Welcome to 2019 as we kick things off with a survey of a vintage top pick in the Universal Geneve Polerouter. The present #TBT comes hot closely following the previous survey of a couple of dress watches, the retro-motivated Hamilton Intra-Matics with smoked dials, so we’re keeping on topic. The Polerouter is an undeniably more renowned name, however, and we’ll investigate what I believe is a genuinely bringing example.

Nearly three years prior, we went involved with a hardened steel Polerouter Jet , a more rakish and modernized branch of UG’s leader line. That watch included a faceted case, thin hauls, a straightforward dial, and the novel Microtor development. Our model today is a more ordinary Universal Geneve Polerouter and was planned by Gerald Genta. It’s gold-covered, contains a beautiful dark plated dial, and apparently has seen little wear during its lifetime. This UG was very much dealt with, however, as it saw numerous administrations that are demonstrated within case back. Additionally, and you can see this altogether of the photos I’ve taken, the watch accompanied its unique administrative work. Incidentally, this watch will commend its 60th birthday this year; it was conveyed in 1959 to a shop in Geneva.

While I do appreciate gold watches, I typically avoid gold plated or covered pieces, however when companion and gatherer Wayne Puckett gave me a note about this specific Universal Geneve Polerouter on eBay, I paid heed. Wayne knows some things about these watches and he could tell, notwithstanding not really good or bad photographs, that this was a pleasant piece. He was right two or three weeks after I surrender an arranged $600 or thereabouts, the watch showed up. Beside some residue under the gem – likely because of on of those earlier administrations – the watch was in awesome condition. I notice no gold misfortune, the dial is fit as a fiddle complete with its lume pips at the hours, the lumed hands look complete, and the first marked crown is available. Thus, it was incredible guidance from Wayne.

First presented in 1954, the Universal Geneve Polerouter got acclaimed for being worn by as they flew the Polar course without precedent for commercial air history. Offered in date and no date forms, the watches arrived in an assortment of dial styles, in gold, steel, and covered. Development savvy, a guard programmed drove things off, however the Microtor cal 215 joined the quarrel in 1955 as an alternative. From multiple points of view, I like to consider the Polerouter a competitor to the Rolex Datejust and the Omega Seamaster. All the watches had some degree of water opposition and were showcased as dressy watches that could endure the components – or possibly fill in as an instrument on the arms of experts, for example, pilots.

It’s hard not to see the plan of the Universal Geneve Polerouter as something besides a magnum opus. Those streaming wound hauls and the thick bezel come together to make a perfectly proportioned watch.

With 19mm carries, the Universal Geneve Polerouter was likewise estimated somewhat bigger than most dress watches of the day in spite of a case size of 35mm. With a length of about 44.5mm, however, it wears similar as a 36mm Datejust. At that point there’s the dial, which covers things off consummately. It’s limited and straightforward, yet there’s a genuine component of glory. With its nitty gritty gold external ring that brings out the machine age in combination with a cross-haired dark primary region, the dial is remarkably decipherable and genuinely tasteful. The applied logo is basic similar to the blade hands that contain only a stipe of glowing material. Indeed, even the plated composing is kept to a base, yet a decent touch is the emphasized model name to give a dash of differentiation.

We’ve examined the Microtor previously and it’s present here on this Universal Geneve Polerouter. You can see that it’s a flat out jewel inside and is flawlessly wrapped up. The gold-hued “miniature” rotor, the turning on the plates, and the gold-filled engravings all address a watch that was painstakingly arranged and exceptionally considered by Universal. In addition, with a particularly novel development, it permits the watch to come in at a slim 11mm.

The Universal Geneve Polerouter fires up quickly when gotten and twists easily. As should be obvious, it’s covered by a screw-down case back complete with the Polerouter image. As on so many UG’s, these case backs are worn out and it takes a great deal of work with a loupe to make out the chronic number. In any case, it’s a gorgeous logo for sure. At long last, while flipping over the case back, we can see that prominent case producer Huguenin Freres built the case.

The Universal Geneve Polerouter has experienced times of genuine interest over the new past. Beginning promotion came about when the UG chronographs discovered notoriety around five years prior and afterward things went somewhat tranquil. Presently, however, there is by all accounts restored favor for these exquisite watches and costs have followed. Polerouters, when all is said in done, aren’t elusive, however condition differs uncontrollably. Besides, guard development pieces appear all the more regularly today marked down destinations too. Estimating is everywhere relying upon the variant, yet figure on somewhere near $1,500 – 2,250 for a decent model like you see here. Fine spotless and strong gold forms clearly sell for additional. All things considered, at the value I cited over, that is still moderately reasonable cash for what was a first in class dress watch that competed with the entirety of the enormous names of the day. Whenever adjusted well, these watches can undoubtedly fill in as a feature of one’s typical pivot of watches.

For certain, the Universal Geneve Polerouter has gotten a ton of worship among vintage addicts. At a certain point, I felt this was somewhat exaggerated and that such a large amount of it was because of the relationship with Genta, however I’ve changed course. The Polerouter is a plan win, yet in Microtor structure, it’s likewise in fact critical. Appreciate the beginning to your year – until sometime later…