Somewhere in 2014, Balazs composed an article on two potential sleeper watches. His clarification in those days: “

Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80

Out of the two models he gave, the Omega Seamaster 300M (or Seamaster Diver 300M as it is alluded to it by Omega today) was one. A watch that was presented in 1993, first as quartz just (2541.80), not long after with a programmed (type 1109, later on with their type 1120) development also (2531.80). The Omega Seamaster 300M truly got distinction when it was utilized in the James Bond motion pictures since ‘GoldenEye’ (1995) where entertainer Brosnan previously had the quartz model on this wrist and later on the programmed form. With unique highlights for a spy of course.

Besides the three-hand rendition, Omega likewise presented the Seamaster 300M Chronograph and a Seamaster 300M GMT. A portion of the models opened up in an assortment of materials and sizes (steel, titanium, gold/steel, gold/titanium, gold, gold/steel/tantalum). Back to the ‘regular’ 41mm width Seamaster 300M however. The 2531.80 would be the reference to be tended to as sleeper in Balazs’ article from 2014. The quartz rendition (2541.80) appear to have expanded in an incentive also, as costs today will coordinate that of the programmed variant in 2014.

Image by Gerard Nijenbrinks


The arm band of the Omega Seamaster 300M got as much love as it was reviled on, yet in the end it sealed to be a truly comfortable wristband. With a jumpers expansion. An elastic tie could likewise be requested for the Seamaster 300M, a blue twofold furrowed lash with collapsing clasp was one of the accessible decisions at that point. I requested one, a lot later, for my Seamaster 300M Chronograph Diver.

Image by Gerard Nijenbrinks

Always Go Full-Set

If we adhere to the ur-model, the 2531.80 otherwise called ‘Bond’ watch, the worth has expanded effectively over the most recent couple of years. Hope to pay around €1800 for this watch in great to mint condition, maybe even somewhat more. Focus that everything is there, as this will part of the way impact the incentive eventually. Think about all the right booklets, guarantee card, pictogram card, red calfskin box (the more established ones can be in lovely helpless condition because of the pre-owned material) and the white cardboard external box. Ensure you will get all the connections that ought to be with the wristband (counting a half-interface) and that the arm band doesn’t show a lot stretch. The slight connections (4 in each line) ought to be cleaned, the rest ought to be matte. Because of awful cleaning occupations, or by every day wear for longer than 10 years, the brushed completion may have vanished a piece. No concerns, this can be fixed (yet will cost time and cash). The fasten was/is a simple one to scratch due to the brushed completion and because of the enormous size, yet on the off chance that these aren’t excessively profound, it very well may be fixed. Variants before 1997 have tritium lume on the dial and hands, forms from and after 1997 ought to have Super-LumiNova.

As consistently, you rather spend a smidgen more to get a model that doesn’t need work, than intuition you got a modest arrangement and you need to go through a ton of money to get it all corrected.

Depending on the creation year, you can get marginally various forms of guarantee cards and booklets. There is no distinction in an incentive over these cycles, simply ensure you get all that has a place with the watch.

One other variety that I believe merits referencing is the 2254.50. This model, with dark dial, triangle/trapezoid formed hour markers and Speedmaster-style wristband, is a touch more uncommon and secretive. The estimation of these is marginally over the reference 2531.80, yet very little. The principle issue is that these are somewhat harder to source.

Why Now? Prices

This watch has been a sleeper for quite a while. I purchased my initial one of every 2000 (and I recollect that they had a retail cost of 3410 Guilders, which is about €1540 Euro). The 2531.80 has been underway from 1993 till around 2006. It was then supplanted by an adaptation with a Co-Axial development (type 2500), reference 2220.80. Other than the development, a couple of little restorative changes went into the dial (applied hour markers f.i.). Again later on, Omega dropped the work of art and particular wave design dial for dark enamel and began utilizing earthenware production for the bezel (reference The sticker price of the flow blue dial Omega Seamaster 300M is €3600.

Back in 2011, a used Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80 brought around €1100-€1200, for a full set. Today, the quartz model will bring somewhat more than that. Also, as referenced over, a full set Seamaster 300M 2531.80 will be around €1800 relying upon the condition.

If you tallied with us, this year points the 25th commemoration of the Omega Seamaster 300M. A decent second to think about this piece. For quite a while, this watch had 1990’s composed on top of it for me. Particularly because of the arm band with its numerous connections. Be that as it may, subsequent to having bought the chronograph jumper 2296.80 (Ti/Ta/Rose gold) a year ago, the tingle began a piece. I have purchased and sold various Seamaster 300M 2531.80 watches, and since the previous summer I began to search for a decent proposition. That was the point at which I saw that the costs went up again and that it becomes more hard to track down deals. The Seamaster 300M more likely than not been – presumably still is – one of the bread and butter looks for Omega, for a very long time at this point. So I am somewhat amazed that a site like Chrono24 for instance, just records 31 of them.

With the 25th birthday celebration of the Seamaster 300M, a model that has barely gone unaltered (actually has the 1990’s looking arm band, yet the watch looks great on NATO also), it very well may be an ideal opportunity to perceive this watch as a work of art and commend its anniversary.

For Bond fans, there is a whole line-up of restricted releases and unique renditions, including the new ‘ Commander’s Watch ‘. For an outline of the Bond models, go here .

The flow Omega Seamaster 300M Diver assortment can be found .