Normally, our patron Gerard discusses one of his watches in this 52Mondayz element. While he is appreciating a merited occasion, I chose to do this week’s review for 52Mondayz. It took some time before I chose which watch I needed to cover, however experiencing my humble assortment I discovered my trusty Seiko SKX007.

Without further ado, here’s the Seiko SKX007.

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX007

I don’t need to delve into the subtleties of the historical backdrop of the Seiko SKX007. It succeeded the Seiko 7002 of every 1996 and looks very comparable from the start sight. The 7002 was the replacement during the 1980s of the well known and entirely collectible 6309. In the event that you need to peruse more about those, you may appreciate this article .

The Seiko SKX007 is essential for the 7S26 arrangement, which alludes to the development. Indeed, Seiko orders them as 5S arrangement. In any case, the Seiko SKX007 is there for more than 20 years is still well known today. Why? That’s simple. It is an extraordinary watch for a fascinating (low) cost. It is a watch that can undoubtedly be your every day rocker for longer than 10 years, absent a lot of issue. It comes on an elastic lash or celebration type arm band (for €20 extra). I accepted mine without unique motivation to be straightforward, I discovered everybody to be so extraordinarily certain about the Seiko SKX007 that I needed to understand what the buzz was about. So I purchased two, one for my father and one for myself. My father has been wearing this watch each day since and separated from a scratch on the precious stone, it resembles new.

Mine has a simpler life, as I have more watches to look over. With a Seiko Marinemaster 300 as an afterthought, it is hard for this Seiko SKX007 to get some wrist time. That is perhaps the best watch I’ve come across in my watch life to be straightforward, yet it has a sticker price that is very nearly multiple times as high (retail prices).

A Bargain Watch

The Seiko SKX007 has an authority retail cost of €340 Euro, however I don’t need to clarify you that Google does ponders to that. It improves it even a watch at a limited cost. Truth be told, there are no watches that come really near the Seiko SKX007 in this value range. Certainly, it has a few defects and things you can censure, however for this cash it sounds barely reasonable for do. Or on the other hand right? In the event that I could consider one imperfection that Seiko is known for on this watch, several different references, it is the bezel arrangement. On the Seiko SKX007, however I additionally went over this on the Seiko Monster, Seiko Sumo and some SRP (Turtle) models.

I additionally comprehend why it is troublesome, as the watch a few arrangements to rely upon for the bezel. The development to the case, the case to the bezel teeth, the bezel to the addition and obviously the dial to the development. The smallest bigotry will bring about a skewed bezel. That’s where the enormous contrasts lies with their very good quality watches (Marinemaster) or watches from other top of the line marks, the resistances get more modest (and it is much more costly to work with more modest resiliences). So eventually, you either need to discover harmony in these skewed bezels or should set aside to buy one of the watches that is viewed as more top of the line. The expense cost of the Seiko SKX007 is most likely very low, and just such a lot of time and exertion can be spend on these subtleties. Sounds reasonable for me.

The hardened steel case estimates 42.5mm and has 22mm hauls. As should be obvious, the crown is situated at 4 o’clock, so no senseless ‘crown marks’ on your hands here. The crown has not been marked (nor is the crown on my Marinemaster), is not difficult to unscrew and set the time, date and day. The completion looking into the issue is past assumption in this value level, it is pleasantly done and no sharp edges. There is little data on the dial, exactly how I like it. The brand name, the way that it is a programmed winding watch and a day and date. Obviously, there’s the “Diver’s 200m” sign in red, at 6 o’clock. It makes the generally monochrome dial a smidgen more striking. The day and date pointers are white circles with dark printing. You may have favored it the alternate way ’round, however as my eyes are getting more seasoned, I like this difference. It is this thing where usefulness wins it from aesthetics.

7S26 Automatic Movement

As composed over, the Seiko 7S26 development was acquainted in 1996 with supplant the 7002. The type 7S26 ticks at 21600vph, has 21 gems and a day and date complication. It has a couple of updates (7S26A, 7S26B and 7S26C) and the development has likewise been the beginning stage for Seiko to build up their type 6R15. The 6R has a SPRON 510 origin (diverse material) and does hack and manual breeze, where the 7S26 consistently continues to run and can’t be twisted physically. As should be obvious, my SKX007 has the last update of the development (7S26C) that was presented in 2011. The development has a force hold of 40 hours and winds in both directions.

Seiko type 7S26

The Seiko Caliber 7S26 is an exceptionally straightforward yet hearty development. It utilizes Seiko’s Magic Lever winding framework, that utilizes just four moving parts. The rotor, the ‘Magic Lever’ and two wheels. The Magic Lever winding framework is a creation from 1959 and has been ‘updated’ as the years progressed. The video underneath shows how this winding framework works.

In the end, it is an exceptionally cost effective development that does what it ought to do. As should be obvious, the completion is practically non-existent yet the development isn’t noticeable in any case and it would add genuine harm to the cost of this Seiko SKX007. Would it change much for you at any rate? The Seiko SKX007 and its 7S26 development is a work-horse.

The Great Wave or Tsunami

As appeared above and beneath, the case back of the Seiko SKX007 shows the ‘Tsunami’. Despite the fact that I utilized a few pictures of Hokusai’s Great Wave drawing, there is no authority association between the Tsunami logo and Hokusai’s Great Wave drawing(s). The logo on the Seiko case back has been utilized for quite a long time (mid-1960s, on the Seiko Silverwave ), yet never was guaranteed by Seiko to be a duplicate of the Great Wave. It may have been a motivation however, in spite of the fact that Hokusai’s work predominantly centered around the mount Fuji. The actual wave is additionally somewhat extraordinary and where Seiko discusses ‘Tsunami’, Hokusai’s work is an Okinami. An intriguing and inside and out investigation has been composed on Watchuseek in 2009, .

Seiko’s Tsunami

Besides the Tsunami, the case back shows some data about the development, material and its chronic number. As should be obvious, mine beginnings with 49xxxx. This implies mine is delivered in 2014, 9th month (September).

Get the Seiko SKX007, now!

Really, there is no motivation not to purchase this watch. Regardless of whether you are searching for that ideal ever day mechanical watch, a occasion beater or just to add a huge watch to your assortment, you can’t miss the Seiko SKX007. It is a basic diver’s watch that can do the work right, without anything extravagant going on. Maybe this is even the most impressive mechanical watch available anywhere, I will surrender that to you. Regardless of whether you have your Rolex, Omega, IWC or Panerai diver’s watches, at the cost of an elastic lash for some of them, you can add this Seiko SKX007 to your assortment also, and it won’t disillusion. It most likely isn’t great, yet neither should you compare it to a Marinemaster, Seamaster, Submariner, Luminor or Aquatimer. I have both the elastic lash and celebration style arm band, albeit the celebration looks very cool on this watch, I do incline toward the elastic harmonica tie. You can likewise put it on NATO or some other tie you wish of course.

Official cost for the Seiko SKX007K1 (elastic) is €340, the SKX007K2 (hardened steel arm band) is €360. These are the retail costs inside the EU, including deals tax.

Seiko type 7S26 Seiko SKX007 Seiko’s Tsunami