Hey group, it’s time during the current Week in Watches and we have bunches of information this week!  I’m previously tuning in to Bublé and might want to hit it up – so let’s get into it!

RJ Watches ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon

First up on This Week in Watches is the RJ Watches Spider-Man Carbon.  This 100-piece, 45mm carbon-cased watch includes an in-house RJ-3005 manual breeze development that resembles it’s coasting in a spider’s web.  The case back is done in titanium and has some pretty cool Spider-Man engravings on it.  Honestly, I’m at an age where I look affectionately upon my comic book purchasing days and I’m sure there are other (far more well off) individuals who feel the same.  At 19,200 Euros, they’ll be getting something a smidgen more complex than a book.  I burrow it…you can discover more here on the RJ Watches .

RJ Watches Star Twist

Next up on This Week in Watches is a second piece from RJ (actually no, not our RJ) called the Star Twist.  These are 39mm pieces in one or the other gold (26,900 Euros) or titanium (13,600 Euros) and contain a programmed development with date.  What’s cool here is the mother-of-pearl dial with four layers of paint portraying the Milky Way.  But what’s significantly cooler is the jeweled bezel that can be spun at fast with simply the flick of a finger.  I sort of need a partner to get one of these so I could trouble the watch during meetings.  There are four distinctive shading dials with various combinations of jeweled bezels.  Check them out .

Certina DS Action

The next watch on This Week in Watches is the Certina DS Action, a quartz jumper that appeared in the most recent month or somewhere in the vicinity, however hit our post boxes this week.  This is a 300 meter jumper with a chronometer-certified ETA Precidrive quartz.  These 43mm watches are accessible in steel on wristband with blue, dark or green dials at 590 Euros.  A titanium alternative exists on arm band with dim dial for 735 Euros.  For more data, head to Certina’s .

Moser Endeavor Vantablack

Now, Moser dropped a watch this week that I’d consider doing awful things to acquire.  The watch is the Endeavor Toubillon Vantablack.  If you don’t understand what Vantablack is, go find it as it is the most obscure material on Earth.  It assimilates light and makes typical dark look, indeed, not so black.  BMW showed a vehicle painted in the stuff and it was awesome.  Ditto for this boss Moser that sports a tourbillon and a 42mm white gold case.  I don’t understand what it costs as it wasn’t in the press material, yet in the event that I did terrible things, I’d ensure they were for enough to get one of these!  Come up with your own poorly conceived notions here on Moser’s .

Eberhard Traversetolo Vitré

Next we have an Eberhard Traversetolo Vitré with another blue dial and lash made of “technical fabric”.  The Traversetolo is a watch on the lively side of things and comes in at 43mm and has a dazzling looking manual breeze movement.  There are some gorgeous white rings indicating both the minutes and seconds inside a sub dial.  Unfortunately, pricing wasn’t given, yet you can investigate more on the watch on Eberhard’s .

Panerai Luminor Due 42mm Goldtech

Panerai sent us information on two new 42mm forms of its Luminor Due.  These are done in Goldtech, the brand’s combination with a warm copper tone, yet additionally with platinum.  PAM010141 has a dark sandwich dial while PAM01042 has a white dial with applied lume.

Alligator lashes are fitted as standard.  The watches will retail for 19,900 Euros.  Personally, I think they look fantastic.  The in-house P900 sits inside and has a 3-day power reserve.  Head to for more information.

Aquadive Blue Edition

Last however not least, Aquadive sent us expression of another Blue Edition in their exemplary Bathyscape case.  The watch has a blue dial and blue clay bezel.  Good for 1000 meters, the watch will come with both blue and dark ISOfrane straps.  The 43mm case has a haul to drag of 50mm and is a generally thin 12.5mm in thickness.  Inside, there’s an ETA 2892.  We’re told that retail pricing is $1,890 and you can discover more .

Folks, that’s it during the current Week in Watches – make the most of your weekend!