What occurs in the event that you set up ten Fratello Magazine editors from around the planet in a late night group call? Other than a ton of jokes, you get a ton of thoughts for new highlights on Fratello. Welcome to one that made the cut – Fratello’s Time Travel.

We have chosen to do the messy occupation of looking all the more carefully at regularly ignored classifications of looks for all the lovers out there. All watches will be anyplace somewhere in the range of 1980 and 2000. Leaving upon the mission of diving further into our documents, failed to remember drawers, or watch-sleeves, we will filter through old inventories, booklets, and promotions in light of this new test. The thought is to reveal insight into watches from that particular period, where you will discover pieces that are practically failed to remember yet additionally some beautiful wild notorious pieces that prepared for today’s hits. We start with one in the primary class, the Tissot RockWatch.

Tissot RockWatch

Tissot in crisis

After our group conceptualizing, it was the Tissot RockWatch that initially struck a chord. I ran over this watch when I saw it in a Tissot book. I investigated it again and was astounded to discover what a significant job this watch played in their set of experiences. In the mid 1980s, Tissot experienced gigantic challenges. “In 1974, Tissot sold absolutely 919,200 watches with mechanical types of its own assembling. After ten years, in 1984, the absolute number of watches sold had plunged to 14,140, 10,226 of which were furnished with mechanical types. That, more or less, was the extent of the fall.” as cited in the Europa Star Archives. Coincidentally, Sky expounded on this awesome wellspring of data here , look it up!

Print advertisements advancing new Tissot RockWatch

Ernst Thomke

After the moment accomplishment of the Swatch dispatch in 1983, the Tissot RockWatch was the other large achievement of the 1980s. It’s not hard to accept the tale that the thought woke up during one liquor soaked night. At the point when Ernst Thomke, Swatch creator who combined the Ebauches companies into ETA, proposed the plan to the Tissot group, they trusted he was kidding. He was not.

Image civility: Oliver Menge

Project starts

Estelle Fallet writes in her book , that the Tissot RockWatch thought initially came from the stone carver and specialized counselor for the selection of gems, Peter Kunz. Jacques Muller and Elmar Mock were accountable for execution. With just a half year distributed before dispatch, it was an illustration of successful prototyping and following the market. The vast majority of the 7 million Swiss francs put into advancement were eaten up by the improvement of unique hardware that would have the option to factory such little stone pieces. Sponsored with another 20 million for publicizing, the Tissot RockWatch was prepared to satisfy Americans that hadn’t heard from this brand for in any event ten years before that.

Image source: Tissot/150 Years of History 1853-2003, composed by Estelle Fallet

Instant success

The orders started to come in from Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta in December 1985, with request so enormous it lead Tissot to make new openings. The authority dispatch on the Swiss market was set for a quarter of a year later, in March 1986. The fruitful dispatch included scoring a cover page of the Modern Timekeeping Magazine Europe Star. The feature summarizes it: „RockWatch – shaped essentially, revealed by Tissot.”

Image source: www.europastar.com

Choose your stone

The stone used to make the Tissot RockWatch cases came from the Alps in the Grischun, Ticino, and Valais territories. Later forms of the Tissot RockWatch utilized various stones from different rugged locales around the planet, including alabaster, Brazilian aventurine, and blue sodalite, Scandinavian basalt, blue ribbon agate, Italian lapis lazuli, magnesite, picture jasper from Kalahari desert, Australian pink rhodonite, quartz, and thulite. A few pieces got beautifying dial embeds, for example, areas from ancient clamophyllia coral as a premium option.

Image source: Tissot/150 Years of History 1853-2003, composed by Estelle Fallet


The pits for the movement and the dial face were processed from the two sides, completely incorporating the dial into the case. The ties were fixed to the backplate on the two finishes, consequently forestalling mechanical pressure to the stone. The backplate lettering “RockWatch” was initially embellished in promoted structure. Last bunches, nonetheless, were fitted with a somewhat upgraded decorated plate wearing a modernized T-logo and “rockwatch” illuminated in lower case letters.

Image source: Tissot/150 Years of History 1853-2003, composed by Estelle Fallet

Three diameters

In September 1986, a greater model was dispatched in five renditions. The past more modest model was delivered in twofold that sum. While we’re regarding the matter of distance across, be cautious when purchasing a Tissot RockWatch on the web. All the Tissot RockWatch pieces look a similar size whenever captured on a clear foundation. The women breadth of 23 mm conveys a R140 etching on the backplate, the unisex 30 mm R150, and the greatest width of 33 mm sport the R151 ref. All models are furnished with a 6 gem ETA 976.001 quartz movement.

Image source: eBay, Wikipedia

Tied to nature

The shade of the watch’s hands was supposedly propelled by the shades of Swiss climbing trail markers. Early pieces have a red moment hand and yellow hour hand, with later forms coming in a green and dark combination. The standard calfskin lash had a pleasantly marked clasp. Notwithstanding, if clients needed to settle on the top notch variants, they could arrange an arm band like tie produced using a similar stone as the case. At the point when presented, the standard stone forms of the average size on calfskin lash retailed for $200 in the US and around CHF 300 in Switzerland.

Digging deeper

When Tissot dispatched the RockWatch wristwatches in 1986, Swiss stone carver Felice Bottinelli was contracted to deliver enormous configuration rock looks for window shows all over Switzerland. In the event that you need to snatch one, attempt eBay, . The asking cost is, indeed, trying, however I need to say it is an extraordinariness and an incredible discussion piece for your lounge room or study.

Image source: www.bottinellisculpt.ch

The same craftsman was additionally commissioned to partake in a fabulous PR stunt. Felice Bottinelli likewise made a huge organization Tissot RockWatch created from a 5-ton stone square. The seven-foot-tall sculptural imitation was off-stacked at the New World Center and was essential for the prodding effort going before the Tissot RockWatch dispatch in Hong Kong on November 19th, eight months after the dispatch in Switzerland. You can discover phenomenal photograph documentation and news cutting on Bottinelli’s website.

Image source: www.bottinellisculpt.ch

Last musings on the Tissot RockWatch

According to Estelle Fallet, deals arrived at more than 800.000 watches in 1994. I’m certain that this quartz-controlled, somewhat ladylike looking watch without a solitary hour marker gets no opportunity of testing any of your Seiko, Rolex, Breitling or Omega champs. Yet, when viewing at it as a trying business that permitted Tissot to get away from its capital punishment, it merits a spot in my assortment. The Tissot RockWatch is one of those pieces that we need to praise. There are still a significant number RockWatches out there. In the event that you lucked out like me, you could get a unique NOS full set with a sticker price more modest than the one from 1985.

Image source: www.bottinellisculpt.ch