Welcome to This Week in Watches for February 8, 2020.  Let’s get into some news!

Chronoswiss Regulator Blue Steel

First up on This Week in Watches is the Chronoswiss Regulator Blue Steel. Here, we have a blue PVD-treated steel watch in 41mm that’s intended to bring out the dashboard of a car. All things considered, the brand’s C295 automatic gets things done in regulator style with isolated hands for the hours, minutes and seconds. A hand colored Louisiana crocodile tie keeps this wild watch lashed to your wrist. Shockingly, I like this crazy colored case, yet acknowledge it’s not for everybody. The new Chronoswiss retails for CHF 4,950/€4,850/$4,400 and can be found on the company’s .

Longines HydroConquest in Green

For our second piece on This Week in Watches, Longines has delivered another green variation of its well known HydroConquest jumper and it’s available in either 41 or 43mm diameters.  While blue has been the sweetheart of the watch world throughout the last couple years, it appears to be green is presently making an entrance. Joyfully, the watches are available on either a steel bracelet or green elastic lash that matches the dial and ceramic bezel. Inside, we have the L888.3 automatic with 64 hours of force hold, which is the ETA A31.L01. Longines has priced this most up to date watch at €1,390 and more data can be found on the and that feels like an entirely approachable price.

Geckota C-04 Space Age Racing Chronograph

Next up on This Week in Watches is the Geckota C-04 Space Age Racing Chronograph. This is a micro brand out of England that makes some nice, clean looking watches that retail effortlessly. This 40mm Seiko Meca-Quartz fueled chronograph has a domed acrylic crystal, sapphire tachymeter bezel and a hand set that I find diversely satisfying. The watches come in an assortment of tones and a bracelet or different ties can be selected. At the generally €350 section cost, it appears to be advantageous to check out the .

That’s just for This Week in Watches. Make the most of your weekend!