot RockWatch or insane radio-controlled spaceship marked Citizen 7400 we present once more (drum roll please) another quartz watch. In the event that you thought quartz is too exhausting to even consider investigating, great our TimeTravel segment appears to offer really solid contentions against the reality. Focus on the striking Seiko Mickey Mouse for two seconds and you need to concur that whether or not you like the watch or not, a comment is advancing out of you.


First of everything, I don’t view myself as a brilliant kid. A gold-plated watch makes me gold-reluctant. So far there was one and only watch that had a gold-plated case and dial that I took a moment getting a kick out of the chance to. It was my first vintage watch, the . However I like the assumption joined to it substantially more than the actual watch, as it was the primary vintage watch I purchased as a grown-up. In the same way as other individuals, I felt somewhat unusual with a completely gold-plated watch. With Mickey Mouse overcoming a large portion of the dial, that feeling evaporates.

One of a sort wrist feeling

I’m not saying you will fundamentally laud it. Be that as it may, as far as I might be concerned, it is an unexpected find. There isn’t a watch I could compare it to. It’s amusing and genuine simultaneously. I see a colleague not being certain what to consider me when I come to the gathering with this Seiko Mickey Mouse on my wrist. Did I get it at the Chinese swap meet or is it a genuine piece?

Aristocratic Seiko

The rich case helps me to remember 1940s elegant Hamilton, Gruen, or Bulova. So does the old fashioned textual style on the numerals, that just builds up the all around genuine enough style. The gold case appears as though I just absorbed it a gold shower three minutes prior. The Seiko Mickey Mouse looks like fluid abundance, so weighty that I would not have the option to lift my hand under its weight. What’s more, that tone. I advise you, is on par with what RJ’s Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th Anniversary that he venerates to such an extent. Whenever I take a gander at my wrist I feel like the Gods are playing in Photoshop and continually add immersion to my gold case.

All that magnificence, and I truly mean each and every letter I composed above, is in hitting stand out from the Mickey Mouse figure. Does it look clever? It doesn’t. Furthermore, do you know why? Since Mickey isn’t an extra. Normally, you have a watch and a character. On the off chance that you set up the two, you get a watch with a character on it, with the watch actually being a costly and individualistic Rolex or a deal Timex. My point is that normally, there the character is simply stuck on to the watch, regularly in a prominent way, and that is it. It’s a showcasing stunt. Here we see an alternate story. In the event that I’d covered the Seiko marking at three o’clock, would you have gotten it’s a Seiko watch?

Time to doubt

The jokes here would contend that in the event that you can’t peruse the DNA of a watch from its essential plan characteristics on the dial or case, it wasn’t a job done the right way. Some may say that it’s simply a nonexclusive, sh*tty quartz watch with a creature on it. Subsequent to living with the watch for some time now, I wouldn’t be shocked by the contentions, however I wouldn’t allow them to destroy my suddenly cheerful inclination when wearing this modest Seiko Mickey Mouse.

Bargain deal

When I say modest, I’m talking anything from €80 to €300, in view of how carefully you demand having a unique gold-tone development band, unique bundling, and papers and where the watch is transporting from. I got mine from Ed in the US. “I bought this exceptionally collectible Mickey observe new from Carlyle & Co. gems store in Fayetteville, NC on November, eleventh, 1988. I’ve worn this watch a few times after buy prior to choosing to put it into capacity with my different watches.” When the watch showed up, I found the extension wristband excessively free, so I promptly transformed it for a flimsy dark cowhide tie and it wears super comfortably.

If you take a gander at the delicious red watch box, there is a sticker inside. It clarifies the watch was delivered to commemorate the 60th commemoration of Mickey Mouse. To bring up one aimless detail, notice the eyes of perhaps the most productive characters that have in excess of 200 film credits to his name. The crate includes full bruised eyes, yet on the dial, you can see a purported “Pie-Eyed Mickey”.

Shotgun notes

I like the well used impact to the crown and it appears to have been planned in that style. A unique blue sticker working on this issue back and plastic tag are decent rewards supporting the dealer’s account of the watch sitting in a safe for quite a long time. Mickey’s hands are planned and executed pleasantly, so he doesn’t look moronic when the watch shows 12:30. The turning sub-seconds plate is notable. It seems like watching Inception film, Mickey living inside Mickey. The watch is flimsy and light. In comparison to the present norms, it’s still somewhat more modest, however the 38mm carry to drag looks pretty much right. Not very Cartier-like little, not very big.

Last thoughts

The interesting part? I don’t feel like I got away from a mental hospital. I love the variety of my watch assortment. Despite the fact that I could envision narrowing my assortment down to a couple of pieces, I would prefer not to. The Seiko Mickey Mouse helps me to remember not paying attention to myself as well and focusing on watch variety. I didn’t need to compel myself to like the watch. With its 60th commemoration stamp, it makes an ideal co-sprinter to my 60th Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster just as an ideal twin to my MiniLip instructive watch . I need to finish up now with a major, fulfilled grin all the rage that my girl’s watch assortment is developing pleasantly. Cheerful hunting.