It was at any a few years prior on a night that I ended up cruising the web. I did the ordinary thing: news, watch locales, eBay, and some seller destinations. At that point, , a watch vendor, was simply starting, however they had just started highlighting some perfect watches. Among all the chronographs and Rolexes, it was a strange, and as a matter of fact plain, watch that grabbed my attention. And keeping in mind that I was late to the gathering and the watch was at that point on hold, the Wittnauer 8025 had left an impression.

When I previously saw the Wittnauer 8025, I had quite recently come off of purchasing an illustration of one of the brand’s awesome chronographs, the 242T. This drove me down a way of investigating the brand’s set of experiences. I’ll be straightforward; there were a great deal of “decent” looking watches, yet the greater part were common 40’s and 50’s dress watches of little measurement. At that point, I investigated military style watches from the brand and discovered some truly compelling white/silver-dialed watches from those equivalent a very long time with powerful little cases and 24-hour dials. In any case, the watches were little. 34mm was frequently the biggest and 32mm was more normal. I discovered some decent looking 60’s jumpers and even a double crown Super Compressor, however that was pretty much all – until I saw that advertisement on Menta.


I think it wound up requiring almost year and a half until another Wittnauer 8025 sprung up and this time it was on eBay. The watch was promoted as one that halted and began and it unquestionably required another gem. A portion of its bulbous lume pips – which primate those found on the Wittnauer 242T – were promoted as halfway gone, however the case, dial, and hands looked great. The dealer acknowledged a best offer and I recovered the watch a couple of months prior. It ran well, however the watch quit running because of a marginally twisted hand. Subsequent to investing some energy in assistance, the watch returned and I’m glad to say that it’s a genuine looker.

The Wittnauer 8025 is a moderately basic watch, yet it’s particular. It sports a 36mm pure case with a thin domed acrylic precious stone. Its dial, head on seems as though a basic back issue that is energized for certain military-esque white numerals for quite a long time 1-12 within those plots and relating 13-24 outwardly. White hash marks help separate those numbers. Slant the watch somewhat, however, and some inconspicuous enchantment kicks in on the grounds that the Wittnauer people chose to utilize a matte surface for the focal territory of the dial and sparkle dark around its boundary. It’s a superb detail that adds a ton to the watch.

Other cool subtleties flourish on the Wittnauer 8025, for example, some tiny white lumed hands. The minutes hand, strangely, doesn’t stretch out right to the hash marks, yet the look works essentially in light of the fact that the hands coordinate the textual style color.

Moving on, the Wittnauer contains a marked “W” crown and a screw-down case back. Lastly, to complete anybody’s list of things to get, 18mm lashes are effectively fitted because of penetrated lugholes.

As noted on the dial of the Wittnauer 8025, this watch contains a programmed development. The watch development is endorsed as the C11KAS, which is otherwise called the Record 1955/Longines 501. It contains 17 gems, can be handwound, and beats at a comfortable 19,800 bph. By 1950, Longines claimed Wittnauer, so the development use makes some sense.   It is by all accounts a decent sprinter that was fortunately simple to service.

From a wearing point of view, the long hauls of the Wittnauer 8025 make this watch wear more present day than 36mm would recommend. Notwithstanding, its thin 9mm thickness makes it simple to wear under a sleeve and, contingent upon the tie utilized, gives it a dressier profile. As a basic no date high contrast piece, this watch even competes as a more affordable Rolex Explorer 1016 .

And back to the Longines interface, is there one? Indeed, we’re happy you asked on the grounds that the Longines Swiss Air of the 1950’s surely bears in excess of a passing likeness to the Wittnauer (the image above is from Swiss merchant ); even the text style is by and large the same.

A positive with respect to the Wittnauer 8025 is that it will not cost a huge number of Euros to possess like the Longines. Models regularly exchange $1,000 – 1,500 territory and I’d say that makes this watch a genuine deal. Dark dialed, military-like watches from this period are basically uncommon and the Wittnauer is no special case. They come up infrequently and I’ve just come upon a modest bunch during my season of gathering. Along these lines, be patient, and ideally you’ll be remunerated with a reasonable addition.

As we generally prefer to call attention to, exactly when you think you’ve seen everything, there’s consistently another watch out there to start your advantage. As far as I might be concerned, the Wittnauer 8025 was one such piece. I can see this one getting a great deal of wrist time in the future.