What I like the most about this Tissot Navigator 2160 with the type Lemania 1343 development is that it doesn’t resemble a chronograph from the outset.

The Tissot 2170 with a Lemania 1341 type including a 12h counter gladly acted like Mona Lisa for the new Tissot re-release that Balazs shortlisted as extraordinary compared to other 1970s chrono re-versions, everything being equal. The present vintage diamond being referred to, the Tissot Navigator 2160, is feeling the loss of the chronograph hour counter. Despite the fact that it might seem like it is the helpless sibling of the previously mentioned chronograph, let me attempt to disclose its appeal to you.

Tissot Navigator 2160

Tissot dress code

Even vintage watch gatherers, uncommon examples as they might be, are still people exceptionally affected by examples, generalizations, and alternate ways. Naturally so – alternate ways make life simpler. That being said, three sub-registers on the dial in a flash mean a chronograph. Two sub-registers liken an abnormal, pardon my French – ‘bizarre’ chronograph. One sub-register ordinarily compensates briefly. A concise gander at this Tissot 2160 probably won’t make you straightforwardly order it as a hustling tool.

Mido resonance

has been on my list of things to get for a long while, and this Tissot 2160 chrono helps me to remember it. In the event that the chronograph isn’t running, you simply see an orange – yet at the same time unpretentious – focal chronograph hand. When you press the pusher at two, the hand begins ticking. While the focal recycled passes all the 60-second markers around the dial, the focal moment hand with Concord-molded tip moves precisely to the main moment marker on the dial. Feature that the moment counter hand moves from one moment to another, not bounces. This is another specific detail I like about this Lemania movement.

60 minute chronograph

If you have had a couple of chronographs on your wrist, the Tissot 2160 will strike you as somewhat problematic. There is no moment sub-register, yet you can tally the chronograph minutes. It makes you think. On the off chance that a normal tri-compax chrono is a beautiful basic arrangement, this is in reality considerably more straightforward. That is the reason I selected the Tissot 2160 and not the 2170. The 12-hour counter destroys the virtue of concentrating the chrono to the focal handset. I’ve had a lot of 12h counter chronos in my assortment, yet precisely zero hour long chronographs prior to making this purchase.


It’s an ideal opportunity to dive further into the development of this Tissot 2160. Above all else, it is imperative to know somewhat about chronograph history.  Especially tracing all the way back to the time where brands and development creators were competing for the principal programmed chronograph. The Lemania 13xx has never been given a lot of acknowledgment by gatherers and has lived in shadow of the Heuer/Breitling/Hamilton-Büren type 11, Seiko’s type 6139 and Zenith’s El Primero. The Lemania 1340 hit the market in 1972, yet their 5100 was delivered before long and got more market entrance in a matter of seconds after.

The 5100 utilized less difficult development techniques that brought down creation costs. You can discover it in numerous brands (Sinn, Orfina, Tutima, Omega, and so forth) You can locate the early conventional all-steel variant of the Lemania 1343 (without a 12h counter) only in this Tissot Navigator. Either in a dark dial form like mine or a with white/silver dial. That is it.

The just print promotion including Tissot 2160. On account of individual authority Willbur from omegaforums.net for sharing it from his own archive.

One of a kind

I will put this watch among the most responsive and delicate automatics I have. I can’t clarify it from the point of view of its development, yet the littlest development of your wrist will begin to wind it. While a few watches request specific calculating when you need to hear them, no Mexican waves required with the Lemania 1343. You can hear the Lemania twisting constantly while fairly turning your wrist while driving. Someone should think about the sound to be somewhat uproarious, yet I call it satisfyingly mechanical.

Time for a 1h chrono

When I fly or drive significant distances, I generally wear one of my tasteful Speedmasters, the Breitling Chrono-Matic or a flyback Seiko 7016-8000 . The top levels of my 12h chronograph sweet spot are as of now too swarmed so the Tissot would make some extreme memories getting some wrist time. That is the reason I – intellectually – isolated it from my different chronographs and made a completely new ball game for it. I settle on the Tissot Navigator when I have a progression of short gatherings during the day.

When I cook and need to time the bubbling span, I generally receive more joy in return when estimating it with this hour long chronograph. Try not to pay attention to me too now, however scholastically talking, it is disappointing to utilize a 12-hour chronograph for timing ordinary day by day short spans. With the 12-hour hand never moving to the following position, you know… it makes the 12-hour section somewhat futile. I believe it’s early evening briefly chronograph. Disregard perusing sub-registers! All the arresting diversion occurs on the middle stage.

Dial details

The Tissot Navigator 2160 gives an abnormal encounter with regards to perusing the passed time. Both brought together orange chronograph hands seem as though they skim over the charcoal matt dark dial. The explanation? The inward piece of the hands is painted in a similar matt dark tone, making them in a real sense mix in with the dial. My Tissot 2160 is in mint condition, even with a unique label holding tight the first tie. Even following 50 years, the dark shading tones on dial and hands are still completely coordinating. Well done.

Case challenge

If you choose to pursue a Tissot Navigator, you must know about the accompanying: it’s substantial. It has been constructed like a tank. In the event that you take a gander at the Tissot 2160 from the profile, you have a feeling that you need to ascend a stepping stool to have the option to detect the dial. As a more modest distance across fan, it took some time before we discovered common ground.

Curves dispute

Another critical motivation behind why I went after the Tissot 2160 is the situation. It utilizes a brushed sunburst impact for the top and a cleaned finish as an afterthought, indistinguishable from the 2170. Nonetheless, the bending is a lot slimmer. It doesn’t look as large as the common Tissot Navigator however. I’m not a fanatic of that case style, as I want to see Buzz Aldrin’s cap, not a watch case. Indeed, I wager Balazs will differ with me. I think the more slender case alongside the dial and clear carries shape makes the dial stand apart more. Whichever you extravagant, the truth of the matter is that the Tissot 2160 with a Lemania 1343 has a more one of a kind case configuration compared to its 1970’s peers.

Shotgun notes

I have seen two distinct forms of this watch with respect to the hour/minute handsets. One with straight finishes, similar to mine, and another with a bolt molded tip. I accept both are right yet can’t affirm dependent on the lists I’ve seen and considered. The case has a valuable removed in the base half right corner under the crown, making hauling the crown out a comfy task.

Last thoughts

If you choose to chase for one, I propose discovering one with fresh edges. Ordinarily, it tends to be hard to spot whether a case has gotten some light cleaning, yet here the smallest cleaning doesn’t benefit the watch in any way. You need to see the first sunburst finish on a Tissot 2160. Furthermore, on the off chance that you discover one of these, remember that the development beating inside filled in as the base type for the cutting edge Breguet Type XX development 582. Not awful to see the development of a $1000 – $2000 vintage watch from 1973 being resurrected in a $10,000 dollar watch with top of the line flair.


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