Perhaps I’ve decided to include the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver on #TBT this week since I’m going through China. As I sat up on an upper floor of a lodging on the Island side of Hong Kong gazing straight toward TST and Kowloon, I investigated these moderately dark watches and, amusingly, the lone pieces I found available to be purchased were on eBay and situated in – you got it, Kowloon. Situate is one of those Japanese brands that gets moderately little press outside of Asia and the vintage models even less so. Today, however, we’ll turn around that with a glance at one of the brand’s soonest wanders into “plunge” watches with the model you see here. Truth be told, the present piece shaped the establishment for a notable model line that is cherished by Orient gatherers and allies. In the first place, however, we should discuss the company.

Orient Watch Company

Founded in 1950, the hails from Tokyo, Japan. The firm can really follow its underlying foundations when Shogoro Yoshida opened a shop selling pocket watches. He eventually started making watch cases, measures and tickers before World War 2 viably finished his business. After, the war, however, the company changed as Orient and things blast. The watches were very mainstream in Japan and furthermore in China and flaunted a top of the line, which actually exists today, called Royal Orient. In the event that you think along the lines of King or Grand Seiko or the as of late surveyed Citizen Chrono Master, at that point you’re in the correct ballpark to the extent quality. The brand fabricated its own developments however fused Seiko base developments into a portion of its watches by the 1970’s. In 2009, Orient turned into an authority division of the Seiko Epson Company, yet in obvious Japanese design, the Seiko brand and Orient are kept very independent. Thinking back to the 1960’s, however, there was no association and that is the time span of where we’ll concentrate today with the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver.

Weekly Auto Orient King Diver Review

We’ve presently looked into instances of the Seiko Silver Wave and the Citizen Para Water Uni : 2 incredible instances of “light jumpers” from the mid-1960’s that managed with something somewhere in the range of 30 and 50M of water opposition. Regardless of the way that you seldom know about Orient in a similar discussion, the brand likewise entered the market with the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver (ref.19410) we see here and gave it both a day and date highlight alongside an inner pivoting bezel.

King Diver

The presentation of the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver model began the King Diver line, one of the brand’s generally famous and one that is still around today in a structure that fairly takes after this piece. Likewise, as a FYI, a date-just form was additionally accessible and known as the Full Auto Orient. While the names of these models are in English, I think you’d concur that the terminology makes them sound very Japanese.

The Weekly Auto Orient King Diver is a Big Watch

When comparing the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver with its Seiko and Citizen partners, the main thing you may see is that this watch considerably more intently follows the vibes of the EPSA-cased Super Compressors of a similar period. Here’s something else, dissimilar to the two previously mentioned brands, the Orient is a big watch. The spotless cased piece comes in at somewhat over 42mm and is an enormous 50mm drag to haul. Drag width is regular of the time at 19mm and the thickness because of the huge acrylic gem with its almost vertical sides comes in at 13.75mm. It’s fairly entertaining that a particularly forcing and utile-glancing watch comes in with such light water obstruction (I trust it was evaluated to 50M), yet it advises us that genuine jumpers were as yet not commonplace in those times.

Arrow Shaped Hour Hand

Looking head-on at the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver shows a shine dark dial with applied files, lume dabs on the internal periphery of these, and lumed-pointed hands. The hour hand is of specific note due with its bolt shape.

Japanese Kanji

The pivoting internal bezel on the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver looks as though it implies business too and can be turned utilizing the marked top crown. Both the date and day wheels are with the dark lettering/numbering on a white foundation. Nothing is quickset, however each switches pleasantly at the stroke of 12 PM. While I unquestionably don’t peruse Japanese Kanji, it’s a too cool element that discloses to you this specific model wasn’t intended for export.

Orient’s First-since forever Automatic Movement

Researching vintage Orient is trying most definitely – for instance, there’s no chronic number dating framework as in the other huge Japanese brands. There are a lot of fans, yet there’s much less detail out there as opposed to something like Seiko. Along these lines, when I discovered this Weekly Auto Orient King Diver in Japan, I knew that it had a few issues. In all honesty, it wasn’t functioning admirably, so off it went for a help. After conclusion, it was discovered that the 25 gem development required another “setting spring.” Now, for a Seiko, that is a generally simple fix particularly if the watch comes from mid-60’s or past. With an Orient, however, it’s somewhat of a labyrinth as a result of the absence of data online in English in addition to the way that one probably needs to scour Japanese destinations for parts – and, definitely, they’re not English. What I discovered in the wake of posting an inquiry on the is that the King Diver utilizes the brand’s first-historically speaking programmed and that oneself winding system was set on top of a Royal Orient manual breeze development. Oneself winding component additionally appeared to den from IWC in its utilization of the Pellaton winding framework, which you can peruse more about here. It was all lovely intriguing, yet eventually, I needed to purchase what was honestly a moderately beautiful gold-plated Orient as a contributor. Fortunately, everything worked out and the watch presently runs wonderfully and keeps incredible time.

Market Value

Now, the way that you’ve just probably known about Orient and may have never seen an illustration of the Weekly Auto Orient King Diver may additionally lead you to imagine that this is an economical watch. Reconsider. Because of their size, extraordinariness and basic 60’s attractive features, it’s normal for these watches to sell for $1,200 – 1,600 in pleasant condition. Along these lines, here we have a less known brand when compared to either Seiko or Citizen, however yet the Orient commands more than comparative models from the equivalent era.

(As an aside, Orient spread the word about another jumper as the Olympia with an outer bezel – seen above politeness of gatherer Patrick Tacq – that commands significantly more available.) If this seems like excessively, consider a later model King Diver to check whether you like the overall form quality and size as you can regularly discover them for $200-300. Whichever you pick, they’re slick watches. Be watching out for water passage, changed parts, uncovered base metal on things like bezels, and such. Parts, in my assessment, are not so natural to source except if a benefactor is found. My acrylic gem, for instance, is crazed and I have no clue about how to discover another, so the watch will be babied.

The Weekly Auto Orient King Diver is one more advantageous watch from the 1960’s out of Japan. As referenced, this is a fairly “Asian” watch most actually live there, however it has incredible looks, a moderately imaginative development (regardless of whether it was created somewhere else), and an enormous size. This is my first Orient, yet it presumably will not be my last.