After numerous years, I’ve discovered my introduction to the world year Speedmaster 145.022-76. Having a watch from your time of birth is something to which numerous devotees aspire.

In my assessment, the best thing is the point at which your folks got one in your introduction to the world year and took care of it for you. In any case, I surmise not every person is so fortunate (I wasn’t). at that point you should locate your own watch. This implies that you can buy the watch you truly extravagant, of course.

This article is about my own mission for a birth year watch. One that took me around 15 years to locate the ideal piece.

Year of Birth 145.022-76

Ever since I have been nibbled by the Speedmaster bug, it was my objective to discover a reference from my time of birth (1977). Effectively in 2003, I began to look for a Speedmaster that was delivered or sold in 1977, yet with the exception of the Speedmaster LCD model ( bought one also ) or a periodic Mark IV, I essentially couldn’t discover a Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ from this year.

There are shops that publicize with finding a watch from your time of birth. On the off chance that you’ve been to the Burlington Arcade in London, you’ve likely seen the two windows loaded with Rolex watches arranged by year. Scanning on the web for a watch, for this situation, a Speedmaster, is a lot simpler obviously. Particularly with sites like , it is not difficult to utilize the channels to choose the creation year of a watch.


Back to the year 2003. Back then, there wasn’t as much data on the Speedmaster out there as there is today. Throw Maddox worked really hard of reporting all that had to do with the Speedmaster, and there was the Moonwatch, Saga and Time Capsule book on Speedmasters. That was about it. In 2005 it was individual authority Jean-Michel from France who offered me a Speedmaster that he thought was from 1977.

I couldn’t be more joyful, yet subsequent to opening the case he discovered it was a 145.022-76. Indeed, you read it accurately. That is in reality the correct reference number for a 1977, however much to our dismay at that point and I was looking for a Speedmaster Professional 145.022-77. A reference that doesn’t exist, as we probably are aware at this point. The Omega Museum & Archives were not however open as they may be today, and my relationship with Omega was quite non-existing around then (not totally obvious, as I had a few contacts with the then Archivist).

Reference and Serial Number

It required a significant stretch of time to discover it was really the Speedmaster 145.022-76 I was after. The issue however is that you need to know the chronic number. This chronic number was not engraved in the drag as it is today, however on the development (likewise frequently alluded to as development number by Omega, not to mistake for type number). As you most likely are aware, at whatever point you see a vintage Speedmaster available to be purchased – and let me reveal to you it harms a tad to call a watch from my birthyear ‘vintage’ – the merchant doesn’t effortlessly promote with the sequential number.

Another issue is, that when you do have the chronic number, you should have the option to check it. Omega offers a decent Extract of the Archives administration , however it is very tedious for them to look into the data having a place with the watch, so you would prefer not to hassle them all the time.


Meanwhile, Omega began charging 120 Swiss Francs for this help, so it additionally isn’t something you need to do until you find that Speedmaster from a particular creation year. There are a few graphs and tables skimming on the web, where you can look into the creation year dependent on the chronic number, yet these have been demonstrated to be very inaccurate.

They are helpful to have a gauge yet to truly see whether your watch is from a specific year, you need to check with the Omega documents. Or then again, buy a watch that actually comes with its unique papers that are stepped or marked 1977 (or whatever year). Indeed, even this can be interesting, as you will find that there are a lot of clear Omega papers available to be purchased on eBay, that can be effectively filled in by somebody today.


In the interim, around 2008 or 2009, I abandoned the Speedmaster 145.022-76 from 1977 and bought a Rolex Submariner Date reference 1680 from my introduction to the world year. Not totally the equivalent, but rather I thought I’d appreciate it as much as a Speedmaster 145.022-76 from 1977. With Rolex, the following of chronic numbers is somewhat simpler or better reported, so it didn’t take long to discover one. In any case, I didn’t appreciate it. All things considered, I was unable to try and mind less it was from 1977. It was a pleasant watch, however it didn’t do anything exceptional for me and sold it very little later. I additionally began gathering Speedmasters (once more) around that time, something I had not been effectively doing anymore.

I ensured I had a few notices on sites like Chrono24 set up, so at whatever point something ‘1977’ in combination with ‘Speedmaster’ would be offered available to be purchased, I’d get an email. Also, I got messages, yet consistently on Mark IV , LCD or different varieties. At that point, in 2014, I bought another Rolex from 1977, this time a GMT-Master reference 1675 . This was at that point nearer to the heart, as it likewise had a conspicuous spot in the (Apollo) space history. Accordingly, I love the 1675 and it wasn’t my first (had a 1971 model previously). Yet, the yearn for a Speedmaster 145.022-76 couldn’t be stilled. As my (still unobtrusive) assortment of Speedmasters developed, the requirement for a birth year reference additionally expanded. Yet, nothing happened.

A Special E-Mail

Then, one day in March 2018, I got an email from one of our perusers with a commitment on a Speedmaster that he obtained around 2011. Despite the fact that we’ve just distributed that story , here’s a recap:

The individual who kept in touch with me was in a gathering one day with a collaborator. This collaborator revealed to him that his uncle, who was the proprietor of a gems store, had died and that they were sell everything inside and lease the space to another person. The greater part of the watches and stock were sold back to the merchants and brands, as the relationship with them had consistently been acceptable. In any case, there was likewise a watch that they found in the proprietor’s private office that wasn’t sold back. The essayist of the email was welcomed by his collaborator to examine this watch thus he did.

A display area model

A few days after the fact, he wound up in a completely unfilled previous gem retailer. A previous salesman of the shop likewise accompanied them, and he showed a little square black box with “Omega” imprinted on top. Inside, there was a perfect looking Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, with all additional items still there, incorporating the tag with the chronic number, reference number, and type number. What’s more, three little booklets. A guarantee booklet (unstamped, as it was rarely sold), a guidance manual for the chronograph, and an assistance booklet.

Even the red spot was still there looking into the issue back. That demonstrated that this watch had not been opened since. The previous sales rep clarified that they had been utilizing this watch in the last part of the 1970s and mid 1980s as an exhibit piece for possible clients. A display area model. In those years, the mechanical Speedmaster wasn’t mainstream there and they generally sold quartz watches. At the point when they sold a mechanical watch, it was at any rate one with a self-winding development. This Speedmaster 145.022-76 was simply never sold and consistently had been kept apart.

A essentially unworn +30-year-old watch

Although he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the creation year, he chose to get it in any case and have a decent dead stock Speedmaster. That is now a chalice to numerous Speedmaster lovers. To discover a basically unworn +30-year-old watch takes some doing. He carried it to his watchmaker, to have it checked. The gasket (o-ring) had become tacky, so that has been supplanted by the watchmaker.

The type 861 copper hued development itself looked pristine, and the number inside the case back was 145.022-76. On the development, they additionally saw the chronic number (coordinating the number on the first tag). Being a 39.9million chronic number, it dated back to 1977 as per the outlines on the web. Yet, as I composed previously, these can be a piece off.

Image from our reader

Speedmaster 145.022-76

Now, the proprietor who sent me the above story kept in touch with me that he would not like to wear the Omega Speedmaster 145.022-76. As it was presently a +40-year-old watch, that just sat in its case being pretty, I inquired as to whether he would leave behind it. He let me realize that it was not available to be purchased, which I regarded. I made him an offer however, an exchange, and he was allowed to hit me up at whatever point he needed, or not. A couple of months after the fact, I got again an email from him that he had given it an idea and he was prepared for the exchange. So we did.

It took some time, as we are not by and large situated close to one another, and indeed, he will get his watch from me, in the blink of an eye now. I was adequately fortunate to get his watch in mid 2019. On a (Speedy) Tuesday! Eventually, it was a serious issue, as you can envision I would prefer not to see something like this (or the watch I exchanged it against) loses all sense of direction in the delivery interaction. In this way, with the assistance of some old buddies (expresses gratitude toward Ben and Silene), I had the option to get the watch recently.

Colombia 1978

Now, as indicated by the documents, the creation date isn’t accessible. This implies I am as yet in obscurity about the specific year of this Speedmaster 145.022-76. The sequential is too high to ever be a 1976 watch, and as indicated by the Omega chronicles, it has been conveyed to Colombia in 1978. As indicated by the splendid work of the,  , which has an information base dependent on submitted removes from authorities, the creation of my 145.022-76 traces all the way back to July 1977.

To Wear Or Not To Wear

Although I said to myself, I will simply wear this Speedmaster 145.022-76, I need to concede that I have not been wearing this watch much since I got it. Would I truly like to wear it? I didn’t buy this Speedmaster as a speculation or to exchange, despite what might be expected. What is the purpose of having a Speedmaster that you don’t wear in any case on the off chance that you didn’t get it as an interest in any case? None. So I wear it sporadically, yet with more consideration than I typically have for my watches.

The Speedmaster 145.022-76 doesn’t have a solitary scratch or ‘spot’, including the all unique 1171/633 arm band. It is basically new. It can’t be that after such a long time, I at last found the thing I was pursuing and I am not putting it on my wrist. Correct? I wear my gold Speedmaster Moonshine practically on an every day base, and it has various scratches and I couldn’t care less. Some way or another, it is not quite the same as this 1977 magnificence, it has been in perfect condition for more than 40 years, I simply need to take care it stays beautiful.

I trust my girl will do the same

Another thing I considered, is saving this watch for my girl to have when she has a specific age. However, as I composed toward the beginning of this article “the best thing is the point at which your folks got one in your introduction to the world year and took care of it for you.” This watch isn’t from her introduction to the world. It is from mine. Thus I purchased a watch in her time of birth. She can have that when she is more seasoned, instead.

I believe that is additionally more significant. My dad is from 1950 for instance, and I needn’t bother with a watch from 1950 explicitly, I couldn’t want anything more than to acquire the watch that he wore the most or was generally glad for, when the time is there (God restrict). I trust my girl will do likewise, pick the watch she connects me with the most. I don’t figure it will be this Speedmaster 145.022-76, on the whole honesty.

On A Strap

During this review, I really chose what to do. I’m not especially an enthusiast of the 1171 wristband but rather would like to keep it fit as a fiddle. What I will do is eliminate the arm band from the Speedmaster 145.022-76 and protect it in the first box. All things considered, I will choose a decent calfskin lash to wear with this unique Moonwatch. The danger of harming the case by every day wear is one I will take. I’m cautious with my watches at any rate. A touch of wear on a watch isn’t terrible eventually. It will show that this watch had a sluggish beginning, however is being loved.

Above, an image of the watch I took subsequent to composing this article. On an earthy colored lash that I will use for it from this point forward ( ).

If you need to demand a concentrate from the documents from Omega, save your chronic number prepared and visit for this.