Travel back with me to October 2012 to, out of every other place on earth, Fukuoka, Japan. I’d been to Japan ordinarily yet truly just to Tokyo, however work had taken me toward the Southern piece of the country and I was eager to see something other than what’s expected. Indeed, it was diverse somely, yet from numerous points of view, the litter of little eateries, gadgets stores and, normally, a large baseball arena helped me to remember the country’s largest city. All things considered, it was here, in the wake of experiencing the regular “camera shops” for such countless years and appreciating brands like Seiko, Orient, Casio, and Citizen that the bug at long last tore into me. It’s difficult to accept, however it was during this excursion that I purchased my first new Seiko and it was, and is, an exceptional one. Today, we should investigate the restricted version Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna.

As referenced, I’d been visiting Japan on a moderately, how about we call it yearly, reason for a decent 3-4 years and I generally wound up meandering the camera shops like Bic or Yodabashi. I’d take a gander at the Swiss watches, can’t help thinking about why the Grand Seikos were so pined for, and at last purchase a Casio Frogman or some G-Shock that I was unable to get in Europe or the USA. Be that as it may, some way or another, and I have no memory of how, I got myself online in mid 2012 taking a gander at pictures of early Seiko jump watches. I cherished the appearance of watches like the 6105 “Skipper Willard” and even the 62MAS , yet the first 6159 Tuna was so diverse to anything that I had at any point looked at that I chose to find a fresher one during my next outing to Japan. All things considered, the vintage 6159’s were truly hard to source in the West and I thought minimal about how to look in Japan (read more here for how I tackled that issue). In any case, what might I buy?

At that time, one truly had four essential options while thinking about a Seiko Tuna ( offers a superb survey of all thing Tuna). At the best quality, there was the all dark programmed “Sovereign” Tuna SBDX011 with 1000m of water obstruction. I eventually added one of these, however at well more than $2,000 at that point, it was excessive for my initial raid into the species.

Then, there was the all dark quartz “Darth” Tuna SBBN013 bragging a similarly great 1000m water opposition and coming in at around 70-75% of the expense of the programmed. It was still excessively expensive – all things considered, who pays that much for a quartz? Indeed, I had a long way to go about Seiko.

And at that point, there were the 300m quartz adaptations, either with a pure (ref SBBN017) or dark decorated bezel (SBBN015).

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These came in well beneath $1,000 relying upon the estimation of the Japanese Yen and, in spite of my descending look at being battery-controlled, appeared to earn a ton of online applause for their fabricate quality and heartiness. These last watches appeared to be a decent spot to begin. So how could I come upon a crackpot like the Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna? More on that in a minute.

As a short aside, it’s significant that the Marinemaster Tuna assortment I depict above, comprehensive of the Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna, made up a truly pleasant tight assortment from the brand. The four ordinary creation models were delivered simultaneously in this structure for quite a long while and their replacements proceed on today, yet for certain prominent updates. The assortment that was accessible up until around three years prior contained hands suggestive of the first 6159 Tuna and for a ton of gatherers, that is huge. Moreover, the more established pieces managed without coatings like DiaShield and accompanied the stiffer polyurethane ties. The level dark coatings, particularly on the covers, bring the higher profundity evaluated dark pieces somewhat more into line with more established models. I don’t say this to vilify the current setup of Tunas – I particularly love the two-tone form offered today – yet the previous arrangement feels like one that authorities are beginning to consider. They’re the remainder of the old plan, however they’re completely present day regarding execution.

Returning to Fukuoka and Japan all in all, I think we’ve examined the country’s fixation on restricted version items. In the event that we haven’t, indeed, the fixation is out and out surprising. Think about that Pepsi items, for certain genuinely dreadful sounding flavors, that are delivered month to month and in a restricted style, are frequently welcomed with gigantic lines. Likewise, stores regularly state have signs outside asking the individuals who stay outdoors for the time being for a restricted version item to if it’s not too much trouble, regard neighbors who are likely attempting to snooze close by lofts. Indeed, the otaku in Japan go crazy for most things restricted. Furthermore, with that, it was an astonishment to me when I chose to search for a 300m Tuna that I discovered the restricted version Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna. It was staying there in the Prospex part of a Bic camera shop close to the typical 300m Tunas and a couple other “Golgo 13-themed” Seikos. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what Golgo 13 is, don’t feel terrible, as I didn’t all things considered. Yet, I loved the restricted idea of the watch (hello, I was in Japan) and, by and large, the aesthetic.

It turns out that Duke Golgo, star character of the mainstream comic book, or manga, arrangement Golgo 13 merited a bunch of watches as a team with Seiko, or possibly somebody suspected as much. It’s a stretch, yet it sort of makes a perfect companion to my Omega Speedmaster “TinTin” in case we’re on the comics topic. In finding out about the character, he’s evidently a soldier of fortune for recruit who puts everything in order. Think about a “available” James Bond and I suppose you wouldn’t be excessively far off. At any rate, to commend the character, Seiko came out with a restricted arrangement of four watches. You had the fish, a programmed Landmaster on a Bund lash (it was enticing, however I was unable to wander), a motor chronograph and afterward an odd computerized watch. The subject was something like land, ocean, air and office (perhaps???) for that computerized example. The Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna alongside the others were done in covert all-dark PVD-covered cases and included just white and a bit of what I’d call dim pink on the dial. I assume there’s some Golgo subject in the tone choices.

The Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna, made in a cluster of 500, contrasts dial-wise from the ordinary 300m adaptations with dull pink lines on the dial that are intended to bring out the focus of an expert sharpshooter scope. Duke strangely foregoes the utilization of a long-range rifle in the books in return for his weapon of decision, the M-16. Hello, why shoot somebody once when you can strip off heaps of rounds immediately? I stray… The whole case is covered in a polished PVD that looks pretty smooth, however is a genuine magnet for fingerprints. Another cool detail of note is the dim pink bolt at the highest point of the bezel. That bezel, in case you’re intrigued, is uni-directional and clicks with substantial exactness. Tie astute, the Golgo Tuna comes furnished with the solid as-damnation elastic lash and PVD-covered clasp and manager. You can see that I traded that with 22mm dark cross section. The last bears the “Golgo 13” logo. While I don’t typically think often about bundling, and with Seiko – it’s ordinarily utilitarian regardless of the value; the brand went all out on this restricted release. Inside a dark cardboard box bearing the Golgo logo sits a vinyl-shrouded case that includes a chrome covered opening catch. When opened, the watch lays in a froth knitted box. For any individual who claims long firearms or has watched “the Day of the Jackal“, this is a truly cool portrayal of a weapon case. Thus, while the bundling actually obstructs space in a cabinet, it’s professional and a truly decent touch.

If you’ve never taken a stab at a 300m Tuna and love the look yet are worried about its large 47mm case, you deserve to try one out. Hell, they even fit me. These watches are minuscule and with a case thickness that reasonably sits in the 14mm territory (it finishes out over 15mm when you consider the tidal wave logo and the focal point of the somewhat domed Hardlex gem), they wear much better than one would envision. The case contrasts on Tunas, for example, on this Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna, aren’t so natural to spot from online pictures. I compare them to ages of the Star Trek USS Enterprise (I love that banner, coincidentally) where all the adaptations are connected, however they’re simply unique enough.   Per model, in contrast to the larger 1000m Tunas, the more modest variants contain hauls that broaden somewhat from the case and incorporate penetrated openings. This makes the expansion of, say, a cross section band like you have here, a NATO, or even an ordinary tie definitely less abnormal than on the enormous boys.

The Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna houses the incredible 7-gem 7C46 quartz development. This development has been around since the 1970’s it’s actually utilized today. It really sits inside the more costly 1000m forms too and is known to be incredibly hearty and exact with greatest addition/deficiency of 15 seconds of the month. It’s likewise amazingly proficient with batteries frequently enduring over 5 years (mine is as yet going). The marked screw-down crown hacks the development, sets the time and permits the client to change the day (between English or Japanese kanji) and date. There’s little fight here and it just works.

I like the appearance of the Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna and I’m happy I gotten it, yet I by one way or another imagine that a typical 300 Tuna would have seen more use at this point. I’m somewhat hesitant to chip this one and the tones are somewhat less viable for regular use. In any case, it’s a remarkable looking watch and the quality is unquestionably there. To the extent the purchasing experience, it was genuinely funny. There I was, addressing a sales rep that solitary communicated in Japanese and we some way or another got by. The more entertaining part was that the watch just continued getting less expensive. In the first place, it was on an extraordinary advancement and afterward I saved another 5 or 10% by utilizing a Visa card. I at that point saved 6% on VAT with my identification and afterward they tossed in a completely abnormal, not all that manly, hanky (because of Visa, once more). It was an agreeable and extremely Japanese exchange that injury up at around 79,000 JPY: not terrible for a watch that retailed for 126,000 JPY! Ok, and I got a couple limited time leaflets that Seiko made particularly for this watch since I’m that kind of geek. At that point, the Golgo sold on eBay for about $1,200 so this one was apparently all around purchased. Today, a couple are recorded that range from $2,000 – 3,600. I’d question that there are takers at that cost, however who knows?

Since purchasing the Seiko Marinemaster 300 Golgo Tuna, I’ve proceeded to add 3 additional Tunas (alright, one more is in transit) and they’re effectively among my number one watches. They’re for the most part illogical, colossally polarizing, yet so darn remarkable. The Golgo may not see a great deal of wrist time, however I figure it will consistently stay in my assortment. All things considered, it was my first…