One of the things of the 2019 Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gift is an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera planned by Daniel Craig. A vehicle that comes with a ‘free’ Omega Seamaster 300M ‘007’ in platinum, just 7 pieces.

I had never known about Neiman Marcus, not to mention their yearly Fantasy Gifts. A more intensive look shows a $70.000 extravagance doghouse from Rockstar Puppy (by Denise Richards), which incorporates a video visit with Denise. Or then again what to think about an exceptional pair of Christian Louboutin for $125.000. Or then again what might be said about a date with Jeff Staple (shoe creator), and on top of a sentimental supper with him, you will get eight sets of his coordinated effort tennis shoes. Sticker price? $110.000, and that’s without the choice of having your shoes endorsed by your date.

Perhaps the above says more regarding me than about Neiman Marcus, however I am enormously confounded by this. It isn’t my reality, and it won’t ever be, regardless of whether I had the monetary assets. In any case, I surmise Neiman Marcus knows their demographic best and chose to add an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, planned by Daniel Craig. In view of the pictures, I don’t realize what is decisively that not quite the same as the customary DBS Superleggera, frankly. In any case, at the cost of $700,007, you won’t just get the vehicle, yet additionally one pass to London (I expect it will be First Class), two passes to the No Time To Die film (make a nearby companion rapidly for that additional ticket, or lease one) and obviously, one of the 7 restricted release Seamaster 300M watches in platinum. Neiman Marcus will give 12% of each Fantasy Gift buy to charity.

Our companions over at did somewhat of an investigation on the Aston Martin, . Up until this point, it appears to be the lone thing Neiman Marcus did was having a Photoshop meeting on existing photos of the Aston Martin for certain insignificant changes. Let’s trust they will really plan something cool for the vehicle that will make it worthwhile.

Omega Seamaster 300M 007 Platinum

Anyway, my advantage is exclusively in the Omega Seamaster 300M 007 model in platinum, which depends on the version I looked into here . The case and wristband are a unique compound of platinum and gold ( like the Speedmaster Platinum Caliber 321 ). The 42mm case depends on the 300M model, and the platinum dial shows likeness with the prior presented ‘007’ restricted versions with the firearm barrel theme. The watch includes a Bond family emblem plan at 12 o’clock, and a similar family peak hand-engraved and platinum-filled on the sapphire precious stone caseback. On the dial, you’ll discover the hour markers and hands made of 18K white gold, obviously. Much the same as the Globemaster in platinum that was presented in 2015, the sewing on the cowhide tie is additionally finished with platinum. The collapsing fasten is additionally made of this platinum and gold compound, of course.

This restricted release Omega Seamaster 300M ‘007’ is controlled by the in-house created and produced type 8807 development. It’s Master Chronometer confirmed, however that nearly abandons saying.

It is one of only a handful few watches that Omega is offering in full platinum, which means it incorporates a platinum wristband. It looks amazing, as I would like to think, and as I composed above, I am more amped up for this watch than about the Aston Martin. An old buddy of mine used to claim an Aston Martin DB9 and his ‘there are only two magnificent days as the proprietor of an Aston Martin, the day you get it and the one you sell it’ comment demolished the fantasy about possessing one a piece for me. In any case, if you’re a 007 stalwart and have the monetary assets, it very well may be an energizing bundle bargain for $700,007.

That said, I think the customary 300M Bond form in titanium with its lattice wristband energizes me more than the entirety of the above.

More data can be found on the Neiman Marcus .