We investigate the Citizen Homer Second Setting – an authority Japanese railroad watch from the 60’s and 70’s.

If I were to disclose to you that there exists a pervasive vintage 36mm treated steel watch with an in-house manual winding development, a hacking highlight, a magnificently basic dial sans date, you’d most likely point me towards quite a few Swiss brands going from Patek Philippe, Longines, and even Omega.  But in the event that I revealed to you it was an authoritatively given watch, I’d wager that number would drop considerably.  And, at last, on the off chance that I revealed to you that something in the neighborhood of $200 could land this watch, you’d presumably reprimand me to lay the hard stuff.  I’ll continue to drink my lager and whiskey – thanks much, yet I do have the proposal for you: the Citizen Homer Second Setting.

Citizen Homer Second Setting – a Railway Watch

It appears to be that while Seiko claims the railroad market with its pocket watches that are mounted on the dashboard of about each train I’ve at any point been on in Japan, it was Citizen that some time ago overwhelmed the wrists of rail route workers.  From the 1960’s through in any event the main portion of the 1970’s, the Citizen Homer Second Setting (alongside a prior, yet comparative “Expert” model) was the watch given to workers.  Whether on the projectile train or an ordinary train, a Second Setting was the authority timepiece.

They’re Prevalent on Auction Sites

I had no clue about the Citizen Homer Second Setting before seeing them spring up on spots like eBay and Yahoo! Japan Auctions, however spring up they did – and with genuine regularity!  In my interminable journey for commonly dark dialed vintage Japanese jumpers or early endeavors at waterproof watches, I continued running into these pale skinned person dialed curiosities.  It presumably took over a month, yet I at long last tapped on one and analyzed it more closely.  What the hell had I been missing?

A Perfectly Simple Design

What I discovered in the Citizen Homer Second Setting was a watch with a verifiably perfect design.  But there was and is more to it than a white dial with dark numerals as far as possible around.  The watch contains flawlessly lumed blade hands and a little lume pip outside of each numeral.  With this usefulness, I’d say it even boundaries on the military side of things.  Regardless, I realized I needed to have one at some point.

Months and months passed by with my eye continually going to an all the more promptly alluring vintage Japanese games watch as the subject of my bidding.  But still, these Citizen Homer Second Setting pieces kept appearing with approximately 3-5 available to be purchased at any given time.  And at somewhere in the range of $150–300, they appeared to be a hell of a deal.  And thus, at last, realizing that I’d lament not getting one of these watches sooner versus later, I pulled the trigger.  I reached skyward with an offer somewhere near $200 and woke up to the uplifting news that my boat had come in at a shocking $100.  It was an ideal opportunity to take delivery.

Manual wind and an in-house movement

I was damn intrigued when I held the Citizen Homer Second Setting.  All of its attractive features made an interpretation of impeccably from screen to hand and, for $100 – even $200 if that is the thing that it had taken – , it seemed like probably the best cash I’ve at any point spent on a vintage watch.  A domed acrylic gem keeps ticks the vintage box and was not difficult to tidy up with a little Polywatch and some elbow grease.  And that dial – amazing, face to face it really takes on a light blue tint in some lighting.  It’s difficult to clarify, yet it comes off somewhat like porcelain.  And the cursive writing?  I think it stands out well from the distinct typography of the numbers.

Japanese railroad laborers who got a Citizen Homer Second Setting probably viewed themselves as rather lucky.  As referenced, the watch has a utilitarian plan, however with the recently referenced content, it’s evident that Citizen added a hint of style as well.  I’d likewise cause you to notice the three-sided chamfers on the lugs.  It’s a pleasant brightening add that ideally made this watch wearable for laborers whenever they’d completed their every day shifts.

36mm with a Full Stainless Case

At 36mm in measurement and 43mm carry to haul, the Citizen Homer Second Setting will not be taking on Godzilla any time soon, yet it’s in a particularly sweet spot size wise.  Do you like the more modest Nomos models?  Exactly.  Credit the 21-gem development for keeping things smooth on the thickness scale as this piece comes in at generally 9.75mm!  On a natural earthy colored 18mm calfskin lash, this watch functions admirably with about anything on.  truth be told, in case you’re simply even a little bit bold, this would make an extraordinary every day driver (maybe after an assistance) that has a set of experiences and is unquestionably more fascinating than nearly anything new in its class.

A Robust Movement with Hacking

The 21-gem development inside the Citizen Homer Second Setting is the type 911.  I appreciate the articles and that give us some knowledge on the movement.  Yes, it hacks, which is a cool element that was without a doubt helpful for rail line employees.  Aside from that, the development is a relative of the top of the line Citizen Chrono Master that we reviewed.  As a boost, that is the watch intended to assume any semblance of the Grand Seiko, so the Homer at any rate got great bones.

All Feature a Case Back with a Story

Last however not least, the snap case back of the Citizen Homer Second Setting makes them interest Kanji engravings.  My companion, the Enabler, talks amazing Japanese and educated me that the case back reveals to us that the watch was given in 1976 (Showa 51), is likely the 414th watch gave that year, and was for a worker of the Japanese Railway.  It’s cool stuff and, hello, 1976 additionally turns out to be my introduction to the world year.

The Best Deal in Vintage Today – Fight Me!

I’ll be obtuse; the Citizen Homer Second Setting must be probably the best arrangement in vintage observes right now.  Yes, there are other extraordinary Citizens, for example, the Jet we audited toward the end of last year, however even this fails to measure up in my eyes.  For $200 or less, I don’t know about whatever checks this many boxes while looking so damn good.  I sincerely question that Citizen could deliver such a watch today at this cost and regardless of whether they did it for $400, you’d see each watch site spouting and putting them inside a wide range of “best purchase” articles.  Go get one of these, have it adjusted, and toss it on your most loved strap.  You don’t need to send us a thank you note.  🙂