Today I’m going to dispatch quite possibly the most mentioned watches since the dispatch of Watches and Pencils. It will be about this famous thirst quencher:


Old Nickname

The epithet ‘Pepsi’ for the Rolex GMT-Master is by all accounts very old. I found a few sources that return several decades. It is an old and at any rate perhaps the most acclaimed monikers. Pretty much every watchnerd hear what you’re saying when you talk about the Rolex ‘Pepsi’. Deliberately, Rolex made the acclaimed blue/red bezel according to popular demand of Pan-Am . This aircraft requested that Rolex build up the watch in light of the fact that the flights were becoming longer and pilots required something to peruse various timezones. One of the mentioned includes in this undertaking was that the bezel colors expected to match to the Pan-Am Airlines’ company colors.

Rolex GMT-Master 1675

Advertisements don’t generally advance “Pepsi”

So which model was the originally nicknamed Pepsi? The main Rolex GMT dates from 1954 (reference 6542). It has a bakelite bezel and was an extraordinary hit. Very little later the model was redesigned with an aluminum bezel (bi-directional). Until the present time, this model (reference 1675) is as yet quite possibly the most sought after vintage watches. Both of the watches are generally named ‘Pepsi’. Yet, was it called ‘Pepsi’ directly all along? These days, fresh (computerized) advertisements currently let the tones stick out and underline the blue and red tones. A connect to ‘Pepsi’ is made simpler. However, thinking back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s a great deal of Rolex advertisements were clearly. Back in the days, you truly needed to go to the shop to see the watch and the entirety of its tones in full brilliance. This takes me back to the inquiry: when was the term ‘Pepsi’ introduced?

Old advertisements for the Rolex GMT promotion.

Coke or Fat Lady?

Fast forward. Thinking back to the 80’s another Rolex GMT-Master model was presented (reference 16760). With other bezel tones to differentiate between the GMT Master and GMT Master II. The GMT Master was conspicuous by its elective bezel tones: dark and red. It was in this way nicknamed ‘Coke’ and Fat Lady (in view of the thicker case). While ‘Coke’ is additionally a famous term in the realm of watchnerds, it never became as mainstream as ‘Pepsi’. The explanation behind this may be that the watch has numerous epithets and not just one genuine moniker which everyone uses.

16700: Turning point?

The 16700 may be the primary model which was nicknamed ‘Pepsi’ harking back to the 80’s. Why? Indeed, as said, starting there were 2 shading varieties of the GMT. The ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Coke’ variation. As you would, know, there were other shading varieties before this point, yet they not generally sold openly. Was the 16700 the principal GMT which was nicknamed ‘Pepsi’?

Rolex GMT-Master 16700 on Jubilee bracelet

Extended lapse date of the delicate drink

Vintage Rolex GMT-Master bezels will in general blur. Contingent upon the climate there are many, many known shading variations. To name a few: earthy colored, pink, purple, light-blue, etcetera. This “problem” was fixed with the presentation of the Cerachrome bezels on the last two Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ models (reference 116719BLRO and 126710). They safeguard their ‘Pepsi’ colors and don’t fade.

Pepsi or not?

Of course, through time different brands likewise delivered watches with the essential shadings blue and red remembered for the bezel. It appears as though there are various perspectives on the word ‘Pepsi’:

  • Pepsi represents a Rolex GMT-Master with a blue and red bezel. Rolex was the main company who delivered this ‘design element’.
  • Pepsi represents a bezel with blue and red accents. The bezel doesn’t must be isolated precisely into equal parts by these two tones. Likewise, it might likewise be a plunge watch rather than a pilot’s watch.

Personally, I like the first the most. It was the first. However, similarly as with all epithets, it’s somewhat befuddling and fluffy. It is one of the viewpoints which frames the dirt of this intriguing side interest and various discussions.

Seiko 7002 Diver: Pepsi or not?


The Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ has a long and celebrated history. Dissimilar to monikers like ‘Hulk’ and ‘Batman’ it’s not satisfactory when the watch was first nicknamed ‘Pepsi’. It’s a genuine symbol and a vessel watch for some. In the event that you need to jump further into different subtleties of this watch you’re in the perfect spot. Balazs composed a top to bottom article about reference 1675 ( interface here ) and we additionally distributed a GMT-Master history outline .

I trust your thirst is over at this point. See you in the following episode!

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