Welcome to This Week in Watches for November 30, 2019.  For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, we trust you had an agreeable one are still working through those epic leftovers.  For those who didn’t maybe you chose to take part in the madness known as Black Friday.  If you’re still looking for something new, maybe this week’s news will present an idea…

Wolbrook Returns

First up on This Week in Watches is a glance at some new watches from a brand that disappeared some 50 years ago: Wolbrook.  Wolbrook made watches that were assembled in France, but the ones I review utilized skindiver cases that were found on many brands of the day.  Interestingly, Neil Armstrong made them during his test pilot days and that’s where the brand has chosen to mark its return.  There are 3 skindivers that are being released.  One is actually signed “Douglas” as I am guessing this was a private name brand accessible in the USA and worn by Armstrong.  It’s called the Skindiver WT Professional X-15 Edition and features a 40mm case, a Miyota 8215 automatic, Hesalite crystal and roulette date wheel.  With 50 meters of water resistance, it’s definitely living up to the skindiver reputation versus genuine jumper, but that’s ok.  The watches are assembled in France and features the X-15 on its case back that Armstrong flew and used to set speed  records.  At 409 Euros (229 Euro pre-request!), this is pretty cool.

The next two honor Armstrong’s achievements on the Apollo 11 mission and an engraved “Eagle” moon lander is looking into the issue back.  This time, the watches are marked as Wolbrook and there’s a decision of either automatic or Seiko VH31 Mecaquartz.  The automatic has a case-colored bezel and comes on a variety of straps.  It additionally has a sapphire crystal, is good for 100 meters and sells for 429 Euros (249 Euros pre-order).

The quartz additionally has a sapphire crystal and 100 meters of water resistance.  It sells for 229 Euros (129 Euros pre-order).  All in all, these look pretty fun!  More information can be found on the .

TAG Heuer x Senna

Next up on This Week in Watches several new TAG Heuer watches related to darling F1 champion Ayrton Senna.  The first is the more reasonable option and comes with a great bracelet.  The newest TAG Formula 1 model is a commemorative Senna piece that has an updated adaptation of the notorious S-connect bracelet that the driver apparently appreciated so much.  The other noteworthy thing is that the watch is mechanical and contains the Cal 16 automatic (an ETA 7750), which is a pleasant alternative to the vast number of quartz F1’s we see.  The tones on this one are strong with gray, white, dark and red present.  The Senna “S” even makes an appearance on the bezel.  The 44mm stainless chrono is accessible now for 2,900 Euros and more information can be found .

The next piece from TAG with a Senna tie-in is the Carrera Heuer 02T Limited Edition.  It’s a 65-piece edition (after the driver’s 65 post positions) of the 45mm ceramic cased chronograph with tourbillon movement.  This is the movement that debuted quite a long while back to much acclaim for making this style of movement somewhat approachable.  The case back features Senna in his racing helmet and the front indeed brings in the Senna “S” on the bezel.  At 19,100 Euros, I am certain it will interest the huge fan base for one of racing’s most famous drivers.  More information can be found here on the .

Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz

Yema sent us information on another Rallygraf collection using the Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz.  These 39mm stainless pieces feature a mineral crystal, 2 registers and date.  There are 5 different “panda” dial options including a red-striped Mario Andretti version.  The non-Mario editions run 329 Euros on strap and 349 on a mesh bracelet.

If you’re interested in going “Mario”, add 70 Euros to the price.  The watches are accessible now on the authority site.

Union Glashütte Johannes Dürrstein Edition Moon Phase

Next up on This Week in Watches is a rather interesting one from Union Glashütte: the Johan Dürrstein Edition Moon Phase.  Whether in steel or 18K rose gold, the watch features a handwound UNG-58.S1 movement with some stunning finishing that’s in plain view by means of a sapphire case back.

I’d guess that the movement’s roots are based somewhere within the in-house family of ETA movements. but it ought to likewise be realized that this one has a silicon hairspring and has 60 hours of force reserve.  On the other side, we have a dressy dial with moon stage, 24-hour show with running seconds, schedule, and day/date windows.

UG’s watches tend to run on the larger side, but this one comes in at an entirely sensible 41mm.  The steel adaptation is estimated at 2,750 Euros and the gold at 8,200.  I like the vibes of these and they’re a decent surprise.  More data can be found here on the authority .

Heritage Corum Lab 01 Damascus

Corum sent expression of a couple new Lab 01 pieces.  For the first time in the brand’s history, they’ve picked to utilize wavy-patterned Damascus steel as the case medium.  At almost 40mm x 55mm, these barrel-molded watches look rather modern but additionally approach the famous “golden bridge” models from the brand.

Inside, the micro-rotor prepared CO 410 works away to control the watches.  Whether you pick blue or green, 99 bits of each will be made and we think pricing is around the $13,800 mark.  I don’t see these on the at this point, but keep checking.

Eberhard & Co. “The Brown Helmet”

This is the second week straight we’ve had another Eberhard on the show and this one comes in with a name and dial shading inspired by Tazio Nuvolari’s famous earthy colored leather helmet.  I’ll admit, that name sounds a bit questionable in English: “l’elmetto marrone” sounds much better in Italian.  But, we work with what we have here on This Week in Watches.  The 43mm steel chronograph is designed in regulator style and an automatic powers the piece.  The presentations are 30-minute and 12-hour indicators.  The watch is additionally good for 30 meters of water resistance, so champagne splash is protected after winning your next vintage rally.  We don’t have pricing information, but you can peruse more on the authority .

Tulloch T-01

Last but certainly not least on This Week in Watches is a piece that was just too ideal to resist; it’s likewise why it made our cover.  The new Tulloch T-01 enters the high-end fight and brings in watchmaking from Kari Voutilainen and his Comblémine operation that makes and assembles watch components.  Shane Tulloch is a New Zealander who currently lives in NYC.  After working in different fields, he chose to start a high-end watch brand and you’re seeing the results.  The 40mm T-01 has an inset dial with running seconds, a second smaller dial depicting the hours, while the large hand shows the minutes.

The new movement is an absolute site to observe with its symmetrical design.  Two guilloché-patterned barrels sit under 18K bridges and come together to create 96 hours after the watch has been manually wound.  Damn, take a gander at that thing!  At $36,800, you have your decision of one of 50 pieces in either white or red gold with a few dial tone choices.  I’d highly prompt taking a glance at the .  What a gorgeous watch…

Folks, that’s just for This Week in Watches – make the most of your weekend!