Today we will speak somewhat about watches and somewhat about games. Especially the NBA.

Fratello Magazine is a watch stage. That’s the way it’s consistently been. So for what reason am I discussing ball? All things considered, for one, I love the game. I’ve been playing b-ball since I was a child and furthermore follow the group for a long time now. In any case, that’s not it. There is a genuine, watch-related purpose behind it. There is an association between the world’s most realized ball class, the NBA, and a watch brand that we don’t hear a lot about. The organization came to presence in 2015, naming Tissot as the official watch of the group. In today’s article, we will investigate this coordinated effort that, as it were, bound together the group even more.


The National Basketball Association is one of the four significant games alliances in the United States and Canada close to the MLB, the NFL, and the NHL. It comprises of 30 groups (29 in the USA and 1 in Canada) separated into two meetings (Eastern and Western) and six divisions. On the east coast, you have the Atlantic, Central, and Southwest and on the west coast the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest Divisions. Every division contains 5 US groups with the Atlantic in the Eastern Conference having four from the US and the Toronto Raptors from Canada. The NBA appeared in 1946. Initially it was known as the BAA (Basketball Association. Of America). For some time, it worked all the while with different alliances like the NBL and the ABA. In any case, since 1976 gratitude to a consolidation with the ABA, it turned into the sole association for professional b-ball in the US.

The History

To comprehend the NBA today, we need to take a gander at its set of experiences and comprehend that achievement has not generally come without any problem. We need to recall that ball, despite the fact that was designed in the USA (by a Canadian, James Naismith), was never the main game in the country. That title has a place with American football, with baseball being a nearby second (subsequently their monikers, “America’s Game” and “America’s Pastime” separately). Ball opened perfectly into the third spot however hugely followed the main two. Be that as it may, the prominence of the game filled tremendously in 1979 when two youngsters joined the class. They were Larry Bird (Boston Celtics) and Earl “Wizardry” Johnson (L.A. Lakers). They ruled the 1980s, changing the attractiveness of the association. Only five years after their appearance, another commonly recognized name showed up in the NBA. His name is Michael Jordan. The rest, as is commonly said, is history. These players and, obviously, numerous others from that point forward raised the NBA. They likewise framed the fundaments to the effective affiliation that it is today.

DeAndre Jordan from the Brooklyn Nets (second from left in dark) heating up before their game against the New York Knicks

Shot clock

Fratello is as yet a watch magazine, worry don’t as well, we’ll leave sports articles to ESPN. With sports, nonetheless, comes timing. Perhaps the most basic parts of that in a NBA game is the use of a shot clock. The shot clock (often alluded to as the 24-second clock) is a gadget that has one single reason; the enlivening of the game. Applied to the two backboards, the clock gauges the 24 seconds a group has for a play. At the point when a group acquires new ownership of the ball, they have 24 seconds to score. Nonetheless, if the ball contacts the edge, the clock resets. Which means if the group endeavors to score, however the ball skips off of the edge, they have an additional 24 seconds to succeed. Using up all available time brings about a “shot clock violation” bringing about a turnover.

The reviving of the game was another “stunt” the NBA needed to apply to pull in fans. As I referenced above, before the 80s, yet particularly during the 50s and 60s, the NBA was not very mainstream. One reason was the way that fans often discovered b-ball games excessively dull. Absence of the shot clock implied that the group could keep the ball and pass it on as long as they needed to. The most extraordinary case occurred between the Fort Wayne Pistons and the Minneapolis Lakers in 1950. The score of that game was a record low of 19-18. The groups attempted to dispose of the rival group’s players by clutching the ball for a long time without shooting it. At last, in the 1954-55 season, the NBA presented the principal adaptation of a shot clock.

My wrist shot with a vintage Tissot Navigator and the Tissot Shot Clock

In recognition of Kobe

When I was setting up this article, I had no clue about that the shot clock would before long end up in the worldwide spotlight for an inside and out sad explanation. As you would have heard, Kobe Bryant multiple times NBA champion, giver, Oscar-winning producer, amazing b-ball player, and father of four passed on in a helicopter mishap a couple of days prior, alongside his second kid Gianna and seven others. Kobe was just 41 years old. 

Those of us that follow the game of Basketball and have delighted in Kobe’s profession, will attempt to adapt to this misfortune in our manners. The NBA community did that as well. Each group attempted to figure out how to respect Kobe Bryant’s heritage. Many picked the shot clock to do as such. It couldn’t be any more obvious, Kobe wore two numbers during his 20-year vocation with the Los Angeles Lakers. These were numbers 8 and 24, his secondary school pullover number. Toward the beginning of the game, groups intentionally let the shot clock run down from 24 seconds in recognition of Kobe. That’s how the Tissot shot clock turned into the focal point of consideration for a miserable explanation during many NBA games these past days.


As we set up, the shot clock has been essential for the NBA route before Tissot came into the image. The Swiss brand, in any case, upset this part of the game. Prior to their appearance, practically every field utilized an alternate gadget to quantify the time. Tissot bound together this, presently every NBA group’s home court must be furnished with the official timekeeping gadgets, including the shot clock, Tissot created. They additionally shaped an organization with unfathomable players. The at present dynamic ones are Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks) and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors). Four-time champion Tony Parker is additionally a diplomat. Moreover, Tissot has select associations with a couple of groups, for example, the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavalier, Charlotte Hornets, and Brooklyn Nets, among others. As of late we could see their logo wherever as one of the main accomplices of the NBA Paris Game 2020.


If you are visiting New York and have a couple of hours to save, I recommend you visit their new lead store. It’s on 34th Street, directly across the road from Macy’s. Just after you emerged from the NBA store, which is at the intersection of 45th and 5th. The Tissot Boutique is a watch store devoted to the brand, however it’s substantially more than that. I was sufficiently fortunate to visit it, and I need to say the spot is simply incredible. Not every person finds the opportunity to go to a NBA game and see an official shot clock. Indeed, they have one in the store just as a backboard set at the official NBA stature. In the event that you need to play the most recent NBA computer games, they’ve got you covered too.

It’s simply a cool spot to visit for devotees of b-ball. Or on the other hand looks besides. All things considered, it is a Tissot Boutique, and fundamental things in it ought to be the best in class from the Swiss brand. Their choice is devoted to the Tissot NBA models, yet it’s a general incredible encounter. Moreover, the staff is overly useful and well disposed and benevolently permitted me to take photographs for this article.

Final words

The NBA apparently has the main worldwide reach. Each of the four groups have fans everywhere on the world. Nonetheless, the NBA is effectively dealing with growing its span outside of the USA. Under the initiative of the late David Stern (NBA commissioner 1984-2014), the National Basketball Association turned into an overall marvel. It is currently more global than some other American group. The 2019 NBA grants are an ideal illustration of that. The Canadian Toronto Raptors won the title. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) was Giannis Antetokounmpo from Greece, while the Rookie of the Year was Luka Doncic from Slovenia. The most improved player, Pascal Siakam, from Cameroon, plays for the Raptors. Tissot, as an esteemed Swiss brand, fits consummately into this worldwide set up, which makes this organization significantly more extraordinary and supportive for the two players. I most definitely, can’t be more amped up for it.

I need to express gratitude toward Tissot (Germany, USA, and the Boutique) just as the Brooklyn Nets for their assistance with this article. In the event that you wish to visit Tissot’s site, kindly snap .